Saturday, July 31, 2010

Parish Notice: Mobile Accessibility Update

A few days ago I added a new facility to enable mobile phone users to access this site more simply. Most of you have welcomed this. However, apparently it also affects iPads. I did add code so any mobile user would automatically connect to the new version, but after several requests I have removed it.

If you want to go back to the new version on mobile phones simply use the following link and then add that to your mobile bookmarks.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Iain,
I don't suppose you'd consider having a mobile button at the top of your site? I'm tend to access your site from Facebook. So I found the new link really helpful when I visited for the first time yesterday on my Blackberry. But with your 'old' look it's a bit awkward, a bit like my own blog...

Unknown said...

Sorry Iain

Can i pitch for the site to default to this much better mobile version? Those with ipads will be on much faster connection than those with 2G Blackberry's for example; hence swithching back to the full version is much less hassle for the Apple laden those of us than the 2G Smartphone 'i only need this smartphone for email but like regularly like checking my favourite blog on the go go' users?!!

Iain Dale said...

Mike, I fail to see your point. All you have to do is make the mobile version your own default in your favourites. What's so difficult about that?

Waddell, as you can see I have added a button to the sidebar.