Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Tuesday

1. Blue Idea on the Coalition's first mistake.
2. Liberal Bureaucracy says at least Old Labour had some principles.
3. Though Cowards Flinch explains why Ed Balls should be leader.
4. England Expects gets a straight answer from David Davis. That's without an e.
5. Bagehot analyses David Cameron's Turkey speech.
6. Hopi Sen makes the case against Ed Miliband.

1 comment:

javelin said...

Vince "loose cannon" Cable should be sacked by Clegg and take up position on the back benches as the voice of the left.

First he blurts out his own views on banking and tries to strangle the Golden Goose.

Now he wants more immigration, after a few profit hungry Indian businessmen turn on the charm - just as the Government are about to see a million unemployed.

I have no idea what planet he lives on but I would say whilst he is in office New Labour are still clinging onto power.

Only libel laws stop me expressing what I think of his statesmanship.