Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prezza Discovers Blogging

John Prescott once reckoned he didn't know what a blog was. He seems to have rectified that this afternoon by writing an article for LabourHome - unless, of course, he got Hunter Davies to write it for him... Anyway, it pleads for loyalty to Gordon. So far there have been seventeen comments, almost all of which vehemently disagree with him. But the most hilarious comment is the seventeenth, from none other than LabourHome editor Alex Hilton himself...

A lot of what appears in the newspapers about leadership battles and coups and such is down to MPs spending too much time talking to themselves and not enough time listening to people in the wider world.

Many thanks John, please do come back.

This from the man - a selected Labour PPC, let's not forget - who told GMTV viewers on June 1st that Gordon had two weeks to get his act together. I know, I was sitting next to him when he said it.


Anonymous said...

None of them commenting at LabourHome seem to get it, do they?

Brown, as Chancellor (together with TB), got us into this mess by smashing everything they inherited to pieces, borrowing and taxing and spending and saving nothing for a rainy day, demonstrating criminal incompetence when they tried to build new edifices (tax credits, anyone?), and now they have the gall to say change is needed, and GB can provide it because he is so 'clever' - NOT.

Anonymous said...


You're right to assume Prescott didn't write the piece. I've looked at it carefully; apart from two missed commas, it's punctuation and syntax is perfect.
A near illiterate oaf like the former Deputy Prime Minister would have needed a scribe, like the guy who wrote his "autobiography".
Pretending to do a blog all by himself tells you a lot about the man.

Anonymous said...

Three Cheers for John Prescott !!

Huzzah ! Huzzah ! Huzzah !

Every little helps.. to keep Gordon in power for a few weeks longer..

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Prezza never wrote that blog entry: it was entirely coherent.

Tapestry said...

Labour MPs who want to survive have to choose from the Frank Field end of the scale, and defy the EU.

The EU want Milipede or Straw - or maybe Harperson. The public would vote more strongly for Field, Stuart, Stringer or Hoey.

Cameron's promise on Lisbon needs to be outbid by Labour, and the country's economy brought back under control. Frank Field is possibly the only hope for Labour MPs.

As far as the EU is concerned Labour MPs are entirely expendable.

Of course they might all be offered a nice pay-off to keep Gordon in place until Lisbon is secure. John Prescot would not be averse to receiving a few million I am sure.

The EU Commission has cash available for political pay-offs to the tune of 6.5 million euros a day.

Nick Clegg's gone quiet. No doubt he's gone shopping or is eating his pay-off already, judging by his figure growing in girth to match Brown's.

For Labour MPs there is a simple choice to be made, either cash in the back pocket from Brussels to keep them Euro-sweet, or some kind of political future?

Anonymous said...

has one to many a pork pie finally sent an embolus to his head

his accent appears to morphing to what i suspect he believes to be a more distinguished tone

like TB on des oconnor in reverse

strange times indeed

Anonymous said...

Just when new Labour thought things couldn't get any worse, up pops two shags to remind them of glories past.
In a strange and patronising rallying call aimed at the grass roots, he asserts that Brown was unanimously elected by party members (elected?!!), and cautions against looking for a fourth leader (so who was the third, then?)
No amount of Carnation milk can improve Prezza's brain power, it seems

Man in a Shed said...

Its hard to criticise Labour with their show of blind loyalty.

After all who wants to interrupt their enemy when they are making a mistake ? (Hat tip to Napoleon ).

Alex said...

If Prescott thinks none of the rest of the Cabinet are up to being PM, he poses some questions:

(i) does he think Brown is up to the job,

(ii) does he think he is more suited than the rest of the cabinet, and

(iii) if not, what did he think he was doing as Deputy PM (i.e. he wouldn'y have been able to fill in if Blair had fallen under a bus)

Anonymous said...

I feel so comforted and safe knowing Prezza the shagwit is supporting Gordo in his hour of need.

Anonymous said...

They cant get rid of Brown because to do so would open an internicine war within the Party.

With him they know it will be a shambles all the way and will all end in disaster

"We're all doomed ...doomed I tell ye"

Chris Paul said...

"Who wants to interrupt their enemy when they are making a mistake" with a hat tip to Napoleon? Ho ho ho ho ho ROFL at that MiS.

Anonymous said...

Has Hilton been selected? For where? I'm dying to get down there and campaign for whoever is his strongest opponent.

He is a w*nker.

Anonymous said...

Blogging requires literary skills beyonds his powers. He is is better suited to a modelling career or becoming a nutritionist. The face of Chanel or You Are What You Stuff in Your Gob is definitely more his M├ętier.

The digusting tale of how he used Government resources to smear and intimidate Mary Ann Sieghart after she suggested he was not of the highest intellect revealed his true nature. He is a vile, gluttonous bully.

(sorry, the weather's making me grumpy)

Bill Quango MP said...

Some good comments though:

So we need to show a type of loyalty to Gordon... the kind he showed towards Blair for 10 years.
We need to undermine him, and remove him and dispose of him forthwith.

Our leader is the embodiment of a Bendy Bus in human form.
Short on usefulness, long on ...erm ... well.. long on length.

I bet you never thought John Prescott would end up blogging ...
I think a lot of us hoped you'd just fade int the sunset clutching a can of Carnation milk.

You know and I know and everyone knows that the tories are PRAYING for Gordon to stay. This is an open secret!

I do despise Balls though, but everyone who has ever met the guy does, he is a total asshat. He is pure ambition and lacks any of the comensurate talent or self awareness.