Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Guido says pass the sickbag, Pauline.
2. Dizzy wants Melissa Kite to pay attention.
3. Coffee House asks what it takes to be sacked by Brown.
4. Iain Martin on how the lobbyists are turning to the Tories.
5. Nich Starling reckons someone has been stirring up local election apathy.
6. Ben Brogan wants it harder, Darling. Oooh, er.
7. Jon Craig has a great Prezza anecdote involving a pork pie. Well it would, wouldn't it?
8. Cranmer on Rivers of Blood, 40 years on.
9. Bob Piper makes three suggestions for Gordon Brown. He won't be pleased to hear I agree with them all.
10. Ellee Seymour on Helmut Kohl's new marriage.
11. Dizzy has a tour de force on the 10p tax farce.
12. John Redwood on how David Miliband has got it all wrong.


Newmania said...

You were terrific on Marr Iain . Mrs. N muttered "oo he`s very good " , and I joyfully launched into ..."thats Iain Dale I met him once "

Little things

Anonymous said...

An astonishing number of ultracrepidarianists have now included bulimia in their portfolios, including the preposterous Guido, who has now turned vocal-anal utterances into an art form.

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Linking to a piece that takes the p*ss out of someone with a serious and debilitating mental illness. Beneath contempt.

Anonymous said...

...serious and debilitating mental illness...

Being a lefty nut-job deserves to be exposed to contempt.

dizzy said...

I hate to have a blonde moment so early in the morning, but I was always under the impression that people with bulimia tended to, well, lose weight. I am thusly confused by the apparent failure of Prescott to deliver.

Anonymous said...

Pull the guido link Iain, it will come back to haunt you.

Anonymous said...

@Dizzy: Bulimia is mostly associated with those of "normal" weight and even those overweight. It is not characterised by significant weight loss, unlike Anorexia.

asquith said...

How about this?

Hitchens is a superb journalist and a great man. If only more right-wingers were as worthy as him.