Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vote: Top 100 Political Journalists

Last year Total Politics ran its first Top 100 Political Journalists Poll. And it's now time for the 2009 edition.

I'd like to ask my blogreaders to take the same poll, although the results won't be included in the main poll, but instead will be posted on here separately.

Click HERE to vote.

You need to rate each journalist with a mark out of ten. The survey will remain live until midnight on Friday.

The survey will take about ten minutes to complete. You will be asked to rate reporters, commentators, columnists, TV journalists, radio journalists and bloggers.

NOTE: If you are a lobby journalist or parliamentarian, you will be emailed separately with a link to a bespoke survey, so please don't fill this one in. If you haven't received an email by the end of Monday please get in touch and I will send you the link.


Freddy said...

Did anyone see the way Adam Boulton tried to align the Tories with the BNP on Sky this morning while talking to Dan Hannan?
Dan said it was outrageous that Adam had said that & Adam went very red.

Did you see it iain?

Future TP Advert said...

Next week Iain presents the Top 100 people who once had an opinion about something.

Can't be a journo, I have a soul. said...

Seriously Iain, why do you think anyone really cares about who the top 100 people, who write about other people opinions (or speculate about what politicians might do, or whom put their own spin on what a politician actually says), are?

Dick the Prick said...

OOOOoooohhh Freddy - they never even mentioned they were interviewing Hannan in the line up. Gadzooks and piffle. My 'pute is on treacle mode so if anyone could drop a link, if available, that would be very good.

Concerned said...

Iain, don't take this as an insult because it's really not intended to be, but this type of thing is why this blog (as excellent as it is) is going downhill reasonably fast.

Shape up or ship out!

Bird said...

Sorry, Iain, but after 15 minutes of this poll, I checked to see what else you wanted and I suddenly lost the will to live.
Why don't you just ask: who do you like?
I'd say:
Mathew Parris, Simon Jenkins, Quentin Letts, Richard Littlejohn, Eddie Mair, Fraser Nelson.
Less is more!

seebag said...

Not another ****ing list - when do we get a list of all the lists you've made?

Savonarola said...

Any list without Raedwald, the secular Cranmer, is not one worth compiling.

Anonymous said...

There is no John Pilger, arguably one of the best political jornalists we have ever seen. He should have been on that list

Quietzapple said...

I recall Michael Frayn comparing Shakespeare with Mozart with a similar ranking in view..

Horses for courses, and donkeys for sand.

Anonymous said...

did you also catch him asking Hannan "would he prefer some luxenburg bloke called Yunka"?
Did he infer.....over a Brit?
Is that not some sort of xenophobe comment?
Blair & Milliband in Europe appears to have made Adam's morning
See why everyone 'dispairs' about your poll?
I took personal joy giving plenty of 0's to the ones that have now got the LEAST influence...well deserved I might add.

Richard said...

Can't be bothered to wade through a form full of people I've either never heard of or wouldn't dream of reading.

Rod Liddle is one whose prejudices most closely match my own, so my vote goes to him.