Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Five Live Political Awards

Everyone seems to be holding political awards ceremonies nowadays. Channel 4, The House Magazine, the PSA, The Spectator - and now the Worricker Programme on Five Live is getting in on the act. I recorded a piece for them on Sunday (to be played out next Sunday) giving my nominations for their various categories. Here are my choices...

One to watch? James Brokenshire
Which MP is most credible? Ann Widdecombe
And who's your political hero? Ronald Reagan (too many others had nominated Lady T!)
Which is the sexiest male and the sexiest female MP? Angus MacNeill and Jo Swinson
Which is the most stylish? Alan Duncan
Which MP is most likely to jump on a bandwagon? John Reid, or the 64 LibDem MPs
Which MP is the most rebellious? Bob Marshall-Andrews
Most gaffe-prone MP? Lembit Opik

You can make you own nominations and vote HERE.

Adam Boulton has created his own list of Top Ten MP Totty HERE. Guido's comment on Boulton's post is: "This is another small step forward in the Guidoisation of democracy. When the chairman of the Lobby starts doing totty-watch pieces to camera, victory will be total... "

So, should I jump on the bandwagon and compile my own list of MP Totty? The short answer to that question is a loud No.


Newmania said...

I think appointing politicians on the basis of their physical beauty might well be a better idea than the current system whereby virtually all MP`s are chosen rather than elected and from a sliver thin cross section of society.

It might also encourage the deeply bored public to take an interest.

In our Borough the leader of the Labour Group Catherine West is a bit of a babe...relatively speaking.

She is also very nice and in fact find that the Labour Party are generally vastly more to my taste here than the odious Libs

I think the top Totty to appear this far on Doughty Street was the little sweety from Conservatiive Future ,(yeeeuch),Miss Caroline Hunt. If she wasn`t a member of Conservative Future I mighthwell be persuaded to kiss her on the first date.

You still have the worst tie award despite all your fictitious Tory doubloons and Croydonian walks away with the worst socks palm.

He may well have won it outright

Lobster Blogster said...

God no. Don't compile your own list for free when Five Live will pay you just for reading out their list.

Iain Dale said...

Sadly, no fee was involved. And as you will realise, the nominations were my own.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..won't you be ruled 'out of order' for nominating an American ?

Just don't want you to waste a vote, that is all. Interesting to see that your chum Nadine Dorries has made Sky's Top Ten.

Although I won't speculate on how Theresa May got up to number 4 - she is very nice, but maybe getting votes from 'both sides' if you get me..

Sorry, but I think you would have a hard time justifying Lembit Opik's inclusion. Obviously it's only your opinion, but the 'cheeky' episode alone hasn't really resulted in a major embarrassment, like 'Currie & Eggs', or Miliband, or Reid and his travails at the Home Office.

Theo Spark said...

I prefer the pics of Boulter's babes!

Lobster Blogster said...

Must be tough working as a pundit, if no one is paying for your time :o)

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson is going to be miffed; everyone thought he was a shoe-in for that last category! Who did he go after in that last piece...Malaysia or something?

Jonathan Sheppard said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm pleased you're not joining in the "totty" nonsense Iain. There's anough dumbing down and infantilisation about in the UK without adding to it.

On a serious note: now that the United Nations has placed Britain last in a "quality of life for children" league of 21 industrialised nations, perhaps Gordon Brown will shut his big fat hypocritical mouth about "ending world poverty by 2020" and providing "a place in full time education for all the world's children" and do something about the festering sores multiplying on his own doorstep.

He should be feeling embarrassed and ashamed this morning, though I doubt it as his stooges are already out attempting to spin it.

Anonymous said...

Who to watch? Well what about those who if their travel expenses are to be believed must be in perpetual motion (or in a couple of cases on Time Machines).

Or could there have been the occassional inadvertent error

Anonymous said...

Iain is it a slow news day or something ,how about the UN and our children story ,surely that should be a major news

Anonymous said...

One to watch - Anne Milton

Most credible - Brian Mawhinney

Political Hero - Margaret Thatcher

Sexiest female MP - Anne Milton

Ugliest female MP - Gillian Merron

Most stylish MP - Alan Duncan

most likely to jump on a bandwagon - Gillian Merron

Most rebellious - John McDonnell

Most gaffe-prone MP - Patricia Hew-shit!

Little Black Sambo said...

Newmania: Caroline Hunt? Perhaps your monitor is on the blink.