Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tom McHarris: I'm Lovin' Him

Tom Harris and I are in danger of becoming a mutual admiration society. For those who don't know him, he is a Labour MP and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport - and a bloody good blogger. In fact, I would say he has become my number one must read Labour blogger of choice. He has a slight devil may care attitude, which has in the past got him into a tad of trouble. Today he is at it again with a post titled IN PRAISE OF McDONALD'S. I admire his bravery. It's already brought out the veggie/animal rights brigade. I'm a Burger King man myself...


Unknown said...

Baiting vegetarians into a stupid argument is certainly easier than doing anything useful with his time.

Ted Foan said...

Iain - I'm with you on Burger King - much tastier. But I did make a helpful comment on Tom Harris's blog which your reader may find interesting:

"Of course you all realise that cows and vegetarians are the biggest source of greenhouse gases on the planet. Logically we should all stop eating. Think of the benefits - obesity cured at a stroke, global warming reversed, over-population solved, hyper-activity in children would be a thing of the past and crime levels slashed. The best of all possible worlds. Why haven't we thought of it before?"

I'm taking bets on which Labour minister comes up with this as a serious policy proposal.

Anonymous said...


I'm taking bets on which Labour minister comes up with this as a serious policy proposal.

Policies to reduce the population have been in place for many years, and many politicians have already hinted of more draconian ones to come.

NO people NO problem.

This planet is not in anyway shape or form overpopulated by human beings.

However it is overpopulated by fascist murderers spreading constant chaos, food and fuel shortages, bribes and propaganda to the masses, successfully trying to persuade them that the world is overpopulated by human beings.

Historically world leaders propagate this type of overpopulation nonsense just before they are about to be responsible for murdering a large amount of the population.

Likewise, world leaders propagate vegetarianism just before only world leaders will be able to afford anything else.

Put another way.

The reason why we are given a vision of the future by an increasing amount of our ruling elites mouthpieces, commonly known as democratically elected politicians. Where people eat grass and tulip bulbs while virtually all of them are only ever riding pedal-cycles.

Is because our ruling elites know this is going to be our future reality if they get their way.

Or put yet another way.

As they have most of the world well and truly sown up and most importantly China in their pockets.

They no longer really need us anymore to produce anything of any significance. So they now care even less whether we live or die then ever before. We might just get away with it, as long as we shut up, do as we are told and don't cost them too much.

As our ruling elites surmise.

Grass and pedal-cycles are cheap. So the quicker we get the perfectly useless brainwashed idiots used to the idea, the better.

wonkotsane said...

I prefer KFC myself. Gotta love those battery farmed, force fed chickens. Finger lickin' good.

Unsworth said...

Burger Man? Dunno what that is, but

Gordon is a Bogie Man.

Anonymous said...

Nah- it's Wimpy for me. Are you sure it's not Tam Watson MP doing 'in praise of McDonalds' on his blog?

Vienna Woods said...

TGF's for me! Expensive, it surely is, but the quality is out of this world.

Occasionally my family will 'slum' it and go to Burger King (I agree with you on taste Iain!)but then I always end up comparing it to TGFs' and feel rather let down.

Anonymous said...

At last, a Labour politician (hell, any politician) who, when challenged by the ranting, deranged bunny huggers, doesn't offer a mealy-mouthed apology or attempt to justify himself.

Good for him!

PS: and my vote goes to Wimpy too - they give you a knife and fork, and can cook proper chips!

Praguetory said...

Unlike the other Tom Harris is a good stick isn't he?

Anonymous said...

do bicycle enthusiasts realise how energy intensive the processes involved in manufacturing a bicycle and its tyres and the obligatory lycra clothing really are.
what about the environmental impact of winning the raw materials, transporting them to where ever they undergo the stages in conversion to a usable end product and as to the impact on primative societies well. it doesn't bear thinking about !
and we haven't even started to consider the carbon footprint and issues of cutural diversity !!!

on balance, make mine a range rover
and a deep fried mars bar

Anonymous said...

Poor Tom. I can't stand the food at McDonalds myself (much prefer KFC), but he's absolutely right to challenge the militant veggie brigade. Bans on eating meat sound like a ridiculous idea, but these things have a nasty way of building momentum if not nipped in the bud from on high early on.

I suspect Mr. Harris won't particularly mind if he gets some flak over this in the press. On balance, I'd say he came out of his last little media adventure looking quite good; despite the press furore, most people recognised that what he said was fundamentally quite sensible.

Building his media profile a little now, without associating himself too closely with the current ruling clique is no bad idea. He's still relatively young, he has experience of being in Government, he doesn't belong to the lunatic fringe of the party, he's not closely associated with either Blair or Brown and his majority is large enough that he should survive the seemingly-inevitable Labour slaughter at the next election. It's his generation of MPs that will need to pull the Labour party out of a very, very deep hole during its impending wilderness years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.45am

Don't worry about the carbon effect. I'll be in China in a couple of months time. Can easily arrange the shipment of a few million surplus bicycles to UK. They are now on four wheels, motorbikes or electric bikes.

You weren't realy worried about the carbon effect. Oh! Sorry, my mistake.

David H