Monday, July 19, 2010

Keeping Up With Joey Jones

Many congratters to Sky News's Joey Jones who was today unveiled as Sky's new deputy political editor. Here's what the Sky release says...

Sky News today announced that Political Correspondent Joey Jones has been appointed Deputy Political Editor. In the newly created role, Joey will deputise for Sky News Political Editor Adam Boulton, and work to secure Sky News’ reputation for breaking news during a time of great change in politics. He will take up the position in September.

Joey Jones joined the political team in 2007 and has become a respected analyst of the Westminster scene with his unique way of scrutinising Prime Minister’s Questions and other set-piece events. He broke the stories of the resignations of Jacqui Smith and Hazel Blears, and shadowed David Cameron throughout this year’s General Election.

Joey Jones said: “Having spent almost all my journalistic career at Sky News, I am delighted to be taking on such a prominent role. I am confident that with the help of Adam and the rest of the political team, we will dominate journalistically this most exciting period at Westminster.”

John Ryley, Head of Sky News said: “Joey Jones got the job because he is a story-getter - he gets it first and gets it right."

Joey started his career as a reporter at BBC Radio Devon from 1997 to 1998 before moving to report for the Euronews channel, based in Lyon, from 1998-99. He began to freelance for Sky News in 1999 and became a full-time member of staff at Sky News in 2002.

Joey has a great knack of explaining complicated events to people who are not necessarily as into their politics as most people who read this blog. And he's a very nice guy too. Trebles all round.


The Purpleline said...

So who will leave as a result of Joey getting the gig?

My money is on the Scottish pro Labour & Brown Niall Paterson who really winds me up.

Worth a punt at the bookies

Anonymous said...

Presumably this is preparing the ground for Boulton 'retiring' or moving on to some other 'editor at large' move. Jones then easily moves up.

John Simpson has a non job with the BBC which allows him to swan around at will alm over the world so he can regale us with his prejudice.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Joey Jones. I like his style and he will make an excellent Deputy to Adam.

Anonymous said...

Great to read your tweet about being rejuvenated after a holiday.

I'm really looking forward to Gordon Brown returning all guns blazing.

Dobson said...

...well done Joey.