Monday, July 28, 2008

Brown: MP Vote Would Be Madness

Today's Telegraph front page lead will send shivers down the backs of diehard Labour supporters. GIVE US VOTE ON BROWN, MPs TO TELL CABINET. That way lies disaster. Such a vote would be anything but conclusive. The payroll vote, numbering more than 100 MPs, would be duty bound to support Brown but there would be a number of resignations by those whose consciences would not let them vote against him while remaining as part of his team. Even if they were few and far between, the result of any vote is unlikely to be decisive either way. And even if it were, what about the views of ordinary Labour members (as Prescott condescendingly likes to call them) and trade unions? They seem to be ignored at the moment.

The briefings emanating from the Brown bunker have the same sort of 'don't mess with us' mentality as those put about by IDS's last few supporters in October 2003. Some journalists (see George Pascoe-Watson's hilarious Sun editorial today) are happy to parrot them, and even express support for Brown. Others (see Jackie Ashley in today's Guardian) write more in sorrow than anger that Brown is toast, and he'd better realise it.

Anyone making predictions now is a fool. The lie of the land in September may look a tad different.


Anonymous said...

Iain, You worry me. You appear to be giving the hopeless, incompetent labour government some succour, WHY?

I thought that jackie Ashley's article was spot on. I also liked Malcolm Raffkind's article yesterday informing the Labour MP's what it is like to be Secretary of State for the Foreign Office and an MP one day and unemployed the next. It would have been read by labour mp's and ministers with that ice cold feeling running down their collective spines. (If they have any backbone!)

I could not care less what the MP's (labour variety) want. I could not care one hoot how Brown goes or does not go.

What I care about is my country and how this worst of all administrations is ruining it.

I want rid of them all. I want them to fight like ferrets in a sack!

Do not give them any sense that we are concerned for them. The have shown little concern for us whilst they have been lining their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Indy today Iain?

"The stories are seeping out from No. 10. The other day, Gordon Brown was convinced that Dominic Grieve, the shadow Home Secretary, had made such a strong attack on 42-day detention as to impugn his commitment to national security. Although Downing Street advisers trawled and Googled, they could not find the quote. Their boss expressed gratitude for their efforts in the way that a sergeant-major would thank a recruit for a speck of dust on his rifle. Mr Brown then stationed himself at a terminal. For the next four hours, he sat there unavailingly, emanating gloom and rage."

the orange party said...

That 'front page lead' in the Telegraph was first reported by the Orange Party yesterday!

Of course the Conservatives will call it "madness". They want disastrous Brown and New Labour to cling onto to power and self-destruct.

Alex Salmond and the SNP think the same.

It's easy to fight a corpse.

That letter to the Cabinet is the only device left for the true Labour MPs to get rid of the New Labour elite after Blair fixed the official rule book.

I reckon everyone will cool it for a bit though after the big man has spoken.

Watch Prescott on TV.

He didn't really back Brown as leader - but he did tell MPs to let the man have a holiday!

If you missed yesterday's news - it's here:

Man in a Shed said...

Slightly off subject - did you haer about the proposal to lower the voting age from Warwick ?

That's desperation for you.

Letters From A Tory said...

As if the political landscape hasn't already been turned on its head since last September, all bets are off as to where we will be by conference season - in my humble opinion.

Unsworth said...

"what about the views of ordinary Labour members (as Prescott condescendingly likes to call them) and trade unions?"

Seems to me that Brown is bending over backwards to accomodate the unions - after all they are now once again the Labour Party paymasters. Prescott knows that, for sure, and may well have been involved in the moves to secure funds. As to the 'ordinary members' - since when did the Government give a toss about them?

Beer and Sandwiches? No, these days it'll be champagne and canapes - but the outcome will be exactly the same.

But it really doesn't matter who is in charge, Brown or anyone else. The Labour Party is now in hock to the unions and will be for many years to come. Given the move towards minimum wage increases etc no industrialist in his/her right mind will fund them. The City views Brown and Darling with contempt. Commercial ventures are fleeing off-shore like there's no tomorrow. The loonies have taken over the asylum.

Just ask yourself one question. How is a Trade Union controlled Labour Government going to revive the economic fortunes of this country?

Chris Paul said...

CLPS and TUs cannot trigger a contest. But we do make up 2/3rds of the selectorate if there is a contest triggered by the PLP.

Anonymous said...

er , what is "the payroll vote" ?

and why would all this be a disaster?

hatfield girl said...

They won't oust Brown because every minister hands in their keys the moment Brown goes. The ministers aren't going to do that.

We need a general election immediately after the holidays, as Mr Cameron said. But the Parliamentary Labour Party will accept anything and everything to avoid a general election, even the destruction of the Labour movement, for the year and a half they can go on being able to take the money.

Anonymous said...

hattfield girl says:
"The parliamenary Labour Party will accept anything - - even the destruction of the Labour movement, for the year and a half they can go on being able to take the money."

I agree. Its probably dawning on them that the tide of history is against them and that Labour's 100 years is up and that they are looking at oblivion

( not helped by being a corrupt bunch of bigots and the country is heartily sick of them )

neil craig said...

The fact is that there is no credible replacement for Brown. Harmen? Miliband? Johnstone (the only one not actively dislikeable)? Benn? Straw?

Also that nobody sensible would want to carry the can at the next election.

Anonymous said...

This is just a repeat of what happened to IDS. I predict Brown will be gone in a month.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Reasons for Labour to avoid ditching Brown:

1) There is no-one else
2) The clamour for a General Election will grow to a tsunami of discontent
3) Labour are skint and can't afford to fight a general election
4) Ordinary MPs would lose their seats, even in previouly 'safe' constituencies
5) Labour would not form the next government
6) The Conservatives would hold a referendum on 'the Treaty', and the population would probably vote 'NO', causing much grief to those who want an EU super state.
7) Scotland might wander off on its own path
8) The Labour Party might cease to exist.

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 10:28

The payroll vote is all those Labour MPs who are ministers, whips etc. They will normally vote to support the current leadership. This is beacuse either they 'believe' in the leadership and hence are justified in having a role in the administration, or, if they don't 'believe' in the leadership then they really ought to resign their position on the slippery pole as how can they be part of an administration that they don't believe in...

So if you are focussed on having a parliementary career beyond being a constituency MP and you don't want Brown you are caught between resigning (thus ending your career / hoping Brown will fo and the new leadership will bring you back), or putting up with it and at least gaining some 'loyalty' brownie points.

Most will stick with the latter unless the end of Brown is truly here and cabinet ministers are openly demanding him to go.

Anonymous said...

broon's talking bawgie @ 8.52 A.M. Interesting story. One of Brown's psychological problems is that he really, truly, deeply hates the Tories.

This distorts his judgment and also, it would seem, his time management.

Incidentally, this Glasgow East business means that the 42 days measure is dead in the water. Brown's influence over the PLP has evaporated. They are not going to follow him down another vote-losing cul-de-sac.

Anonymous said...

Read Janet Daley in the Times.
Excellent article, to make all those who think the Labour Party is almost dead, to think again!

It is warning Cameron to be careful that the New Labour Blairites are still looking at new policies (Steal all the Tories!!- just as Blair did!) put, say, Milliband in charge with an assurance that he will call an election in six months then bring in every Tory policy as Government Policy!!!!

Result- a happy electorate. and uncertainty at the general election

Unknown said...

Would not the best result for Labour be that Brown resigns on health grounds. If his party got him to do that Brown may even get some public sympathy, then they could even start to turn things round. Especially if the new leader called a general election in the autumn during his honeymoon period.

Ben said...

Anonymous, 12:57

try Janet Daley in the Daily Telegraph, rather than The Times.

Yes, it's an ingenious article, probably designed to further Janet Daley's private agenda rather than to paint a realistic picture of the future.

But I had to admit I found it chilling.

Tapestry said...

democracy in the Labour Party?

hah ha



Anonymous said...

JULY 28 2008 10 58 AM
"the fact is that there is no credible replacement for brown,
harman? miliband? johnson?...
re miliband...he went to the franky howard school of politics ,watch his face...i can just see him at his first prime ministers questions...
"thank you mr.speaker....ooooar just a minute while i make myself comfy,michael.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Jacqui Smith have leadership bid written all over her?