Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meacher in Diary Mix-up

Labour MP Michael Meacher was at the centre of an embarrassing diary mix-up this morning. At a press conference announcing his candidacy for the leadership of the Labour Party he was overheard whispering to an aide: "You bloody told me it was he 1st of April today". Mr Meacher is 94.

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Anonymous said...

Let's remember that this is the man who reportedly spent £250,000 of his wife's money on a failed legal action against Alan Watkins in order to prove that he was not middle class!

Guido 2.0 said...

Tch. He'll be forgetting the meaning of the word 'nihlist' next.

Old BE said...

Labour's turning Left - so we're in for a rough ride for two years before they get dumped by the electorate.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with any diginty would have retired from public life after the Alan Watkins libel case.I seem to recall that it at least provided one of the best E J Thribb poems in Private Eye.It read something like "So farewell then
Michael Meacher's money You said in Court that you were poor Now it is true"

Tim Roll-Pickering said...
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Anonymous said...

Meacher is a Class A idiot of the far-left persuasion.

On 6 September 2003, he claimed the Americans had failed to prevent 11 September as it gave them a pretext for military action.

A spokesman for the US embassy said Meacher's views were ridiculous:

"His fantastic allegations -- especially his assertion that the US government knowingly stood by while terrorists killed some 3,000 innocents in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia - would be monstrous, and monstrously offensive, if they came from someone serious or credible."


When Environment Minister he claimed:

Our biological carbon productivity is now only outpaced by the krill in the oceans. -- Not even close

Our civil engineering works shift more soil than all the world's rivers bring to the seas. -- Not even close

Our industrial emissions eclipse the total emissions from all the world's volcanoes. -- Not even close

We are bringing about species loss on the scale of some of the natural extinctions of palaeohistory. -- Not even close

He also berated the American attitude toward global warming for causing higher seas and the increasing cyclical violence of (quote) 'that Atlantic hurricane named after some Spanish

Of course as we know, in reality El NiƱo is a shifting Pacific current, not Atlantic hurricane, and it is neither violent nor increasing in frequency.

But then Meacher was never famous for letting awkward little facts get in the way of his grand visions.

What a magnificent Labour Prime Minister he would make... for the Tory Party.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

The point is, is that it is good for the debate. They could have put up a packet of shredded wheat as a candidate..the fun will be watching the Blairites tying themselves in ideological knots on Newsnight.

David Lindsay said...

There is no way that Meacher and John McDonnell will get 44 nominations apiece: there is nothing like, nor has there ever been anything like, 88 Hard Left MPs. So Gordon gets in opposed, and Meacher gets back his job as Environment Secretary. That, I submit, is the deal.

To 2br02b, if the world is a conspiracy, then it is a remarkably unsuccessful conspiracy. But in this case, the truth is far worse than a mere inside job: 11th September 2001 was indeed the happiest day in the life of George Bush (at last, something that could be used to bring about his otherwise inconceivable second term as President), and also in the lives of the neocons whose unwitting (because witless) puppet he was and is (at last, an excuse to take out Iraq, Iran, Syria...). But this was not because of any sort of conspiracy. Rather, it was because, in their own terms, they had suddenly found themselves lucky beyond their wildest dreams.

Yes, it really was, and it really is, as bad as that.

Frank Lee Speaking said...

Another absentee landlord as Labour leader?