Saturday, February 10, 2007

YouGov Poll in Tomorrow's Sunday Times

There's a YouGov poll in tomorrow's Sunday Times. Highlights:-

*16% see the Prime Minister as "honest and straightforward"
*56% said they believe he handed out peerages in return for financial support for Labour.
*55% believe Mr Blair should resign as Prime Minister now - including almost a quarter of Labour supporters (24%)
53% believe the PM should resign if charges are brought against Lord Levy
*Labour one point up at 32%
*Conservatives down one point at 37%
*LibDems static at 18%


Anonymous said...

The only conclusion I can draw from this poll is that the pollsters must have conducted some of their research in an asylum for the criminally insane. 16% see Bliar as 'honest and straightforward'. Bloody nutters.

Anonymous said...

56% of people think Blair handed out peerages in return for cash - yeh, fine, but what % actually care, that is the question. If they think all parties did it, or if they just don't give a damn and are more concerned about other issues, then it isn't much use crowing triumphantly about it, is it?

Anonymous said...

So, 56% of people think Blair dished out honours. It's good to see that those 56% seem to know better than the police, and are acting just on hearsay and speculation.

That sort of research is just about on par with adverts on websites asking people 'Did Macca hit Heather?' etc.

Anonymous said...

Last weeks by-election in Nuneaton suggested that the Tories may be losing significant levels of support to the BNP.

If so this could be disastrous and could allow Labour to retain seats which the Tories would otherwise have taken.

I hope Cameron is taking a serious look at this apparent problem.

TONY @oakroyd said...
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Anonymous said...

The Conservatives have lost ground-- a lot of ground, that is, in light of Dave Boys support for the Sexual Orientaton Bill and you bet 1 million Roman Catholics,Anglicans and Methodists will not be supporting the Cameroonies.
The Pulpits and Christian Press are working hard for the second week running.
We may be accused by the Muslims of being a Police State but the Tories are going to put the Churches underground.

chris morrell said...

First time here..and i see you have graciously flagged up the "Guido Fawkes" profile on Radio Four .. First i'd heard of the "blog" ...just looked, and it resembles "Newsbiscuit" more than anything doesnt it? he was a "rave organising" public schoolboy ..(twat,usually finishes that sentence)
this site looks like an Oasis of accessable sanity by comparison...As far as the poll goes , you and i and many more know that ALL would have benefited
if Blair had "gone" before the last election...i suppose,at the time he felt (apart from selfishly wanting to win another term) that he was staying to"see the job done " in Iraq..well he'd be there for another decade at least to fullfill that one ..
Cheers Chris Morrell

Peter from Putney said...

Even after all their problems Labour are a mere 5% behind and with the benefit of the Brown "honeymoon" to come - this is a truly awful poll for the Tories who by any normal reckoning should be 12% - 15% ahead by now.
Mr Cameron "really needs to get out more"

Anonymous said...

The Gay Cameroons have lost the right wing of the party along with a not insignificant proportion of Church attendees.That is enough of a margin of support to ensure a majority cannot be won.
BNP and UKIP will be the beneficiaries of Libertarian Conservatism.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism is going nowhere.
We selected the wrong Dave.It is time for Cameron to reflect and go-hes not a conservative.I am not sure the voters will be happy to see him concerting with the Black Prince of New Labour.

Anonymous said...

This is a worrying trend which has just built up a momentum and if Tories move to right wing Politics
Cameron has failed. we should be 23% ahead in the polls not 3%.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Cameron-and-drugs story will probably bury this bad-news-for-Blair day. Shame! I had been rather hoping for an expose of the over-amorous cabinet minister......if it was playing tomorrow, would we have heard it by now?

Anonymous said...

ConHome says Labour is only one point up. Who's telling porkies?

"That is enough of a margin of support to ensure a majority cannot be won.
BNP and UKIP will be the beneficiaries of Libertarian Conservatism."

Cameron - a libertarian? Hahaha! We should be so lucky. When he promises to abolish income tax and the NHS I might start to believe that.

Anonymous said...

People it's in the Times so it must be true ( did I type that)
Dave is still thought of as a clone , and it appears the paper buying public believe it
All hail the new king.

Peter from Putney said...

David Allen said...
Unfortunately the Cameron-and-drugs story will probably bury this bad-news-for-Blair day. Shame! I had been rather hoping for an expose of the over-amorous cabinet minister......if it was playing tomorrow, would we have heard it by now?

You're clearly not a Daily Mail reader. Check this out towards the end of Guido's Milliband thread today.

8:57 PM

Anonymous said...

5 points ahead for the Conservatives is excellent. The Tory vote is solid while Labour's is soft. Cameron has got his strategy spot on and over the coming year we will see the Brown bounce followed by a slow movement to the Tories so that by this time next year we are over 40%.

After all those years behind it's astonishing how successful Cameron has been in turning Tory support around. Consistent leads, Labour falling apart and the Lib Dems going nowhere. We picked the right Dave and true Conservatives should take heart and keep working for Labour's removal.

dearieme said...

The 16% are lying.

Yak40 said...

It would be nice if posters of long urls would use the Anchor tag.
Then something like this, for example,
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Simple but effective.

Anonymous said...

It just shows that there is no compensating factor in the Poll to account for sarcasm...

neil craig said...

If Chris Huhne had won the Lib Dem leadership they would be at least 5 points better off & the Tories 5 worse, more if they picked up some Labour votes too.

I find Blair's 16% extraordinary too. The whole result suggests to me that everybody is desperately looking for competent leadership & finding none.

Anonymous said...

I notice your figures don't mention that roughly the same number of people thought the Tories sold peerages as well. Polling Report gives the full picture

A slip on your part or spin?

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

no longer a dave boy supporter,

Christ, give it a rest, will you? You're trying to flog a dead horse with your conspiracy theory about the hordes of Catholics, and now you've extended it to Anglicans etc.

You're boring me with it now.

I'll be glad when your lot bugger off to the BNP to share your fruitcake platform with them. You'll feel right at home.

Anonymous said...

Do the math Iain. If 55% want him to go now, but only 53% would like him to go if charges are pressed. So two percent don't think he's crooked enough???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:46
If Cameron is seen to be going after BNP supporters, he is finished. Are you a prat?

Anonymous said...

Here is one reason it will be very difficult to collapse the Labour vote:;jsessionid=25P1XLTVK3LDDQFIQMGSFF4AVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/02/12/nwelfare12.xml

1/3 of the population now depend on state benefits for half or more of their income.

There obviously isn't a direct relationship with voting Labour but there is definitely a strong correlation. There must be some reason the Labour vote refuses to go below 30% despite everything.

I suppose this is why we have "Dave" but I don't think even that will be enough.

If Gordon can get this dependency figure up to 40% (and he's definitely trying) he'll be sorted.

At that point I'll be emigrating.