Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Chance To Join My Fantasy Football League

I've just set up my Fantasy League on the FA site once again. If you registered last year you'll automatically get put back in if you reactivate. Go to the FA site HERE.

Today is the deadline for entering as the footy season starts tomorrow.

If you'd like to enter a team use this code: 364959-93125.

I've entered a team of current and former West Ham players except for up front!

Here's the team

Rob Green
Rio Ferdinand
John Pantsil
Glen Johnson
Paul Konchesky
Scott Parker
Yossi Benayoun
Matthew Etherington
Frank Lampard
Wayne Rooney

Ben Alnwick
Kevin Phillips
Anton Ferdinand
Darren Bent


OllyDeed said...

Are all of these players ex West Ham apart from Rooney.

You'll never win with the West Ham mob!

Dick the Prick said...

Got Lampard down twice - d'oh (not that i've any idea what on earth i'm talking about but it seems a bit odd).

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Sorry Iain, but I think you may have posted this on the wrong blog by mistake.

try this one:

(It is some kind of shrine to people who enjoy displays of testosterone-fuelled, overpaid yobbos who happen to have better than average foot/eye coordination, with a bit of homoerotic body contact thrown in, whilst hoping against hope that their bladders will last until half time)

But don't worry, we all make silly mistakes, as Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron will attest.

Schooler said...

Done - Im under Fabrege's Eggs, in honour of Fabregas and to avoid embarassment should he leave for Barca...!

Adrian said...

Tried to put 7 Spurs players in my team but it wouldn't let me... :( But my Tottingham still looks like a pretty good side.

Eddie 180 said...

There's only one Frank Lampard, one Frank Lampard...

Unknown said...

"When football can hold a double-header at Wembley with fans free to mingle, alcohol on sale all day and hardly a policeman in sight - and no trouble of course - then it will have the right to have its opinions listened to" not an exact quote but close - it is from memory - Brian Moore, Daily Telegraph.
To which I would add: when football adopts technology, first used by athletics in 1912, it might have the right to say it is in the real world.
Guess who is sick to death of football (but can, just, refrain from using the obscenities it so richly deserves).

Vijay said...

Terry, Last Seasons JPT final (Southampton vs Carlisle) had 44,000 (record attendance from a single club) saints fans and 23,000 Carlisle fans doing more or less exactly that. The police were not needed & our fans were even dancing with the stewards during the match. But the media doesn't pay much attention to non-violent, good natured matches in lower league football...