Monday, July 05, 2010

Westminster Restaurant to Close

I am very sorry to hear via Andrew Hawkins on Twitter that The Atrium restaurant in 4 Millbank is to close. It started like as Rodin's in the early 1990s. I've been a frequent patron of the place and although the service was, shall we say, variable, it was one of the few places close to the Commons which served decent food and prices which weren't a rip-off. It will be interesting to see who takes up the lease.


subrosa said...

I thought, with the title, that you had good news Iain - that one of the multiple restaurants in the Houses of Parliament was closing. You know the ones. We subsidise them.

The Grim Reaper said...

The Iain Dale Coffee House, anyone?

Coffee with a conservative flavour.

Delusions of Grandeur said...

People need to stop whining about subsidised food in the Commons. We're paid awfully and subsidised food allows us to get by.

Abolish subsidised alcohol by all means - that you can get 3 pints for less than £5 on the estate is genuinely absurd - but leave the food issue well alone.

Nick Drew said...

gad yes; I entertained a large party of Russians and Poles there in 1995 or so ... the toasts began before we'd even sat down, and they were out of vodka before the main course had arrived - but seeing which way the wind was blowing they sent staff out to search for more supplies from neighbouring establishments, and kept us fueled for the whole meal and more

great days

Unsworth said...

@ Delusions

"We're paid awfully and subsidised food allows us to get by."

OK so who are 'we'?

Treacle said...

Delusions of Grandeur, do you think that everyone who is paid less than MPs are, which is virtually the entire country, should also be given food subsidised by the taxpayer? And if not, why not?

Food in the Palace of Westminster should be charged at the full cost (a cost which should include the cost of the space), and alcohol should not be sold. People who make laws need to do so with a clear head.

Delusions of Grandeur said...

To be clear; I'm not an MP. I'm a former researcher. When i was working in the palace (less than two years ago) we were all paid well below market rate (I was on just over 17k fresh out of university).

I stand by my comments; subsidised food allows researchers to get by on pitiful salaries and means that MPs can continue to attract the bright and best to research positions in their offices.

Hamish said...

Count yourself lucky Delusions,
When I started working in London straight out of University (2 degrees) my salary was £900.
Per annum.
OK that was a long time ago. The inflation calculator tells me that that is just short of £15k in today's money.
When I was appointed, I was told I was being paid a little more than a school leaver, but in a year's time the school leaver might be earning more than me. In other words academic qualifications would stop counting; it would be performance.
There are still jobs where you are paid more throughout your career on the basis of your academic qualifications.