Friday, July 18, 2008

When Dave Meets Bazzer

Toby Harnden reports that David Cameron will meet Barack Obama next Saturday during his short visit to London. Obama will also meet the Prime Minister at Number Ten. I wonder which of the two meetings he will find most useful.

For David Cameron it's quite a tricky meeting. He clearly admires much about Obama (as do I) but he's also been very supportive to John McCain. He certainly doesn't want to gratuitously annoy McCain by being over effusive about Obama, as McCain might actually pull it off in November. A tricky balance for the Tory leader to strike.


Anonymous said...

You've probably spelled this out in a previous post, Iain, but who would you support if you had a vote: McCain or Obama.

Anonymous said...

Just because the BBC wants Obama to win does not mean that he will. Wasn't Hillary supposed to win the Democratic nomination?

What could McCain get from having Cameron support him?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be "when Dave meets Barry"? (Sounds like a night at the pub!)

Yak40 said...

Well it'll make a change from all the drooling over Mandela for the last few weeks.

The fact remains that Obama is undoubtedly the most unqualified and inexperienced presidential candidate in decades, from any party. Couple that with his voting record, such as it is, as the most lefty member of the senate, bar none, and I hope he's routed in November (unless Hillary torpedoes him first).

Anonymous said...

They're all experienced politicians and understand what each of them has to do or say at any particular moment. No offence taken.

Anonymous said...

A bit of Dave's famous smalm should fix that.

Anonymous said...

I think DC knows that Obama will be the next President of the USA. Obama and Cameron are on the same wavelength - but Obama is far more clued up than DC.

DC will show McCain respect but the writing is on the wall. McCsain is too old and feeble to be President. He is about the past.

Obama to win. The world can't wait!

Letterman said...

Obviously Dave can't throw his weight either way but he could do worse than smile sweetly next to the man of the hour.

The only problem he might have is that next to McCain Cameron looks good but next to Obama Cameron could be exposed as the political and intellectual dwarf that he is.

One final point - It is so unlikely that McCain will win in November that if he does I will eat my own face.