Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Daley Duo (Sorry!)

Too tired to do a Daley Dozen today, but THIS post from Shane Greer is required reading. It's an analysis of David Miliband's interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning. Meanwhile, Philip Oppenheim says of Lord Levy's book that if you live by the spiv, you die by the spiv. Charming!


Anonymous said...

Oh Ye OH Ye Oh Ye,
Is political Correctness a yfiniasm for Common Purpose

Anonymous said...

Love Oppenheim's comment. Levy shows to my mind what NuLab and the Blair-drones were really all about - make money, isolate NuLab from it's core supporters, feather the nests of the very rich and don't worry about mere economic details such as the health of Britain so long as the interests of non-Doms are taken care of. But will Cameron be any different? Can a group of old Bullingdonians hold different views? I feel sceptical!

Read Shane's article carefully but he seems a bit confused as to Milliband's motives - on the one hand, seeing him as challenging Brown to get back to Frank Field's rootism and on the other as a Blairite sore at Brown. They can't both be right. (see above) Maybe Milliband is just deluded. He always strikes me that way - a bit fantastical, a bit over his head, waiting for the inevitable fall as he steams Titanic-like to his destiny. He radiated boyhood and slimy obeisance to my mind in the interview, together with a pathetic longing to be liked by Marr. A Marr is too slick an operator to let that go by!

Guthrum said...

Thats a shame as Devils Kitchen is gunning for the Oxford Union ! Excellent

Chris Paul said...

Martin Land and LDV suggests his Tory opposition have no ethics. The people who have no ethics in our neck of the woods are Lib Dems. Like John Leech with his disgusting hospital hoax, persistently misleading P and Ps, and now a tax hike leaflet that beggars belief in its mendacity. Is this from Lib Dem Hoax Central or one of his own concoctions?

Tax losses are exaggerated by up to £446 per annum in a stream of fibs.