Monday, April 21, 2008

Quote of the Day: Deport the Phoney Pharoah

From Tory MP Gerald Howarth in Home Office Questions today on Mohammed Fayed...
Given the great distress caused by Fayed's absurd allegations and his burden on the public purse, will the home secretary now take swift action to remove for good, as an undesirable alien, this thief, crook and liar.
What a wonderful thing parliamentary privilege is.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear .... but he doesn't really need parliamentary privilege - it's all true.

(OT - see you satill haven't managed do ditch thise pesky Audi ads.)

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Al Fayed but I thought this was a pretty disgusting and cheap use of Parliamentary Privilege.

Scipio said...

This is not what Parliamentary Privilege should be used for Iain. As true as some of these comments may be (Al Fayed is certainly a fantasist and a bit mad), one wonders if he would dare to repeat the questions outside of the confines of the chamber?

JuliaM said...

" wonders if he would dare to repeat the questions outside of the confines of the chamber?"

Of course not. A grubby, cowardly little man.

Can we deport him instead...? He does less for this country than Al Fayed.

Anonymous said...

I think he spoke for the majority of people in this country.

The Home Office has evidence that he is indeed a thief, crook and liar. That is why he was repeatedly refused British citizenship.

He could, perhaps, partly redeem himself by offering to pay the £10.5 million that the investigation of his baseless accusations in relation to the death of Princess Diana have cost the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

um, iain you knobber. parilamentary privilige doesn't extend to your blog. You are now libelling fayed. Take this down, or you may well get sued. and learn some law.

Iain Dale said...

Anonymous, you knobber, my knowledge of this is obviously a little better than yours. It is quite Ok to report what is said in parliament without being sued for libel.

Anonymous said...

He's not Al Fayed. He awarded himself the Al prefix. He's just Mohammad Fayed. And yes, the air of London would smell a little cleaner were he out of it.

John M Ward said...

If this had been an early stage in this never-ending saga, I might have agreed with Adrian Yelland and the preceding 'anon'.

After all that has transpired, though, it really is about time that the elected representatives of the people acted in the people's interest and brought this whole business to an end.

I would have gone further and suggested that ways be sought to reclaim the costs of all that al-Fayed has caused to be spent from the public purse in pursuance of his personal agenda, if at all possible under present law.

Now that is what I would consider acting in the public interest, and as a true representative of the population-at-large.

Anonymous said...

Legal position, Anonymous:

Iain has a privilige to report on what is said in parliament as long as it is fair and accurate. So there you go.

P.S. 'Knobber' is a horrible word, you grubby little man/woman

Anonymous said...

If he's allowed to stay, he should be made to repay the £10m for bringing a vexacious case.

Anonymous said...

"Speak for England" Gerald. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Fayed ought to be prosecuted, not least for repeated breaches of trust and deception in earlier cases relating to Neil Hamilton. Although Hamilton was no angel, the Fayed allegations were an utter calumny.

There should also now at long last be a thorough independent investigation into the incredibly dodgy deal the Inland Revenue did with "Al" Fayed which meant that both he and Harrods effectively have paid no tax in the UK. The Tories would gain votes by promising such an investigation and appropriate prosecutions where there has been corruption.

Harrods should be seized in the meantime and held by the courts pending settlement of back taxes.

Finally Fayed should be prevented from entering Britain again as the thoroughly Undesirable Alien he truly is.

Ian McCord said...

Adrian Yalland makes an interesting point - on my blog I made a comment that the Fayed Orgnisation was responsible for Dianna's Death.
The facts, as I understand them are these, Fayed and his organisation owned the hotel in which they stayded, that hotel employed the driver, who was intoxicated and driving too fast, that hotel provided the car which crashed, the Fayed organisation provided the body guards to Dodi and Dianna, Dodi Fayed hatched the decoy plan, in short pretty much everything about the death of Dianna can be laid at the door of the Fayed Orgaisation.
Mr Fayed blames everyone else for this with wild plots that even his legal team admitted were without foundation. Is this a man racked with guilt?
The jury said it was unlawful killing. Who is responsible for that death - the Fayed Empire. If anyone is to be sued it should be the Fayed Organisation.