Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tories Should be Glad to see the back of Spink

When Bob Spink had the Conservative Whip withdrawn from him I predicted that he would end up in UKIP. I said at the time that they were welcome to him. I haven't changed my mind. This isn't a defection in he normal sense in that most sensible people in the Tory Party (ie those who know him) will be glad to see the back of him. Many of his views are repellant to the majority of the Conservative Party. I'm not saying this out of any sense of bitterness at his actions - I said it at the time. The lack of support for him in the comments both here and on other blogs was telling.

I will make a further prediction. Within six months Nigel Farage will rue the day he ever met Bob Spink. As UKIP's only MP (albeit not elected under that banner) he will have delusions of grandeur and believe that he should be the de facto leader of UKIP. He's that kind of man. For Farage he spells trouble with a capital T.

UKIP's influence is already on the wane. Spink joining them is not likely to improve their fortunes. Indeed, rather the reverse.


Alex said...

I see the BBC are reporting it as a "defection". Hard to tell who is the more desperate, the philandering Spink or the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.

Paddy Briggs said...

I think that UKIP is the most malignant “force” in British politics. The problem for many Tory politicians is that the views of many (perhaps the majority) of their core supporters are essentially UKIP in their prejudices. The Little Englander mentality that UKIP projects is far from alien in the saloon bars and the golf clubs of middle England. How often have I cringed as another well-heeled member of the middle class rural (or comfy suburban) elite regales me with their narrow-minded bigotry. You know the sort of thing. The EU is the biggest threat to our freedoms. There are far too many Eastern Europeans here trying to sponge off our social services. Our freedoms are under threat from the ghastly socialism of Labour (Ho ho!). The Scottish mafia are now in charge – time they were told to piss off so that England can reign supreme (oh, and the Welsh as well – shifty-eyed bastards). Have you seen the youth with their feet on the seats? Ken Livingstone is a Marxist poof. The BBC are bolshevics.God preserve us from the blacks, the Germans and above all the French. It all started to go to pot when Maggie left office.

UKIP is essentially an English Nationalist Party with its roots in the Home Counties and with its support mainly from the privileged. Natural Tories in other words. I hope that Mr Spink enjoys his brief few moments of fame as their only MP. It’s worth having a General Election soon just to clear the Commons of him!

Anonymous said...

He surely believes passionately that because Labour MPs were elected in 2005 on a promise to hold a referendum on Europe then they should do so...

Using the same principle, given that he was elected as a Conservative MP in 2005, does he believe that his constituents should also be asked to endorse his switch?

If he believes so passionately in the people having their say then he must resign and trigger a by-election.

asquith said...

Looking forward to reading the usual purple-faced, sherry-necking suspects here and on ConHome :)

Anonymous said...

All the major parties are on the wane despite the Tory 'bounce'in the opinion poles. No one really wants to vote for Dave except to get rid of Gordo.

UKIP may be declining now but wait for the next Euro elections.

In the meantime look at the BNP and worry!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a member of UKIP, but really, the tripe written by paddy briggs is unacceptable. Why is it that Eursceptics are 'prejudiced' and 'bigoted' , yet Europhiles are of course doughty class warriors bathed in the cleansing holy water of Socialism.

Have to stop now, I'm due to humiliate a few peasants, check up on my grouse moor and tootle off in my Roller for a round of golf, dontcher know.

Anonymous said...

Briggs ---

your talking rubbish.

Anonymous said...

We didn't have to wait too long for the Tory smears to begin....

Anonymous said...

Here here Iain - you only have to look at his voting record to see what kind of guy Spink is.

As for Paddy Briggs@11:16 claiming that those who say or freedoms are under threat from the ghastly socialism of Labour are narrow minded bigots, I ask him has he seen the movie ‘Taking Liberties’?

asquith said...


Give my regards to James Delingpole, won't you? That is, if he isn't too minor public school for you!

I wish I was clubbable enough to be a UKIP member.

Anonymous said...

I still think Spink is giving them some thoroughly unwarranted attention and might kid voters into thinking they are relevant at the local elections.

Curbishly said...

As a Castle Point Tory can I say Yippee.

The fruit and nut cases at UKIP are welcome to him.

The writing on the wall started when he started shagging a Councillors wife, then his active support for the Canvey Independent Party against the CPBC Conservatives and finally the farrago over his expenses, where he was found to be employing his ex-wife in Dorset at £28,000 per year, his paramours daughter as a researcher and his own daughter.

Good bye Bob start looking for a new job.

Scipio said...

Paddy Briggs - I suppose those on the left who oppose the EU are 'champions of democracy' and 'men of principle'!

Not every person who is sick to death of 40 years of being lied to by the EU elite is a closet racist, and I resent you implying that we are!

There are many like me who (a) speak three European languages (b) have lived in, and love Europe, but (c) don't want an undemocratic superstate turning Westminster into a parish council!

For the record, I welcome managed immigration, recognise that the EU has achieved some good things, enjoy my regular visits to the continent, and believe that international co-operation is essential on global problems.

But the EU is undemocratic and is trying to solve the problems of today with solutions devised 50 years ago! The people of Europe have been consistently lied to by arrogant politicians who, fearful they might lose an open debate, force through political and economic union without stopping to ask the voters if this is what they want.

If the people of the continent of Europe wish for a federal state of Europe, they should have one - but only by consent - not by diktat!

Until the EU political elite recognise that the will of the people cannot simply be ignored, and actually take not of what the people think, there will always be a place for the UKIP.

Sadly, you just regurgitate the crap the EU trot out - that anyone who opposes this is either (a) a day dreaming old lefty or (b) a nazi!

Actually, most people who oppose the EU do so because they want a say in how their lives are affected by politics, and are sick of being ignored by elitest politicians like Peter Mandelson - who now enjoys lots of perks and power without the inconvenience of having to secure a democratic mandate.

I take it you like this kind of 'democracy' then do you? Most un-thinking automotrons do as it saves them the bother of having to stop, think, and make a decision for themselves! They like the security of being told what to do and think!

I however don't because I am an individual who believes that I know what is best for me, not so eurocrat in Brussells!

Anonymous said...

He seemed to be saying this morning in interviews that he wouldn't even be standing for UKIP at the next election, but as an Independent Conservative.

Anonymous said...

You took a while! I was beginning to think that the blogosphere was (rightly) ignoring this non-story about this nonentity.

Folded at Dawn said...

Perhaps Iain can explain why, if UKIP's influence is on the wane, Tory activists in his own constituency are gibbering like idiots every time UKIP are out leafleting. That isn't the action of a confident party which knows UKIP's on the wane, it's the action of people who really are genuinely worried that they may lose control of the council.

Windsor Tripehound said...

Funny thing; I find myself in agreement with a lot of what Paddy Briggs says. The EU is the biggest threat to our freedoms; there are far too many Eastern Europeans here trying to sponge off our social services; our freedoms are under threat from the ghastly socialism of Labour; the Scottish mafia are now in charge.

Keep it up Paddy - we're right with you.

Anonymous said...

Despite the most hopeless prime minister in living memory the Conservatives can still only manage a single figure lead in the opinion polls.

Perhaps if they were a bit more like UKIP and a lot less like NuLabour Dave's party might be doing better.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Paddy, that any views with which you personally disagree are 'bigotry.'

It would be hard-pressed to believe that Livingstone is a 'poof' given his support for some rather nasty homophobes.

Th EU is a threat to national sovereignty, and it's regulations are deliberated by groups that for the most part we did not elect and have no say in electing; you can like them or loathe them but that is simple fact. But you're right, of course, by far the biggest threat to our freedoms remains a Labour government that currently allows local authorities to use laws it demanded as absolutely necessary to defeat imminent terror attacks to investigate whether parents live in the right catchment areas, or what I am putting in my bin.

as for the tired and incorrect accusations of racism, well, you know what you can do but Iain won't let me tell you in plain English.

But it's ok. Have you seen what's happening? Economy a mess, unions making ludicrous demands, and a lame duck Labour leader that has replaced a far more charismatic one without a general election. We have been here before, and it led to 18 years of Tory government, and people like you having their boring sanctimonious views comprehensively ignored for the best part of two decades.

Anonymous said...

If UKIP is on the wane that's a pity cos the Tories aren't going to lift a finger against the EU.

Anonymous said...

I don't accept that UKIP is malignant. Wanting to be out of the EU is a perfectly reasonable stance.

If you think not, then I suggest we put it to a referendum and let the matter be discussed. What's malignant in that?

Anonymous said...

Posters below Paddy Briggs absolutely prove his point about the paranoia of the net curtain twitching lower middle class.

It isn't the case that everything one disagrees with is bigotry, but usually most is what is said by the Mail reading classes is driven by bigotry.

Anonymous said...

usually most is what is said by the Mail reading classes is driven by bigotry.

Couldn't agree more. I despise the Mail. It rather proves my point though. Because the readers of one newspaper are anti-europe and also dislike eastern european migrants on spec, think that we should bring back hanging for litterbugs and flog people without a dog licence, it follows to certain sections of the left that questioning the value of further european integration, or feeling that the government is threatening our civil liberties, means you think like them on every other matter. Which I don't and resent the implication.

But it seems that if you are on the left then it's a 'justifiable generalisation' as opposed to prejudice. And that is why I can't wait for the current shower and their apologists to be kicked out. Not because I disagree with their views, there are plenty of views I disagree with and respect simultaneously, but because they have tried to shut down every argument they don't like.

Anonymous said...

What evidence do you have Mr Dale that UKIP's influence is on the wane? That is an interesting statement.

How can the Cameroons influence debate? They don't have any policies, let alone principles.

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Judith, Adrian, Windsor T and Jilted J say, seconded!

David Lindsay said...

Half of UKIP's votes at the last European Elections must have come from Labour supporters, or Lib Dems in, especially, the West Country.

Add together the Tory and UKIP figures in London, the West Country, any of the three Northern regions, or either of the Midland regions, and you get a ridiculously high figure.

But add half of UKIP's figure to the Lib Dem one in the West Country or the Labour one anywhere else, and it makes perfect sense.

So there's no point in the Tories courting UKIP voters as UKIP falls apart. Half of them were never Tories anyway.

Anonymous said...

Henry Mayhew,

Iain doesn't have any proof that UKIP's influence is waning. But as a card-carrying ambitious Tory he is only saying what you would expect any card-carrying ambitious Tory to say in these circumstances. Of course they will dismiss this defection as of no consequence whatsoever. Hell if George Osborne were to join UKIP tomorrow they'd adopt a similar line.

And in a manner of speaking, this particular defection shouldn't leave the Tories as upset as they would be if Dr. Spink hadn't been in conflict with much of his constituency association and likely to be deselected.

On the other hand, it is the defection of respected Conservative activists to UKIP such as the one that occurred in Lewes this week (the second such in a year) that should have the Tories beginning to worry. However, you won't see them dismissed or even acknowledged as these are potentially much more dangerous, especially if the exodus gathers steam.

xx said...

There's no surprise here. The tragedy is that UKIP has to exist all - it's just proof that the Tory Party isn't the 'broad church' it used to be, but a place where the Europhiles are more at home than the Europhobes.

UKIP has every right to exist, and the more they're insulted the more they're probably on the right track. All parties start small - even Labour didn't amount to much 60 years ago! UKIP's time will come, and it'll probably be after a Tory split, because the schizophrenia is evident for all to see.

Roger Thornhill said...

"For Farage he spells trouble with a capital T"

I thought it was with a capital C?

And as for Paddy...

"How often have I cringed as another well-heeled member of the Champagne Socialist Guardianista elite regales me with their narrow-minded bigotry. You know the sort of thing. The EU is the biggest thing since sliced bread. There are far too many Non Doms trying not pay grotesque taxes. Our freedoms are under threat from the ghastly fascists of UKIP and the BNP (Ho ho!). The Scottish mafia are wonderful – time they were told to reign England supreme (oh, and the Welsh as well – shifty-eyed bastards). Have you seen the smokers freezing in the street? Ken Livingstone is a Marxist god. The BBC is a national treasure. God preserve us from the banks, the Chinese and above all the Americans. It all started to go to pot when Lenin's brain turned to cabbage..."

Anonymous said...

Roger Thornhill,

"Neue Arbeit Macht Frei"

So clever. And how brave you are carrying the libertarian flame even though the world ignores you and tells you your beliefs are unrealistic bollocks.

Why can't I be like you?

Anonymous said...

I rather think(FOR THE BLACK FINGERNAIL) that 60 years ago Labour were in Office.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that Spink changes his name at every election?

1992 Dr Bob Spink
1997 Dr Bob Spink
2001 Robert Spink
2005 Bob Spink


Anonymous said...

Blackfingernail - I think you may need a tiny history refresher. 60 years ago, the UK had a Labour Government, so I do think their Party amounted to something fairly big!

From a non-Daily Mail reader, non-UKIP member, and Euro-seriously-sceptic.

Anonymous said...

I have had the priviliage of living in Castle Point all my life. This means I have also had the misfortune, as both a Conservative and a conservative, to have been represented by Bob Spink. I am absolutely delighted he has left the Conservative Party.

The political scene down in Castle Point is fantastic. We have the Canvey Island Independence Party romping home in the last local elections and now we have a UKIP MP. We also have a golden opportunity for a Conservative wannabe MP to win the PPCship for this seat

Go on Iain. As a fellow hammer and Tory moderate, I urge you to stand! the citizens of Castle Point need you!

Anonymous said...

Many of his views are repellant to the majority of the Conservative Party.

Repellant adj. politically incorrect; unacceptable to Guardian readers and the BBC.

R.I.P. the Tory party. You won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

Paddy Briggs recently apologised for his absence because he was travelling.
Paddy, you have no idea how much you were missed...the 'Besserwissen', the naïvete, the bombast, the logorrhoea.
Travelling suits you; do please get back to it.

Anonymous said...

Iain sod the Whip think of the people, or the Whip hand we will turn against by the means of those we fought against!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:28 AM said...

"In the meantime look at the BNP and worry!"

Or look and be hopeful.

hagrid said...

"Repellant adj. politically incorrect; unacceptable to Guardian readers and the BBC.

R.I.P. the Tory party. You won't be missed."

That's much more like it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that some other party and its supporters gets the "malignant", "bigotry", etc treatment for a change. UKIP usually gets a good boost before elections in order to take as many votes as possible away from the BNP, who get all the abuse.

Still, whether Mr Spink stays with UKIP or goes Independent, or simply loses his seat at the next election : nice to think there will be an MP in parliament for a while who won't be a member of the united chorus. Better when we get our first BNP MP, though. Imagine the Panic ! THEN things will start moving.