Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Pots & Kettles of Denis MacShane

And Denis MacShane has the bare faced cheek to accuse ME of being a propagandist. Does he never look in the mirror?!!! His latest effort at black propaganda is to equate Michal Kaminski with Nick Griffin. Desperate stuff from a desperate party. Believe me, it will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

You support the Poles(nasty gay bashers)your fellow bed fellows in europe???????????????

Knut said...

It's almost like Godwin's Law, although instead of Hitler, it is Nick Griffin who gets mentioned. And yes, when a comparison between the BNP or Griffin is made, you do lose the debate.

Witterings from Witney said...

Already commented on this Iain. The man is a twat, like his boss!


Dave B said...

I've always thought Mc Shame was far better at smearing others than arguing policy.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the same Denis Macshane who clearly struggles to keep a straight face when he spouts the most patently false EU propaganda on our TV screens?


Irene said...

They are not letting this one go I'm afraid.
I think someone needs to issue a writ against Milimetre.

Anonymous said...

You are a Tory who likes to write his views on a blog.

Tory Propagandist is therefore probably fair. I wouldn't take it personally, its a step up from Tory blogger'!

Michael Heaver said...

I've never seen MacShane say or write anything of any value, ever.

Unknown said...

Perhaps he couldn't spell apologist.

Paul Halsall said...

I just read McShane's piece.

I can't see anything wrong with it. I thought you were a liberal conservative? How did you end up defending a Polish falangist?

Mike Law said...

This stuff is starting to be used (and no doubt will continue) by Labour activists in my neck of the woods (East London) to endorse the long-running Tories = racists crap.

I have to admit that I know very little about the Conservatives grouping on the EU (I've very little interest in the EU - to my mind it's about as totalitarian as you can get), so it would be great if the Conservatives were a bit more vocal in rebutting this tosh.

Unknown said...

Ah don't be too harsh on them.

1. Ooooooooh look who the Tories have sided with in Europe and

2. Oooooh Gordon has saved the economy

Thin gruel indeed to serve before an electorate.

Anonymous said...

Labour has evidently decided Michal Kaminsky is a good proxy punchbag for the Conservatives, and appears to have engaged the BBC as cheerleaders.

The Daily Politics today was a disgrace. In order to dicuss Kaminsky and James Macintyre's New Stateman article, who did they invite to join the discussion? James Macintyre and the egregious Huhne. A travesty of impartiality.

Anonymous said...

labour show themselves to bu a bunch of utter utter shites.

Pelagius said...

But Anon 7:13, Denis McShane is Polish too. He changed his name from Matyjaszek to that of his mother. Brother Edmund retained the patronym.

But it seems they are still close. Edmund now runs the mysterious "European Policy Institute" of which Denis was director from 1992 to 1994. What does it do? Blogger Neil Clark follows up on the £8,000 parliamentary funding EPI received via brother Denis, here:

I think McShane is really a Transylvanian. (Sorry to insult those nice Hungarian-speakers. They get a rough deal from the Romanians as it is).

Ross said...

In fairness judging by the Guardian comments under Macshane's articles I think even the left can see right through him.

Generalfeldmarschall said...

McShame is a twit.
It is only that your blog is above (very) vulgar abuse that keeps my comment so civilised.

Anonymous said...

What, in the name of the everliving Christ, is behind the Labour Party's fixation with Michal Kaminski?

Michal Kaminski, whether good, bad or ugly, is not standing for election in this country. Kaminski

And, might I add, I am thoroughly sickened that Labour should ever use the word "Nazi" in respect of a democratic Polish politician. Mr. Kaminski's political antecedents were murdered at the hands of Nazis and Stalinists....while Mr. MacShane's political antecedents on the left were cheering the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and trying to undermine Britain's war effort.

Paddy Briggs said...

But Iain of course you are a propagandist! You have some blind spots. Your ignorant and illiberal support for Israel after you were looked after by the Israeli spin doctors on your visit. And now your delusions about trhe hideous Kaminski - delusions that are shared by William Hague.

The Tories allies in Europe are, of course, Merkel and Sarkozy not the squalid crew they are now in bed with. And before long this reality will emerge.

Anonymous said...

Read the flack he's getting on CiF and enjoy!

Silent Hunter said...

Dennis McShane is a well known grade "A" Labour shit.

Look at the way he claimed expenses for an "Office" which turned out to be his bloody garage!!!!

The man's a crook.

Roger Dodger said...

It's only wrong when others do it.

The more the self-righteous lie the better good they are do.

Denis MacShane's Dildo said...

I'll sort em out!

DespairingLiberal said...

I think you are trying to distract attention (yet again) from Kaminski's past by shooting the various messengers.

(1) Do you deny that Kaminski joined the NRC Falange Party in Poland? Which has a long and viciously anti-semitic history? Is your answer to this question yes or no?

(2) Do you deny that the Chief Rabbi of Poland has in the past denounced Kaminski? Is your answer to this question yes or no?

Please make a start on the road back to some honesty over this by answering the above two questions.

DespairingLiberal said...

Anons and Denis McShane reflex-kickers.

The discussion about Kaminski is not some silly proxy battle or irrelevant.

In case you have not noticed, Kaminski is now the _leader_ of the group the Tories are now _allied_ to in Europe.

So let's be clear. The Tories are now officially allied with a grouping that is led by a proven anti-semite and homophobe.

And you all say this is irrelevant.

The only real mystery is why Iain Dale, allegedly a liberal-minded centrist sort of Conservative, is falling for this Hague-inspired far right drivel.

Or can it be that Mr Dale is in fact not really a liberal centrist at all?

Ross said...

"So let's be clear. The Tories are now officially allied with a grouping that is led by a proven anti-semite and homophobe."

I think what you've done their is mistake the word "clear" for the phrase "lie through my teeth".

Unknown said...

DespairingNewLabourCheerleader: a post on this blog from earlier today from Polish Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Shudrich:

"It is a grotesque distortion that people are quoting me to prove that Kaminski is an anti-Semite. Portraying Kaminski as a neo Nazi plays into the painful and false stereotype that all Poles are anti-Semitic.

I would also like to clarify that the headline of James Macintyre article of July 29, 2009 entitled: "Jewish Leaders Turn on Cameron's Tories: Poland's chief rabbi and others call on Cameron to sever ties with Polish MEP" does not represent what I said to the author. I made no political statement and this headline is misleading and untrue."

It appears you boorish bleating leftists (who can't, for some reason, get enough of Tory leaning blogs) are so desperate to convince yourselves, let alone others, that the Tories are involved in some kind of bizarre Euro-Nazi conspiracy, that you loose the ability to even read in your excitement. Just because you want to believe something to be true- to the point of bed wetting- doesn't make it so.

And I wonder how many Anonymous posts come from the same person- why stay anonymous if you have any confidence in your own opinions?

He is an "empty vessel" said...

Don't forget that when Mr MacShane recently appeared on Newsnight to talk about the prostitution trade in the Uk he made the wild allegation that there were 25,000 women sold into prostitution every year in the UK and when challenged by Jeremy Paxman that this was not supported by the evidence and asked where he got the information said from "The Mirror" Newspaper front page headline and when Paxman said that he found Mr MacShane's comments "unbelievable" Mr MacShane got on to his "high horse" and accused Paxman of "patronising him for even suggesting that he, MacShane,was spouting total rubbish. That tells us all we need to know about the Mr MacShane views being worthy of notice

Any Colour but Brown said...

Reading your posts, I think your handle should be "DesperateLiberal".

The Pope was a member of the Hitler youth - he learned from the experience.
Maybe Kaminski also learned by his mistakes.

Certainly, today, Kaminski is not held to be anti-semite by Israel, who, I would suggest, are far more important than you in all things Jewish.

Oh, yes, have a look at some of the wonderful chappies that Labour are in bed with.

Anonymous said...

The Labour party has no record to run on so they lie and lie and lie.

Sean said...

I think the overwhelming majority of British voters don't understand the political groupings of the EU and largely don't care. And when one politician says rude things about another the view from the man in the street is more likely to be "So?" than shock.

If we want them to care, we should avoid this petty political pointscoring and debate things that will make a difference: how to get out of the economic mess we're in, what to do about Afghanistan, how to make the police more effective.

Elby the Beserk said...

MacShane is loathsome. I have just heard the Chief Rabbi of Poland stating quite unequivocally that Kaminski is not an anti-Semite, that he is not a member of an extreme right party, and that he supports the State of Israel.

MacShane and Miliband are pernicious liars, little shits who have in essence stated that the Chief Rabbi himself is a liar.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Radio 4 news 8:15am. They have an interview with the Rabbi of Warsaw, referred to by Miliband. He in no uncertain terms does NOT accuse Kaminski. This makes McShameless and Miliband the foul schemers that is their person.


Stepney said...

After the Chief Rabbi of Poland's comments this morning McShane, Macintyre and Milliband would do well to find a quiet, dark place to lie down in and hide for a while.


Can you imagine a Foreign Secretary of worth and standing getting into this sort of deep shit? He really is a liability to the country.

The only stick they have to beat Kaminski with now is what he did in his youth and that's a truly fine tactic to consider when you look at the various Communists, Marxists and Trots currently warming their large, overfed arses on the Government front benches.

Game. set and match.

Yorkshire Tory said...

Having just listened to the Today programme podcast of Wm. Hague versus Miliband on the same issue, it seems pretty obvious that Labour HQ has decided that this is the best piece of mud they can try and make stick. Never mind what the Israelis or the Chief Rabbi of Poland say; never mind (as Hague deftly pointed out) that Miliband is damaging British interests in Poland and may be elsewhere, keep repeating the same mantras and hope they will stick. If it was newspaper correspondence, the Editor would have firmly closed it by now. What puzzles me is what Labour hope to achieve? Rousing their remaining supporters into a frenzy of bogus indignation? Irritating the Tories? Distracting attention from Jacqui, Harriet, Tony, Gordon and the whole ropey crew of hasbeens and shouldn't have beens? But beneath it all one can hear the whimpering of failed politicians at the end of their tether scrabbling for a bit of mud.

Saverio Grazioli-Venier said...

How ironic. The Council, and thus it's president, are the institution that represent and speak on behalf of nation states. Quite the opposite say from the European Parliament that is instead symbol of a federalist vision of Europe.

A strong Council president would ensure that nation states are the pre-eminent voice among the Union not the other way around.

Tory euroscepticism is fine, but let's have a more sophisticated one please.

Brian E. said...

Its far more important to look at some of the people with whom Labour are associated in the Socialist European grouping.

the shade of dr kelly said...

i am looking forward to hearing miliband attacking the pope for his membership of a certain far-right group during the war.......

or would that damage the catholic vote?

how can anyone seriously consider him for any diplomatic position?

Newmania said...

This is the Party who ask everyone to play the ball not the man when it comes to Presidente Blair , or , as seems more likely now , Lord chief High Representative David Milliband.

Gerry57 said...

Kaminsky was once a member of the right wing NOP. Ok, how many Labour people 'used' to be Marxist ? Miliband's father was a Marxist. 'Safe pair of hands' Alan Johnson used to be a Marxist. People often start off radical and then become moderate as they get older.

cassandra said...

Despairing liberal put his big newlabour foot in his equally big newlabour mouth peddling the newlabour smears just as they were thoroughly debunked and proven to be another dirty gutter smear.

To paraphrase Mr Desperate liberal,

So lets be clear, Milliband is a liar and those who peddle the same smears and grubby lies as him are liars, I wonder if thats clear enough for our newlabour supporter?

Since the birth of newlabour it has become acceptable to debase political life by engaging in gutter tactics, in the end that is all newlabour will ever be remembered for. Oh and ruining the economy for years and stealing our freedoms and illegal wars etc.

Snotrocket said...

The Chief Rabbi of Poland, interviewed on Today explained that Kaminski had joined the 'nazi' group as a teenager and had soon left it. And far from being an anti-semite, the work he currently did for Israel was welcomed by the Israeli government.

It seems that the left in this country figure that once a nazi, always a nazi. So what does that kind of logic do for the likes of John Reid, Jack Straw, and even the Miliband family (not to mention so many more members of this government who were once members of Marxist or Socialist Workers groups?

Considering the state to which they have brought this once proud country, perhaps they still are Marxists and were just out to bring about their hero's state. But as much as it will all end in tears, I fear it will be a very much different bodily fluid that it will take to end it: the red kind.

Dimoto said...

Actually, the Today interview was crystal clear. Even McNaughtie clearly thinks Milipede should apologise.

Why are Labour persisting in attacking Kaminski/the Lat "homophobes" ?
It obviously has zero general election benefit.
Much more likely that they have realised that their large jewish vote is slipping away to the Tories, and maybe the same with the gay vote.
Truly desperate, low and sectarian politics, and yes, it will get even worse.

Pete said...

This is the same Denis Macshane (nee Matyjaszek) who claimed on Newsnight that 25000 foreign women had been trafficked here for the sex industry, yes?

Whatever he says *must* be true, then...

David Lindsay said...

MacShane's name appears both on the Euston Manifesto (old Communists and Trotskyists from the Seventies) and the Henry Jackson Society (old Pretoria and Santiago hired help from the Eighties). He is in no position to comment.

Span Ows said...

Desparing we know how you came up with your log-in name. Talk about clutching at talk of honesty but only want to know a very small part of the truth, so small a part that it actually obscures the real truth (the one that Kaminski backed up by the rabbi has spoken).

(1) Do you deny that Kaminski joined the NRC Falange Party in Poland? Which has a long and viciously anti-semitic history? Is your answer to this question yes or no?

Yes, he left as a teenager and well before the "viciously [disputed anyway] anti-semitic history"

(2) Do you deny that the Chief Rabbi of Poland has in the past denounced Kaminski? Is your answer to this question yes or no?

Yes, in the past the Chief Rabbi of Poland has denounced Kaminski's past! Note the subtle difference?

I'd answer your other reply too but I'm feeling sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Do you still take any notice of these fools Iain?
As long as the people who matter to you know it's rubbish, do not worry yourself about what low life scum say to you,or about you.
Remember the entire population..
including the last few groupies they have, know for a fact they are liars, smear merchants and every thing they say is taken with a bucket load of salt.
Nobody believes them anymore.
Denis who?
Another gobshite, as wi say in ar rowse.(say what you see)?
Your biggest girl fan.