Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Colin Byrne has a good roundup of new media issues, especially on the left/right blogging debate.
2. Dizzy wonders questions the sanity of the Archbishoprick of Canterbury.
3. Shane Greer blogs for the CPS on the importance of reputation.
4. Our Kingdom & Quaequam on the resignation of the English Democrat's London Mayoral Candidate, Matt O'Connor.
5. Donal Blaney reports on an IDS speechg at a conference in the US.
6. Jonathan Isaby on a Tory tax con.
7. James Forsth says Boris should name Paddick his second preference.
8. Devil's Kitchen on the rights and wrongs of Polly Toynbee.
9. Ellee Seymour on the beginning of food rationing.
10. Kiwiblog reckons Gordon's a spin free zone compared to NZ PM Helen Clark.
11. Kerron Cross reckons Google really cares about Westminister.
12. Cranmer on the changing standards of maths education. Those with a sense of humour bypass should look away now.


Anonymous said...

I think this debate between the London mayor candidates also deserves to be highlighted:

Anonymous said...

Iain, No mention for Lord Levy and his 'Carole Caplin was massaging Tony in his Chequers, er, weekend retreat' ?

And his 'Tony told me that Brown could never beat Cameron in an, er, election' - And Tony never lies now does he ? Okay, there was that one time over Iraq and the Weapons of Mass Destruction.. but I think he just about got away with it..

Anonymous said...

Is Lord Levy's 'shot across the bows' the first rumbling of a 'Miliband Coronation', since he was excluded from the running last time round and kept his powder dry in the Deputy Labour Leadership race ?

People are mentioning Jack Straw, but I think there is too much of a risk of some 'tabloid damage', and many of the other 'runners and riders' [e.g. Alan Johnston] seem a bit 'shop soiled' after professing an interest before.

And much as I like the likes of Jon Cruddas, he ain't going to win the Daily Mail readers round - not now they've read Lord Levy's 'words of wisdom' !

Tory Ted said...

Iain, just regarding the Kiwiblog post, could you comment on how Brown's resourcing compares to the resourcing of the opposition?

In New Zealand the Government is entitled almost five times more political communications staff than the Opposition. Is there a similar imbalance in the UK?