Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iris Looks Forward to a Trip to Iran

Cartoon by Howard Woodall
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haddock said...

Are you suggesting that she would like to see homosexuals hanged ?
That is sick. Is this political commentary or gossip ? it certainly isn't funny.
I think you are overplaying your gay 'top trump' card and doing your credibility no good whatsoever.... are you primarily a gay or primarily a political commentator. We don't come here for gay propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The British Media, and I am thinking here of the BBC and The Times as examples, are loath to show Muslims in a bad light. The recent trials of terrorists are a case in point - only a close reading of the text, on the BBC website or the columns of the Times, would reveal that these men were Muslims. In some cases, their sole reason for attempting to commit the atrocities for which they were on trial has been left out of the article altogether, as if they were merely homicidal maniacs. Someone not familiar with the context of these bombings would be hard pressed to construct an accurate understanding of the case, nor would they understand the kindergarten for terrorists which operates in Mosques around the country; those establishments which give them comfort and succour and the means to carry out their terrible missions.

Indeed, if you relied wholly on the MSM for information about terrorist activity or knife crime, you would not know that the former was the exclusive domain of the Muslim and the latter was overwhelmingly a black problem. It is just never mentioned.

And now to this cartoon and the point of what I have written above and the broader context in which it must be seen.

The mainstream media is gay friendly. Certainly the BBC is and there are plenty of influential gays in the dead tree press. They must have a dilemma. I am thinking of those who are avowedly liberal and/or their colleagues. (I doubt whether someone like Andrew Pierce, for example, comes into this category and probably not Matthew Parris). But in any case, they work cheek by jowl with those who seek to promote the idea that Muslims in this country are the epitome of sweetness and light. The output of the BBC alone should convince you of this chimera.

So what do these liberals do now that there is quite clearly a clash of ideologies?

How do they reconcile the fact that they have gone very quiet on Islamic fascism but remain actively pro-Gay? They cannot logically be both.

While the liberal, left-leaning, aetheistic elite, who we are all in thrall to, refuse to confront their contradictory positions, they will weaken and whither as the rulers of our culture. Like the Roman Empire, they will over-extend their welcome and fail to win over the locals.

I submit that liberal ideology is mortally wounded. It is eating itself, and the above is merely one example of its lingering necrotizing death.

Anonymous said...

When an elected politician makes such extreme comments, it is not unreasonable to draw comparisons with other public figures who have similar views. I tend to cringe at some of the more extreme reactions from "gay society" to these things, but I would poking a bit of fun at Mrs Robinson hardly qualifies as extreme, and certainly isn't "gay propaganda"

Perhaps we should all have pink triangles for our avatars so that you can filter out the propaganda.

Ted Foan said...

Well said Haddock! Just leave it now shall we?

Democratic-Centre said...

Your recent blog posts highlighting this one have been thoroughly refreshing.

Haddock, Iris would probably rather have them stoned to death, if only her husband had such capital punishment powers available to him, he is after all a fan of its return, and am not joking.

It would be important to remember that NI had a very tense public fight to de-criminalise homosexuality, otherwise well that erm cartoon, oh it doesn't bear thinking about...

Malcolm Redfellow said...

haddock @ 11.34 PM:

When Iris says "We are called to uphold the laws of God, Government is ordained by God and is bound to uphold His laws", she means the Laws of Leviticus. Now refer to Leviticus 20.13, Capt'n Haddock, and ask your first question again. And, yes, both Robinsons are hangers.

No, it's certainly not "funny", except that such a balmpot, full of hate and poison, by her position, is granted such liberal access to the media.

Newcomers, and others off-base on things DUP, should be advised that, with the idiotic Iris, all is sadly true.

Robert said...

Bravo, Mr. Haddock

Anonymous said...

He didn't say there are no homosexuals. He was referring to no open gay culture. Stop spreading propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Listen, it is perfectly legal - possibly even acceptable - to hold the personal view that you dislike homosexuals or the act of homosexuality.

So long as you don't try and influence other people's views, and don't pontificate on the subject - I'm sure that you can hold those thoughts.

Of course, as an MP you could influence people and law making, but to do so would be in breech of law.

I can roll the N-word around and around in my head as much as I like, but so long as I don't use it, or act upon the intense dislike wrapped up in the word...what you gonna do? Introduce mind control?

Anonymous said...

Mrs Robinson is clearly a bigot of the highest order as is the bloke who runs Iran. To link the 2 is therefore fair comment. OK he hangs gays she merely thinks they are as evil as child abusers but the two individuals clearly have a lot in common.

I say that as a straight man - it is my opinion and if Mrs Robinson does not like being caled a bigot with views oout of the stone age she can get a county court order, find out who I am and sue me. I shall see you in Court Iris as you are a vile, reactionary scumbag and your comments leave you with little defence from such accusations.

Just because Iain is gay he should not be precluded from commenting on gay issues - those who think he should reveal more about themselves than him. But this is not a "gay issue" it is about the fact that a taxpayer funded elected representitive is quite clearly the most monstrous bigot and a tolerant society should make it clear that her views are abhorrent and she should either repent or - one must hope - that her constituents kick her out.

Allowing fascists like Mrs Robinson to demonise one minority is only the start. If she is not constantly engaged in debate and, yes, ridicuked by satire, so that her opinions are exposed for what they are she and others like her will pick on another minorities whose activities/tastes she finds offensive. One day you may be affected.

Anonymous said...

haddock said...

"it certainly isn't funny."

Yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Surelu iain now is just the time to start your campaign, 'Lets take the Unionist out of the Conservative Party'

According to Tristram Hunt if Labour lose Glasgow East its over anyway.


Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in Gideon's fuel duty stabiliser. Now the oil price is going south and petrol prices following, by how much would he be raising the duty in order to put something by for when the price goes up again?

Anonymous said...

Of course, Northern Ireland is not part of 'Great Britain', so how would she know? It is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but that's not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what the mad Paddy says about anything. I don't give a f'k about NIreland- (a Godforsaken 'primitive' place) whose people are STILL going on about 'being a Proddie or a Papist etc.' We expect that sort of thing from daft 'religious' Paddy MP's (ie)'Save Ulster form Sodomy'- the mouth of the Proddies). Like mad Muzzies or some Blacks (from whereever) they are allowed to say these things (because they are seen as primitive)without the furore if someone (mainly white) from this neck of the woods said it. If anything, Iris should stick to peeling potatoes.

haddock said...

Those of you who trot out Leviticus have a hazy concept of Christianity; Christ of the Christians said that there was a new covenant, promise or, the word normally used, 'testament'. the 'Law' would be written not in books but in the hearts of believers. Those of you shouting out number and verse are like the bloody JWs who know the words but not the spirit. That aside
I just cannot believe that grown people, I say that with little evidence, can say that people should be stripped of their livelihood for thinking things and voicing views that it is quite lawful to express.
What of democracy ? If thousands of people want to vote for a 'homophobe' then just why should they not ? Do we/they all get sent somewhere for re-education ?
I for one got thoroughly pissed off with having to guard against any 'slip of the tongue' when talking of minorities.... so I don't now, if people are upset then tough titty.
I have suggested that our host should post on the Muslim view on homosexuality and child abuse.... but I suppose that as a professional gay he doesn't want to upset other professional minority spokespeople ( doesn't want to queer their pitch so to speak )

Anonymous said...

"Mrs Robinson is clearly a bigot of the highest order" or is she simply voicing the views of the constituents who elected her, something which, presumably, she is paid to do?

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad, please read the Qur'an. It doesn't prescribe that homosexuals should be hanged.

It says they should be thrown off a cliff.

Iain, please welcome the moderate views of Mrs Robsinson. As Dr Williams points out, Britain is inevitably becoming more Islamic.

I just saw the non-Muslim mayor of Peterborough covering her hair to appease the locals, perhaps you should accommodate diversity by wearing a parachute.

Anonymous said...

So you want to stop MPs having personal views? So you want to stop people disliking what gays get up to? So you want gays to be treated the same?

Sounds to me like you are a bigot, and the worst kind who dresses their bigotry up as being reasonable and justice.

You'd be happy if she was hanged because she held views that weren't in line with yours?

janestheone said...

and is Iris Robinson representing the "views" of her gay constituents? she is a representative not a delegate.

Tapestry said...

Britain is a very uptight country, where sex is still taboo. The 1960s were an aberration. Now it's all back on course.

Individuals must not be allowed to feel relaxed about their wants, needs and desires, in this strange end-of-New-Labour-Gordon-Brown-era.

If heteros cannot relax about themselves, they are certainly not going to allow anyone else to do so, least of all gays.

Live and let live would be a good slogan for David Cameron to think about. There is a danger of the puritanical becoming mainstream in Britain, along with political correctness.

Relax, people. We're all human beings. New Labour hypocricy and denial of liberty won't last much longer.

Anonymous said...

Iain, I hope you are not saying that it is alright to attack those who are validly on Incapacity Benefit - a sad form of kicking the sick, as if they wanted to be ill in the first place! - but a person's sexuality must not be attacked under any circumstances? Otherwise it looks like double standards to me.

Dick the Prick said...

OMG. What's going on Mr Dale - there are some seriously unamusing bloggers going on. A jihad on all your thoughts!! I'm off to the temple with me 77 virgins (dam, they're all boring losers).

Anonymous said...

***Iain, I hope you are not saying that it is alright to attack those who are validly on Incapacity Benefit - a sad form of kicking the sick, as if they wanted to be ill in the first place! - but a person's sexuality must not be attacked under any circumstances? Otherwise it looks like double standards to me.***

You have to go some way to achieve the distinction of the stupidest post on a thread where half the posters are quoting Leviticus at you but congratulations.

To reach the conclusion you have reached requires that Iain believes that homosexuals choose to be homosexual. Which is unlikely.

The point is that people should be open to criticism for their choices (how they vote/falsely claiming incapacity benefit), not for things beyond their control (colour/gender/sexuality/genuine disablement).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Iain for this! Iris is clearly a nutter - but in my opinion I hope she keeps spewing out this rubbish - it's better to know who the homophobes are - although I feel really sorry for her constituency members. I’m not entirely sure why Haddock thinks you posting it equates to gay propaganda – it seems like nowadays you can’t even disagree with homophobes without them screaming that you’re a “militant gay”.

Anonymous said...

***Are you suggesting that she would like to see homosexuals hanged?***

Not at all. She's not a barbarian. She merely wants them to be treated as paedophiles. So, presumably, burned out of their homes and hounded underground by devout Christians everywhere as an expression of Christ's love.

Though, being from the DUP, she'd probably settle for kneecapping them.

Unsworth said...

One way ticket?

Anonymous said...

One wonders if these issues aren't brought to the fore for a reason.
i.e. government in trouble (and are they in trouble) so spark off a diverse debate.
Look at the events. Brown runs off to Iraq etc just to find the limelight and divert attention away from home. I must say that this is a bit cynical if Iris whoever is trying this tack.
But I do believe that nuLab would now try anything to get Bert and Nora's vote at the bye election.

Incidently isn't now the time to be sending the Blairaqi amBushers to the The Hague along with Radovan Karadzic.

Anonymous said...

Dave H

Where was the Mayor when she covered her hair? If in a mosque it would have been a polite gesture of respect to her hosts, if on Council property I agree it wpudl have been a case of Islamocringe.

Anonymous said...

Haddock - can you explain your close relationship with Tintin? Why did you choose to bunk up together when there was plenty of other room aboard ship when chasing Red Rackham's Treasure? Or was that a euphanism?

Anonymous said...

You did mention on a previous post you'll attend the Republican National Convention. How would you feel breathing the same air as John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Senators Larry Craig and Mel Martinez, and other such unmentionables (according to the liberal elite in America, anyway). Or indeed, how would you feel listening to John McCain, who is on record as saying the ceremony you enjoyed recently with your partner should never happen.
I can see why you're upset with Iris Robinson, but it makes no sense to support Republicans whose views are more extreme than hers. At least she's only against the lifestyle and reckons gay people can be 'cured' with Jesus' love. Most people at the convention you'll attend later share the same view as the Iranian govt on your lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I commend this article to peoples of all faiths or creed.

A Letter to Louise

We are all the same, we just don't realise it, yet.

Iain Dale said...

African Mum, a fair point and I have written about all this on the blog in the past. I haven't yet said who I will support in the Presidential race.

I have real problems with elements of the Republican Party today, who have been taken over by some very unsavoury groups. But I rather relish the prospect of debating the issues with them.

Anonymous said...

why focus on iris when harriet hates men full stop?

..or is it that she only hates us undiverse white, straight men?

to put the point more seriously, what is the problem if an MP is anti - gay? we are all aware of hatreds that our MPs hold, class, money, priveledge, sex, nations etc etc. and yet they are not chastised; only those that hold views that exist outside of the 'consensus'.

she wasn't even talking about gays, she was talking about child abuse.

there is also the point that many militant (for want of a better word) gays spend their time trying to turn straight men - i have seen it time and time again, and i would consider it to be (at least borderline) abuse as it is taking advantage of young, vulnerable, unsure boys and convincing them that their sexuality is orientated in one direction.

i don't have a problem with loving concencual gay relationships, but i know several guys who have been 'forced' into gay relationships. i am reminded of the chef i used to work with who, (admittedly at a gay club but still) saw a 16 year old boy having a drink and "within half an hour i had him begging for mercy as i fucked his arse rotten" .. ..

Stewart Cowan said...

teacher.paris said...

Bravo, Mr. Haddock


Anyone who feels strongly enough about freedom of speech should allow the remarks made about homosexuality by Iris Robinson MP to remain unpunished.

If you agree, you can vote here:


Hopefully it will encourage other MPs not to be afraid to share their views in future.

conscious robot said...

Nothing like mentioning Muslims and Gays in the same sentence to bring the nutters out of the woodwork. I suppose one of you can explain to me what exactly about this constitutes 'homosexual propaganda'? I don't think it challenges my sexuality in any way, I'm guessing you would have to have a pretty poor grip on heterosexuality to begin with if this worries you.

The cries of 'free speech' also seem pretty ironic. Given that you have no such engraved rights in this country and nor does it seem to bother the right on this board when they are clamouring for lefties/muslims/communists/flavour-of-the-week to shut up. I suppose we should also release Abu-Hamza and all the other hate preachers who were locked-up for saying similarly nasty things like poor old Iris. I sincerely doubt the court of human rights is going to care that Iris's human rights have been breached if we stop her from publicly comparing gay people to child molesters.

Her constituents are behind her though and that's what counts right? After all constituents are always well-informed, intelligent and erudite. Not at all a band of under-informed over-opinionated yokels who need a leader and a social structure to prevent them from murdering each other for food. I would remind you that in a blind questionnaire the policies which were most supported by man-on-the-street were the BNP's, all the more reason to condemn labours abysmal track record on education methinks...

I suppose to avoid being steryotyped into oblivion as Ian has been I should say that I am a white conservative male who is gainfully employed outside of the media (shock!) who is not pushing an agenda (bigger shock!) but simply expressing my opinion as apparently we all have a god-given right to do so in this country.

Also to weasel: are you aware that the reason the media doesn't highlight knife crime as a 'black' problem and so on is precisely so idiots don't segregate it on racial grounds and piss it away as 'their problem'. Which isn't at all your point is it. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

John McCain can't even figure out where the Iran border actually is. He is a hopeless old man who keeps muddling up all his facts. Dangerous.

McCain won't be President - Obama will .

The Republican Party are generally small minded and look backwards. That won't change. The Republican Party can hardly get ANY votes now from people under the age of 30. There is a HUGE swing towards the Democrats. The Republican Party is in decline - big time.

Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Yes, alright. That's enough of scouring the world looking for reasons to take offence. You'll put Peter Tatchell out of a job.

Anonymous said...

there really is no finer sound than howls of protest from mocked / thwarted bigots.

Anonymous said...

***there is also the point that many militant (for want of a better word) gays spend their time trying to turn straight men - i have seen it time and time again, and i would consider it to be (at least borderline) abuse as it is taking advantage of young, vulnerable, unsure boys and convincing them that their sexuality is orientated in one direction.***

Hang on, if it's wrong to try to convince men that their sexuality is orientated in one direction, that must mean that their sexuality is not fixed at all but has many directions. In which case, it would be impossible to "turn" them as homosexuality would be a natural facet of their make up.

***i don't have a problem with loving concencual gay relationships, but i know several guys who have been 'forced' into gay relationships. i am reminded of the chef i used to work with who, (admittedly at a gay club but still) saw a 16 year old boy having a drink and "within half an hour i had him begging for mercy as i fucked his arse rotten"***

Yeah, and I've heard friends boasting to me about how they pulled a couple of Swedish twin sisters at the weekend and spent all night shagging them both. I was so outraged that I went around complaining about how these twins had been forced into bed with my friend. Of course, in the end it turns out that he was making it up - who would have guessed.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Helpful hint:

1. Review the comments above. Discard the illiterate. Check what's remaining.

2. Remember that many Northern Irish voters are individually quite sane and "liberal". There is a long-standing tradition of radicalism, all the way from Wolfe Tone to James Connolly. When Randolph Churchill played the Orange Card (purely for English Tory advantage), he was so successful all that was left was Presbyterianism, patriotism, psalms and pogroms. That's a heady mix, from which it is difficult to wean NI politics.

3. The DUP vote is not the Free Presbyterian Church, by a factor of 9-1. It is simply a case that too many have been convinced their votes had nowhere else to go. Those who decry the economic "class vote" should take note.

4. Virtually every split in Unionism has been to the political Right. Paisleyism is merely poujadisme writ small and Protestant. As Paisley (and Robinson) shuffled towards a political centre, they were exposed on their Right (hence the fear of the TUV).

4. The DUP has a long record of hysterical and disgusting agitation against gay-rights ("Save Ulster from sodomy!"), reproductive rights, and life-choices. First Paisley Junior and now Iris Robinson have pushed these issues at times when it suited their closely-related Party leader to distract attention from other, more important, matters.

5. Peter Robinson's Office, like Paisley's before him, is responsible for these areas. Robinson has convictions, including public order offences. He is not averse to gun-waving, or even an armed invasion of a neighbouring jurisdiction. He has a further conviction for obstructing the highway, when he had titular responsibility for NI roads. I believe Iris has at least one similar offence to be taken into consideration. This is gesture politics: that's how so many previous witch-hunts began (says he, in Salem, Mass, just last week).


Robinson Family Inc. is a very effective corporation. The family firm hasn't got this far without good salescraft and market-manipulation.

This is a serious matter, not just a gay one, because it feeds on some very unpleasant attitudes in the NI community.

It is also important, because it distracts attention from the growing crisis at the heart of the NI settlement.

Anonymous said...

Iain, surely the responses here are enough to make you realise that no matter what Dave says, the Tory party is riddled with bigots.

These are the people you want to help elect and they'd sooner string you up from a tree than allow you to live as you wish.

Anonymous said...

Dave H. said...
Ahmadinejad, please read the Qur'an. It doesn't prescribe that homosexuals should be hanged.

It says they should be thrown off a cliff.

I think the correct translation is "Tossed off" rather than "Thrown"!

PS That's Sir Cliff to you ...

Anonymous said...

AfricanMum said...

"Most people at the convention you'll attend later share the same view as the Iranian govt on your lifestyle."

Nonsense. That's only what they say to appease their constituents of Irish descent. In private not a Congressional page boy is safe from them.

Anonymous said...

From BBC News today

"A trans sexual prostitute was stopped at Belfast City Airport with £14,000 hidden around his body last week, Belfast Magistrates Court has heard.

Malaysian national Nor Azmi Bin Mohammad, 31, is understood to have been charging clients 350 euros an hour for his services while working in NI. “

That works out at around 50 ‘liasions’ while working in Belfast. So statistically speaking we have to assume that perhaps around 8 to 10 of Mr/Ms Mohammad’s NI clients were DUP supporters.

Now for the tricky part. Is it 'an abomination' for men to have sex with a trans-sexual, for women to do it,for both? I assume it can't be OK for everyone as it never is.

Following Iris's advice I have looked up the Bible and strangely it's completely silent on this one so I really am confused and need guidance.

Can Iris help perhaps and what will be the Biblical source for her 'inspiration'?

Robert said...