Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kate Hoey Under Attack From Local Labour Party

A kind soul has emailed me the agenda for Thursday night's General Committee Meeting of Vauxhall Labour Party. It looks like there is going to be another attempt to deselect the local MP Kate Hoey.

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of last GC
3. Reports from Kate Hoey MP
4. Reports from CLP Officers
5. Resolutions

Vassall Ward Branch

Vassall Ward calls on Kate Hoey MP to state when she accepted the job with Boris Johnson.

Vassall Ward calls on Kate Hoey MP to stand down as advisor to Boris Johnson and to focus her efforts on the Vauxhall Constituency.

Oval Ward Branch

'This GC asks Kate Hoey MP to produce a strategy for Vauxhall outlining how the MP and the CLP should campaign and fundraise together'

Larkhall Ward Branch

Motion received outside of the time limit

6. AOB

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall.


Anonymous said...

Fly on the wall? In Vauxhall? It's a terrible place, full of people who cannot afford to live North of the River.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds on Ken standing for Labour in Vauxhall next time around?

Silent Hunter said...

I see the Neu Labour Gauleiters are out to get one of the few honourable Labour MP's left.

Frankly I'm amazed that she's made it this far, given that she votes with her conscience rather than slavishly following 'the party line'.

Dissent in Neu Labour ist Verboten!

Anonymous said...

Labour got tanked in Vassall Ward recently when there was a Council by-election. You'd think they'd have bigger fish to fry really...

Anonymous said...

Come on over Kate. You're very welcome.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Lee Jasper wants her seat. (He might be a stalking horse for Ken Livingstone although the view is that the latter is getting a bit past it.

It's a shocking indictment of the first past the post system that these types can get so much as a sniff of power.

Anonymous said...

Quite right about priorities having just lost a bylection. The attempt to deslect Kate Hoey was, after a good debate soundly beaten. Unfortunately some types with clearly too much time on their hands just can't let it go and feel the need to leak to your albeit fine blog. Thankfully they're not in touch with the wider electorate or indeed Party Membership. Long live hard working MPs with the ability to think for themselves. Even if they do ocacsionally make a right mess of it.

Lola said...

They really are nasty and vindictive little shits aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Usual leftie AGITPROP, which they are very good at, and of course seizing the levers and usurping control from the real members and supporters.
Kate should shoot the lot.

Anonymous said...

i place kate hoey in the same catogry as the late mrs dunwoody,vauxhall should be pleased to have this honorable lady (not many left of either sex) standing for them ,michael.

Tapestry said...

Brown employs Conservative Alan Duncan as part of his government of all the talents.

What goes around, comes around.

Kate should use the meeting to declare a leadership challenge to Brown, and have done with all the shilly-shallying. That's what's bothering the Vauxhall hardliners.

Labour MPs are all going to be out of a job in just under two years. Why prolong the Brown agony any longer? Come on Kate. Put the Labour Party out of its misery, and make history.

Chris Paul said...

Storm in teacup. She has won vote of confidence etc. Branches can and do still pass and forward resolutions of this kind. She only needs to state a date and argue successfully that helping Olympic delivery assists the people of Vauxhall to see this off.

There really isn't much of a story here now is there Iain? What about Watford re-selection - any news there? Could be an opportunity there Iain??

AloneMan said...

Hope she survives. In refusing to tow the party line the whole time she's honest and forthright, and Parliament needs more like like her. Apart from the fact she supports Arsenal, that is.

simon said...

As a Vauxhall resident, but not a Labour party member, I'll be glad to be rid of her and to get an MP who is interested in more than just self-promotion and career advancement.

Old BE said...

I am a Vauxhall voter and KH is a fantastic MP in my opinion. Even though I disagree with a lot of her politics at least she has principles and knows how to apply them to parliamentary votes. I do wish she would speak out more vigorously sometimes.

I am not a Labour voter but I would consider voting for Hoey if she stood as an independent. I bet there are many in Vauxhall who would do the same if deselected. She is very popular personally down here.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of us in Vauxhall CLP are not "nasty and vindictive little shits" - only a very small minority.

Speaking as a labour party member in Vauxhall (and General Committee delegate so I shall be attending the meeting, which incidentally is open to all Vauxhall CLP members)
I am not looking forward to the meeting.

It will be the usual people from local branch parties such as Stockwell who only turn up when there is a chance to criticise Hoey.

These people feel (to me) like a New Labour version of Militant - they are the enemy within trying to deselect a very good constituency MP.

They are all from privileged PR/thinktank/comms backgrounds far removed from the day to day life of Vauxhall constituents.

This constituency has one of the highest levels of social housing in the UK and much poverty - people in dire poverty, poor quality housing with immigration problems dont care about internal Labour Party disputes they want an MP who will represent them and knock heads together to get things done not a new labour yes woman.

strapworld said...

Kate should resign from the Labour Party and cross the floor into the Conservative Party. I am sure she will be greatly welcomed.

Anonymous said...

simon said 1.13

you would be fortunate indeed to find any mp who wasn't interested in self promotion and career advancement.

just be glad that kate hoey isn't one of them and is very definitely not a nulab clone.

Anonymous said...

As she is utterly crackers I'm sure she would fit in nicely.

Victor, NW Kent said...

I think the last time they tried to deselect her in favour of the dubious Mr Jasper only 16 of his mates turned up to support the motion. The others were otherwise detained.

Yak40 said...

Labour is just so predictable if you don't conform, the attack dogs come out to destroy you, just like in Animal Farm.

Four legs good, two legs oink oink.

Anonymous said...

having watched that despicable liar ball in te house today one despairs about politics.

the corrupt, rudderless, criminal labour party must be ejected for 2 generations. liars to a man

Jackson Jeffrey Jackson said...

Where on the agenda is there anything about deselection? There's a motion calling on her to concentrate more on her MP work, which is pretty standard fare.

The only way she can be deselected are:
- in a trigger ballot, which is not on the agenda and only comes round once a Parliament
- by the Labour Party National Executive Committee
- if she resigns

None of those seem to be on the agenda. Exciting as the meeting looks (!) Mr Dale could maybe concentrate on understanding Labour Party internal procedure before speculating on it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Expect to see an outbreak of independent thinking as we get closer to a GE. Ministers can't do much but everyone else will start to see that although they're not going to be in government, they might be in with a fighting chance of keeping their jobs if they look like they're fighting for their constituents. This often means defying the government whip.

For a lot of them - middle-aged and out of the job market for over a decade - it's the only way they have of pulling in the salaries to which they've become accustomed...

David Boothroyd said...

Kate Hoey has already been reselected for the next election. Nice to see all these pledges of support for her; we expect to see you campaigning for Kate Hoey while she proudly wears the Labour rosette.

Anonymous said...

as vindictive as they are short sighted

spinal behaviour entirely in keeping with the ethos of new labour

roll on june 2010

Anonymous said...

Ed 'pop-eye' Balls was on good form today as noted earlier in the blog. Plenty of Buck-passing. It's one of the benefits of out-sourcing government services that the lawyers can rack up large fees when the squabbling invariably happens.

What idiot in the Treasury thought out-sourcing was good idea?

Anonymous said...

Brown and nulab have had it in for Kate Hoey ever since she had the guts to support the I Want A Referendum Campaign.

They are after Kate solely because she's an honourable MP who votes with her heart and conscience - something that's anathema to most of nulab.

Vauxhall should thank their lucky stars to have Kate Hoey, she's a gem of an MP.

Anonymous said...

Victor NW Kent
"I think the last time they tried to deselect her in favour of the dubious Mr Jasper only 16 of his mates turned up to support the motion. The others were otherwise detained."

Would that be for 42 days?

Anonymous said...

Kate is an independent MP. The local Labour Party in Vauxhall have every right to question the MP which THEY SELECT and THEY CAMPAIGN for - After all she gets elected on a Labour ticket - not to spend all her time working for a Conservative Mayor of London or an anti Labour organisation which deselects sitting Labour MP's.

The stupidity of some people who seem to think that Kate Hoey gets herself elected is beyond me.

Let the local Labour Party sort her out as they see fit - She should be accountable to them.

Anonymous said...

Iain might be worth a glance at the Kevin Maguire blog comments page.