Friday, February 23, 2007

For your Blog Delectation...

Paul Linford on why John Denham should stand against Gordon Brown
Dizzy Thinks about pig masturbation
Nadine on lunching with Dave
Norfolk Blogger on David Dimblebore
Stephen Tall on the LibDems' confusion over road pricing
EU Referendum on UKIP's woes


Croydonian said...

If that's what he thinks about, I'm not sure I want to get inside Dizzy's psyche, frankly....

Newmania said...

Isn`t Dimbledore harry Potter`s Headmaster ?

I have post up called "Blair is dead Pig " which I thought of because of Dizzy`s HSE snickering . We have a different approach...ahem

Anonymous said...

What about MY blog? Too boring?

Anonymous said...

Following the links on Stephen Tall's blog, I came across the following disclaimer to a LibDem press release:

"Applicability: this item refers to England and Wales. Due to devolution, detailed policy may be different in other areas of the UK."

You have to admire the LD's simultaneous honesty and duplicity.