Thursday, April 03, 2008

Gordon Brown: The Dementor

From a correspondent...

"I was having a coffee with a client at 4 Millbank last week. At the next table were a couple of guys in their late thirties. One – an American – was going on about how awful Gordon Brown was – so dull that he couldn’t get his editor to carry anything about him. The other guy – a Brit – replied (more or less verbatim) – “yes, I know, he sucks the life out of everything – that’s why at the BBC we call him ‘the Dementor’”.

You have to be a Harry Potter fan to get it but it is a perfect description!

I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but it seems apt to me!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't realise the primary criterion for choosing the British Prime Minister was his capacity to amuse the American media.

Anonymous said...

Mr Blobby:
Pink spots
Speeks in meaningless repetitive phrases
Well meaning attempts to help create chaos for all around him

Anonymous said...

There are other (perhaps more interesting) issues

Can't wait to read your next piece on Livingstone's recovery in the polls.

Having said that, congratulations (sincere) on not giving oxygen to the Daily Express front pages a couple of days ago. I had all manner of dog-whistle cracks lined up!

Anonymous said...

He wasn't chosen though, was he ezra?

Anonymous said...

It's literally true.

A friend of mine had to brief Brown some years ago and commented that when he entered, all the warmth was sucked out of the room.

"You mean, like a dementor?" I said.

"Yes - that exactly right!" she replied

Old BE said...

His lack of charisma would not be a problem if he was making a good hash of running the country. As it is, his economic chickens are coming home to roost after ten years as Chancellor and he can't seem to make even quite simple decisions. He reinforces the opinions of those (like me) who don't think that a single person should be allowed to wield so much unchecked power.

Anonymous said...

Ezra, it's a tradition that began with that star or stars, Mister! ... Toneeeee! .... BLAIRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Toneeee adopted the mantle of David Niven playing a WWII Wing Commander when in the US. Ever the star.

And 2:26 makes a very good point.

Anonymous said...

I suppose the analogy works.

I prefer using analogies to Lord Of The Rings

Which makes Brown, Sauron and Ed Balls, Gollum and any cabinet minister as Grimer Wormtongue.

Alternatively Brown would make a very good Lurch from the Addams Family.

Anonymous said...

Since as a London Council tax payer I've presumably paid for anon 2.26's comment I'll reply: if you think being 2% behind in the polls is such a wonderful 'recovery', then you've lost and you'll soon have to work for a living rather than be paid to put Leninslime's propaganda up on Tory blogs.

Anonymous said...

funnily enough, we used to laugh at iain dale behind his back when he did newspaper reviews on the BBC.

Anonymous said...

How dare you all Demonise our unelected, unaccountable communist Scottish Dictator of £ngland!.

Chris Paul said...

So weak! Iain, So weak!

I prefer the Shrek III parallel myself.

This was of course the prime attack of Steve Bell and the media on grey peas, underpants John Major as he headed towards ... election victory and the nation's affection.

Anonymous said...

Whats the betting that a Patronus Charm in the shape of a Tory Toff will send him packing.

strapworld said...

Gosh iain, the downing street children are at it today. Do they honestly believe by putting their ridiculous comments on people will be persuaded that bottler brown the worst prime minister in modern history (IF not in history!)an unelected unwanted scottish immigrant, is likeable?

Too put them out of their misery tell BB to call an early election to show just how popular he is. I believe there is only one other politician in the world mores despised and that is a certain fellow in Rhodesia.

Anonymous said...

Strapworld, I take exception to your comment! There are three despised dictators in the world (not counting the tag team of Ken and Jasper). Are you forgetting the benighted folk of Venezuala?

I would say in this order:

Mugabe - because he has killed people and robbed them of their lands and livelihoods while his ugly cow of a wife flew to Paris for the couture shows.

Gordon Brown - for all the obvious reasons.

Chavez because he's the new dictator on the block and we haven't got his full measure yet.

Anonymous said...

John Fisher said -

"A friend of mine had to brief Brown some years ago and commented that when he entered, all the warmth was sucked out of the room."

It reminds me of the comments section on this blog whenever you-know-who leaves a comment.

And I don't mean Chris Paul.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Harry Potter analogy of - Lord Voldemort( aka 'He who must not be named !') and his faithful band of "Death Eaters"

Anonymous said...

anon @ 3.19

You are deluding yourself. I don't care if you think all non-right-wing posters are paid for.

However , you are also deluding yourself about the state of the polls.

No mention of Darius Guppy yet, but there will be, and then we'll see the figures on who is trusted more on crime, won't we?

I pay London Council Tax, and whenever my noon-Londoner friends mention the Mayor, I get embarrassed, simply because there is no credible choice.

Eight years should be the limit, but how on earth can we choose the other option? It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

We need chocolate on the NHS!!

Anonymous said...

Sirius Black - How deeply boring.

Anonymous said...

Dementor or just demented?

DiscoveredJoys said...

I must protest! Gordon Brown does not lack charisma, he has lots of it.

Unfortunately it is all negative.

hatfield girl said...

We all saw the photos of the Dementor's Kiss. Poor Carla.

Johnny Norfolk said...

Verity I would add Livinstone to your list.I cant stand the man.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone need a clue who I meant?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"He wasn't chosen though, was he ezra?"

He was chosen in exactly the same way as Michael Howard was chosen as leader of the Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

verity said...
"Ezra, it's a tradition that began with that star or stars, Mister! ... Toneeeee! .... BLAIRRRR!!!!!!!!!! "

You are forgetting Margaret Thatcher. Or was that before your time?

Anonymous said...

Edland said...
"His lack of charisma would not be a problem if he was making a good hash of running the country."

They said that about John Major. Mind you, he did make a has of running the country.

Anonymous said...

"Alternatively Brown would make a very good Lurch from the Addams Family."

With Thatcher as Morticia and Michael Howard as Uncle Fester.

Anonymous said...

verity said...
"There are three despised dictators in the world ....

Gordon Brown - for all the obvious reasons."

By definition, Gordon Brown is not Dictator because he can be removed from office by a simple Confidence vote in Parliament.

Anonymous said...

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