Monday, October 12, 2009

Remembering Sir Anthony Berry

Enfield Southgate remembers the 25th anniversary of the loss of their MP Sir Anthony Berry.

Today Lady Sarah Berry, the widow of Sir Anthony Berry, named Enfield Southgate's constituency office 'Sir Anthony Berry House' in recognition of his 20 years service as MP that was ended by the Brighton bomb 25 years ago.

Lady Berry attended with her daughter together with Stephen Twigg, former MP for Enfield Southgate 1997-2005, and Enfield's Mayor, Cllr Elefteris Savva, Party Agents, local Councillors and Party members who had worked for Sir Anthony.

David Burrowes MP said: "It is a great privilege to pay tribute to the long service of Sir Anthony to the constituency of Enfield Southgate. It was good on this sad day for the Berry family to be reminded of the fond memories which remain in the constituency. At a time when the character of politicians is under scrutiny Sir Anthony's dedication and compassion is a shining example to follow. My constituency office now with his name will try and emulate his values of hard work and service for the benefit of his and my constituents in the years to come."


Prodicus said...

No Portillo?

John Sudley said...

A nice touch. surprised no Portillo.

looks like Stephen Twigg will be back in Parliament soon.

Im glad despite being a Labour MP he always came accross well and was very well thought of in Southgate

Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder how today's government would handle this.

As an aside we were shown film from 84 of Norman Tebbit being stretchered out from the debris in his pyjama bottoms on the BBC this morning. Would such footage be allowed today?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Stephen Twigg is a grand fellow, but why is he wearing his hair in the style of Herman Munster?

Glyn H said...

Even on such an occasion Twigg grins like a smug little twerp. Is he a smug little twerp? To anyone who has not read it I recommend Norman Tebbit’s article in yesterdays Telegraph. Apart from blaming Magrahi for a crime he certainly did not commit the piece is a tour de force in clear thinking and every sentence should shame most of today’s political pygmies.

Anonymous said...

Why is Twigg there anyway?