Saturday, July 12, 2008

David Davis's Civil Partnership

Just received this message on Facebook...
"A friend of mine who lives overseas was staggered to learn from her mother that David Davis had just celebrated his civil partnership...after frantically but vainly scouring the net all night she concluded either Alan Duncan or his presence at your bash (perhaps both) must have confused her mum."
Easily done.

PS And that ladies and gentlemen will, I hope, be the last post on this blog that mentions the words David and Davis in the same sentence for, oooh, at least 24 hours, I should think.


Anonymous said...

See my comment on the last post.

Anonymous said...

Well you started it, mentioning his "outing" on "Any Questions". I always thought he was butch - but questing.

Anonymous said...

David Davis had to leave the shadow cabinet. If he had not jumped then he would have been pushed.

He was getting nowhere as a loyal member of team Dave into turning Cameron into a Tory.

Now he is free to push for grammar scools and lower taxation and once more enable the people of this once great country to migrate from poverty and ignorance into positions of enlightenment.

Someone has to restore Conservative philosophy into the Conservative party and put an end to Dave's middle of the road blandness.

strapworld said...

What is interesting, I suppose to be expected, is the way all political journalists are 'moving on' they all got it totally wrong when Davis resigned. They all had to change their opinions when they realised that the vast majority of people from across the political field supported Davis. is over Davis is FINISHED. "resigned to a career on the backbenches!" "a loose cannon in Camerons side" and that greatest of all political writers and soothsayers, Nick Robinson (WHO IS TELLING US ALL ON HIS BLOG THAT HE GOT IT RIGHT ALL ALONG"!)who has to be the most biased anti tory political editor the beeb have had for some time.

They just do not understand the times are changing and they just are not influencing people as they thought they did. In fact the likes of Oborne,Robinson,Riddle,Brogan etc etc have got to wake up to the fact that the truth can be found on the blogs and not from them!

That is yet another victory David Davis has scored for the people. He gave them all a real kicking.

Well done David Davis.

Anonymous said...

David Davis for Party Chairman.

Not a non job, solve the Spelman problem and gives him a roving brief to be in contact with the grass roots to stimulate debate but without it seeming like official party policy.

Go on - you know it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

strapworld said...
"... Nick Robinson ... who has to be the most biased anti tory political editor the beeb have had for some time."

We all know that Nick Robinson is a Tory. The problem is that he has to suppress his true Tory views in order to attempt to appear 'balanced' (as the job requires) but he goes too far in that respect and comes over as anti-Tory.