Monday, April 21, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. James Cleverly on how Bob Crow has Ken Livingstone by the balls.
2. Philip Oppenheim on the fine art of Prezza-baiting.
3. Gareth Young on English pauses for English clauses.
4. Dizzy says the government wants to criminalise ticket holders. And then doesn't.
5. Stephen Pollard has a recipe for no government.
6. Kevin Maguire says Vince Cable has suffered a dramatic loss of form.
7. Paul Waugh reckons Ken is feeling the heat.
8. Three Line Whip on a Tory/Labour swap.
9. Jon Craig doesn't feel Gordon's pain.
10. PoliticalBetting has news of a better poll for Labour.
11. Liberal England cheekily announces Lembit's engagement.
12. CityUnSlicker asks if the Bank of England had an alternative.

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