Monday, July 19, 2010

Five New Blogs For the Sidebar

I've just added five blogs to my sidebar. Biteback is the blog of my publishing company, Tory Radio should have been on it anyway, Mark Reckons is one of the best LibDem blogs on the net (but the design, ugh), Ashley Crossley is a good friend of mine who stood for the Conservatives in 2005 and a tax lawyer (God forgive him) and Mark Wallace will be familiar to many of you as the voice of the Taxpayers' Alliance, who he left last week for pastures anew.

UPDATE: And I can exlusively reveal that Nadine Dorries has resurrected her dormant blog. She tells me she will be posting "spasmodically".


Doktorb said...

Mark Reckons is top, but yeah, he needs to change his logo if nothing else. What is it with us LibDems and dodgy graphs ;)

Unknown said...

Just so you know, the formatting seems to be a bit off on Google Chrome - the sidebat appears too high, superimposed over the ad. I haven't checked any other browsers.

Dave Cross said...

Er... hardly exclusive. Other people noticed that Dorries' blog was back a week ago.