Thursday, February 22, 2007

Steve Norris: 'Let's Get Out of the EU'

Steven Norris tonight backed Britain formally withdrawing from Europe. The former Government minister and mayoral candidate told me on 18 Doughty Street’s Live at Nine programme that Britain “just doesn’t belong in the same institutions” as other European countries.

Norris had said earlier in the programme that he would back the Conservative under David Cameron if they made a decision to withdraw from the EU. He also signalled his intention to stand against Ken Livingstone for a third time in the 2008 London Mayoral Elections.

On Europe, Norris said...
“The institution of the European Union which I think is corrupted and corrupting and largely redundant…if it were put to me that it were practicable the intention of Cameron’s Conservative party to withdraw ourselves formally from the European Union that wouldn’t cause me a single moment’s distress.

‘I would say…we have a completely different tradition in terms of democracy, in terms of institutions, in terms of economy, in terms of our use of English language, our transatlantic connections…We just don’t belong in the same institutions…We want a relationship that is constructive in Europe and will continue to be, you need us, we need you, but what we don’t need is the institution of the European Union of which I’m profoundly suspicious.

Most of the interview was spent on the London mayoral race and transport issues. Watch the programme and you won't be left in any doubt that Steve will run for the Tory nomination and a good thing too. He told me he would scrap the congestion charge zone altogether, scrap bendy buses, reinstate Routemaster buses, tax company car parking spaces, ban goods vehicles from the streets at peak times and much more besides. It really is worth listening to. His enthusiasm is infectious. He finishes by saying: "If I run, I'll win".

The hour long programme can be seen in full HERE.


Anonymous said...

Whisper, whisper,whisper - cluck, cluck, cluck.

This time I couldn't even hear one word. I can hear everything else on the internet, but not 18 Doughty Stree. (Chunter, chunter, chunter cluck cluck cluck.)

Iain Dale said...

Verity, well, you seem to be very alone in this. I really do think it must be a setting on your computer. Have you tried it on anyone else's?

Gavin said...

No, Verity is not alone, Iain, I have major problems viewing it too. (PC, 1.8GhZ proc, 512RAM, WinXP, Firefox2 and IE7, 1Mb broadband, blah blah). I know PCs inside out and I know my settings are all fine. (I also really wish that 18DS would reinstate the 'audio only' stream, by the way. Once you've viewed 5 minutes of the video to see who is on, it works just as well as a 'radio' show, as the communication is 99% verbal). I really do like 18DS, I think you're doing a good job and I've enjoyed commenting on msn in the past, and it seemed to be working fine before Xmas, but since the relaunch in January, there have been big problems. Please get the bespectacled techies onto it!

Manfarang said...

I remember many years ago an old lady anti-EEC (as it was then) campaigner calling at the front door of my house.When I said I was in favour of Britain being in Europe she exclaimed,"What!Do you want to live in a coffee coloured (mixed raced) country."
Does Asia begin at Calais?

Unknown said...

On the end of a piece of wet string in Oz, so won't try watching the interview. But if he's serious about getting us out of Europe, and he can persuade Cameron to go along with it, then the Tories have got my vote (and I expect a large proportion of UKIP as well).

It's long been my considered opinion that the pro-EU contingent in the Conservative party aren't far short of traitors to everything this country stands for - yes I know that idiot Heath signed us up to it, but that was in an age of trading blocs, not the fluid, flat world we're in today.

For added measure, lets have a manifesto that commits to creating a commission to examine the most odious of NuLab legislation introduced over the last 10 years for bias, erosion of civil liberties and sheer stupidity (that damn 'Human Rights' act has to go) - and revoke the lot. You've already nailed them with ID cards, they're on the ropes - go for the jugular. This is Socialism we're talking about here, so Queensberry rules don't count ;)

Anonymous said...

Given his past history will anyone believe shagger Norris's desperate attempt to become candidate.
The new say anything to get elected Con. party beggers belief.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Camreon if he gave us the chance to get out of Europe.

Until then it's back to UKIP.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I thought Shagger wasn't going for it again? Ho-hum - if he gets the nomination that just means I won't be able to vote Tory to express annoyance at Ken being a tit - fundamental disagreement on Europe (it's a bit crappy but we're better off in) and the congestion charge (it's a bit crappy for some, but good for the majority, and could easily be reformed to be less crappy for those on low incomes who need to drive) will get in the way.

Who are the other likely Tory candidates then? Anyone with an actual chance of winning other than Shagger - with his track record as failure but name recognition value? The only ones I'm aware of are your mate Boles and "Rotherham for Rotherham" - neither of whom are exactly high profile...

Anonymous said...

The European Union has an institutional structure devised for and by its founders, of which the UK is not one. Joining so late and so reluctantly hasn't helped at all.

The last disastrous 10 years of 'regionalisation' brought us to its unacceptable result of English regions without any kind of coherence, and that ignore economic , geographic, and historical and cultural links; yet another example of Labour riding roughshod over the electorate's requirements and interests on behalf of Labour's political beliefs and agenda of wealth transfer by the state. It has resulted also in a real threat to the Union of the United Kingdom.

The graceless bitterness expressed towards the EU is most unattractive and that political energy would be better used to address the UK's own political rulers, and what they have done over the years.

If the UK majority don't like it in the EU (and frankly it shouldn't, EU conformity is doing serious damage), we need to sort out how to make democratic choices in the UK heard, and leave; Norway did, and Switzerland declined to join, both by holding referendums.

And the EU would benefit from a cessation of UK sniping and wrecking when it doesn't want to be, and shouldn't be, there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Withdrawing from the EU is I think for the second term of a Conservative government, not the first term. The EU's share of our trade is shrinking fast, and will be about 30% by 2015, according to the Sunday Times a few months ago. By then, given all the other advantages, it will certainly be practicable to withdraw.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot. It's also a matter for a referendum, as we had a referendum to go into the ancestor institution (the Common Market) in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I was assured that Norris would win last time, I didn't believe it then and I don't believe it now. He is a very persuasive talker - after all, he was a car salesman - but I'm afraid it's all mouth, no trousers with him (as it were!).

Anonymous said...

Steve Norris will be the candidate over Jacqui Lait's (Shadow Minister for London) dead body.

Anonymous said...

"Let's get out of Europe" - I'm eagerly anticapting another round of Euro-splits to tear the Conservative party appart. Bring it on.

Anonymous said...

What a cool guy he is !! No wonder the ladies like him. Shame he is now 'settled down' really, or he could have a mayoral harem at City Hall, feeding him grapes, throwing rose petals at his feet and playing the harp.. But he really is the only guy that can give Ken a run for his money.

I loved his comment about the Cuban cigars !!

p.s. verity could try running 18ds on 'windows media player' - I do, since I run 'Firefox' and it works fine..

Newmania said...

Iain Verity is very far from the only one .There was recently a discussion on Croydonian and I think everyone reported that they were having difficulties. About ten of us on that evening .
I try to watch and on this occassion was busy trying to work out if there has ever been a more self satisfied twit than the boy blunder Alex. I wasn`t even able to stick with that enjoyable process of dicovery

So there are problems to me it seems to vary , sometimes its fine .

Obviously , Rachel the ,floaty dress wearing, bleeding heart Liberal, friend to victims everywhere is improved by poor reception but otherwise it would be nice to see what is going on

And finally Esther. Arthur`s Legend is a brilliant newish blog. He has his thoughts on Norris here

A very sound fellow and he was most impressed. I am looking for ward to catching up. We desperately need a candidate everyone can get behind and I `m afriad Nic Boles isn`t it


Anonymous said...

Well, well, if he runs he wins. Like the last two occasions, I suppose. I take it that the Tories will almost certainly pick him. We shall see whether any of the more controversial items will turn up in his election manifesto. Bendy buses are up for the scrap heap, anyway.

Btw I don't recall him noticing that Britain did not belong to the EU when he was (what was he?) an important politician.

Anonymous said...

"reinstate Routemaster buses"

Given the fleet not already in service as heritage buses was sold off, how will this be achieved? Building new ones (not commercially viable for a manufacturer unless other cities bought them) or compulsory purchase of those in museums or sold overseas?

Anonymous said...

to tonemcd:
"Going for the jugular" while Labour are "on the ropes" might be difficult. It would be better to pin them to the floor first so they don't bounce back.

Newmania said...

I only want to express my pure chaste and chivalric love for Hatfield girl,

She`s......great. Why can`t she be on Doughty Street the woman is a star !!

Anonymous said...

well can we get out before Gordon or whoever coughs up 305 million for the farm subsidy fiasco?. MORONS.

Anonymous said...

Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

No, I'm not having an orgasm, but I absolutely agree that it is about time we had the fantastic female from Hatfield on 18 Doughty Street !!

nsfl said...

"Reinstate Routemaster buses". Hmm. As another poster observes, how will he do this? Repatriate them from American museums? Build another fleet?

Ever wonder why London lost them (apart from two heritage routes)? Because they fell foul of EU law. (Which is why Red Ken had to backtrack on his promise to keep them.) If Shagger couldn't point out the connection between the disappearing Routemaster and EU disability laws, he is not very well briefed.

Since the bendy buses were introduced, dedicated taxi, minibus and bus services for the disabled have been cut right back in the capital. Cui bono? The EU's drive for ever closer union, and the suppliers of bendy buses.

Anonymous said...

He would back leaving the EU if David Cameron said so?

So does that mean he will not make a stand one way or the other on such an important issue if the Party hierarchy make no comment on it?

Or is he going to sign up to the Better Off Out campaign today?

Principled stand, please.

Arthurian Legend said...

It was a top show, Iain.

I'm glad you asked my question about Routemasters,and that Norris answered it in the way he did (with the superb follow-up about those loathsome bendy buses).

You and 18DS are to be congratulated.

Thanks also to Newmania for his encouraging words.

Now, where's my link?!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nsfl said...

Just caught the Shagger interview. He urges the EU - if it is to mean anything at all - to do more on the environment front. Right.

The same EU that is synonymous with food mountains and wine lakes?

Here's the excellent Dan Hannan from his blog yesterday on the EU and the environment:

This afternoon, EU environment ministers will set out a series of new initiatives on everything from vehicles to carbon emissions. They want a range of eco-taxes, and the power to fine polluters. Our own Environment Secretary, David Miliband, has suggested rebranding the EU as the “Environmental Union”.

This is the EU, let us remember, that has caused one of the greatest environmental calamities in Europe, namely the Common Agricultural Policy, whose output-based subsidies have encouraged the felling of hedgerows, the use of chemical fertilisers and the impoverishment of Third World producers. This is the EU that has destroyed what ought to have been a great renewable resource: North Sea fish stocks. And this is the EU whose Parliament peregrinates every month between Brussels and Strasbourg, with a fleet of carbon-emitting lorries to carry its gear, and with all its paperwork printed off separately at each end.

Really, Steve, get yourself a decent researcher.

The Daily Pundit said...

Newmania, ten of you may have had problems viewing the programme but I have it on good authority the other ten didn't.

Unknown said...

@mark williams,

Works for me mate - anything that ensures that Labour are booted out and Socialism destroyed is fine by me.

Anonymous said...

to pj (8.43) -

The UK had a referendum on whether to stay in the EU (in 1975). There was no referendum on entry.

Anonymous said...

The easist way to get out of the EU is to dissolve the British Union. Its past its sell by date - especially now with the constitutional imbalance and unfairness created by Nu Labours botched devolution.

Anonymous said...

"Steve Norris will be the candidate over Jacqui Lait's (Shadow Minister for London) dead body."

Tory members don't get it, do they? It's not up to unknown Scottish MPs who sit for London constituencies who the Mayoral candidate is. They have no say.

Steve Norris showed last night why he is a professional and the nobodies who have so far come forward are just rather dull and useless amateurs.

David Anthony said...

It was the first time I'd tuned into 18DS and I certainly will be again now.

But I did have some connection troubles during the Steve Norris interview (most likely due to the increased traffic), it worked fine the rest of the evening.

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Steve Norris is a rather late convert to this don't you think? I wonder if he can dredge up his unkind comments about other advocates euroscepticism?

Anonymous said...

Steve Norris showed last night why he is the only plausible candidate the Tories have.

Anonymous said...

So Norris will be single-handedly undoing everything that Livingstone has 'achieved' in office.

Does this mean we can also expect Norris to reduce the London precept back to its former level?

If not, he can get stuffed. About Livingstone's only virtue is that he kept Norris out of office.

Roger Thornhill said...

A good showing by Steve Norris.

Hit some good buttons for me:

Eurosceptic but not Europhobe
Anti-"Hendy"buses (does anyone know if Peter Hendy drives a Merc?)
Good bit of solid reasoning over congestion charging.

Not sure how effecive his anti gun crime ideas would be, but we shall see in due course.

Must say that the interview has opened Steve as a possible instead of the impossible (tainted as he was by the Curse of Jarvis)

Anonymous said...

Amazing breadth of knowledge about how London works.

Don't look a gifthorse in the mouth, Tories.

Anonymous said...

Interesting bit when Norris told us that over 100 thousand pounds a years ant really cutting it now days if you want anyone anygood to apply for the job of Londons mayor.

This is more then an average MP gets, and we have over six hundred of them.

Is the eco loon Norris saying that a vaste magority of his Conservative parliamentary friends are not any good.

Or is he saying that there is more cash to be made being an MP then Londons mayor. Which by implication the police and the tax man are unaware of?

Anonymous said...

Newmania says: "Obviously , Rachel the ,floaty dress wearing, bleeding heart Liberal, friend to victims everywhere is improved by poor reception"

Tee hee.

Regarding my complaints about the sound level, Iain says I'm not just alone but "very alone" - God! Has life got that bad without my noticing?

Hatfield Girl - Astute observation, as always.

j.random engineer - THANK YOU! I am not alone (although Iain says I am.) Sound on 18 Doughty Street is mainly some sentences by one person and then cluck chunter chunter squak cluck cluk "so I think..." chunter, "But not withstanding" chunter,chunter.

I also don't have a problem hearing other sites.

Anonymous said...

Norris is right we are all beginning to live in an Institution a new hi- tech "community" feudalism where we are tied to the land and have to pay a tax for freedom of movement.
When will Livingstone try to reinstitute "droit de seigneur"?

Anonymous said...

Norris in. Livingstone out. The other pigmy candidates don't compare.