Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ed Balls Courts Tory MP

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I know Ed is desperate for Parliamentary suuport for his leadership camapign, but I am surprised he is now courting Tory MP Andrew Griffiths. He received an email today from Balls campaign oppo Sharon Hodgson MP. It reads...

Hi All,

Following yesterday’s Save Our Schools successful rally, Vernon and I are quite keen to build on the momentum of Ed's campaign and to do so we would like to catch up with all of you.

Ed is hosting drinks in his office (Norman Shaw South, Rm 102) today from 20:30hrs. Please come along for a catch up and forward look discussion (and a drink).

Kind regards


Griffiths is clearly touched. He told me: "It's all very flattering, and I am delighted to say I that Ed Balls is definitely the man I want to lead the Labour Party. That should guarantee me at least another term!"

What can he mean?

Rumours that Andrew is leading a campaign group called Tories for Balls remain untrue. And unkind.


Dick the Prick said...

Almost worth joining the labour party to vote for him. Almost.

Anonymous said...

Watched him take on Micheal Gove yesterday. Heaven help us if this socialist windbag ever gets any power!

Unsworth said...

Save our Schools 'successful rally'? WTF does that mean? What 'success'? About 500 odds and sods turn up and bimble about Whitehall and it's deemed 'successful'? What does this Hodgson person think of the Countyside Alliance or the Stop the War rallies then? 'Nuclear'?

This really is Borough Council stuff. And she's virtually admitting that this is all a stunt to raise the diminutive profile of that cretin, Balls.

Vernon always reminds me of a 1950's East End spiv. Must be the haircut. Come to think of it, they all do.

The Grim Reaper said...

Filthy, filthy man.

What on earth would Yvette say?

TheBoilingFrog said...

Erm Iain I maybe wrong but are you not in breach of the data protection act by displaying everyone else's email within the graphic?

Mirtha Tidville said...

Ball`s campaign is frankly a damn cheek....Him and his ilk are the REAL reason for having to cut the schools budget....This is the live salvo that Gove et al should be lobbing at Liebour every hour on the hour....Yet they dont....WHY????