Thursday, July 08, 2010

No 10: "Proud" of the ECR Group

Yesterday I blogged about the rows in the European Conservatives & Reformists Group following a meeting with David Cameron in which it was agreed that in future the group would be led jointly by Michal Kaminski and Timothy Kirkhope. I've just had an on the record comment from a Number Ten spokesman on the issue.

"We remain completely committed to the success of the ECR group. We are proud to have set it up and proud of its progress so far. As far as the leadership is concerned, clearly it must command the support of the group's members."

I asked if the whole issue was indeed raised at the meeting at Number 10 between Cameron, Kaminski and Kirkhope. The spokesman replied: "Yes, it came up and discussions are underway in Brussels. Clearly it is important that the leadership commands the support of the group and the parties concerned."

I asked about the Czechs and whether it was important for them to support the changes and the answer was: "Yes, of course".

On the face of it, this is rather bland and what you might expect Number Ten to say. But the statement goes out of its way to make clear that they are committed to the ECR group and its future.

Sources tell me that there have been murmerings about Kaminski's leadership of the group for some time and that there have been concerns about his workrate, and this is what lay behind Kirkhope's move.

In some ways I am surprised at how few ructions this has caused. Several MEPs I have talked to believe that the initial kerfuffle will be as bad as it gets and that it is already dying down.


Unknown said...

I propose adding a third party to rule along with Kaminski and Kirkhope - Hugo Chavez.

Okay, so he's not exactly in Europe, but his policies are nicely contrasted with Cameron's.

Unknown said...

Do I see an Iain Dale MEP on the horizon?

Tapestry said...

tea in a storm cup