Monday, July 19, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Monday

1. Dave Hill on the troughing Tory councillors of Barnet.
2. Biteback on the new unofficial history of MI6 by Mick Smith.
3. Sean Dilley on how he's often banished from buildings because of his guide dog.
4. Dizzy thinks the Big Society is not a new idea...
5. Party Lines has a week in the life of Hazel Blears a chipmunk.
6. Cicero's Songs explains what's wrong with Hungary.


Tom Mein said...

Good Morning Iain
When you link to other sites would you have them open in a new window, it saves having to navigate back to your site.
Thank you.
target="_blank" should do it

Henry_Tree said...

Hi "tomandclaire"

I wonder which browser you are using? Both IE8 and Firefox allow you to right click on a link and open either in a new tab (which I find handy) or a complete new window.