Friday, October 30, 2009

An Interview With TV's Shane Greer

Tory Rascal has done a rather nice interview with TV's Shane Greer, which you can read HERE.

For those of you don't know him, Shane is from Northern Ireland, although people often think he is American for some reason. I first met him working at 18 Doughty Street and he now works with me as Executive Editor of Total Politics. He and I put the initial business plan together back in the latter part of 2007. In two weeks' time he is getting married to the lovely Brittany - which reminds, me, I need to get measured up for my top hat and tails!

Shane's media profile is increasing all the time, and he deserves it, because he is bloody good at it. Naturally, I taught him all he knows :).

I'm proud to say he's also one of my best friends.


Unity said...

You getting 10% as well, Iain???

davefromluton said...

I think he's very good too. But he does need to remember, when he's reviewing the papers on Sky, that there are two reviewers. And the other one needs time to speak.

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Shane does come across as American at times... most amusing. I am not sure how he got himself a New England accent, but it had me wondering the first time we met. Now that he is marrying a Yank, there is no hope for his accent.

Anonymous said...

It still sickens me that he's only about 15 years old!

Plato said...

He's not American? Blimey, I was convinced he was when I knew nothing about him and just saw his interviews.

Stephen Glenn said...

America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand I've had them all with my Northern Irish accent as well. I know how Shane feels.

Anonymous said...

People think that Greer's American because he talks like American.

Mr Fiscal Stimulus said...

I do admit he does sound American - perhaps acquired the accent during his internship days.

As for understanding politics - I doubt it to be quite frank. He does come across as being full of self importance and does toe the party line too much on the Tories. It is surprising how little he knows about Northern Ireland politics.

As for your influence Iain, all I can say is that he has picked up all the bad habits you have.

He is not that particularly special or important in the media or 'political' world. I use that very carefully.

On a personal note I say that he needs to remember that doing paper reviews that there are two people doing the reviews and i agree with 'davefromluton' with that comment.

Simon Rifkin said...

It was amusing enough that yourself and Guido were desribed as "middle-aged", by an interviewer who clearly thought that meant you were both past it.

These young whipper snappers, eh.

But I was truly astonished to see John Prescott mentioned in the same breath. He's over SEVENTY!!

For these youngsters, clearly everyone over 30 is ancient.

It's no wonder everything's going pear-shaped etc etc

It's about time we put some manners on these kids before they totally lose the run of themselves.

Dimoto said...

Shane Greer, so obviously an Ulsterman, is IMHO, an annoying little git, with trivialist opinions, who just won't shut up.
Even for just a minute.

Chris Paul said...

He's oe on his own in front of an open goal. He shoots! He scores! Own! Goal!

Deliberate! Own! Goal! mind.

Obviously an Ulsterman with that strangulated over-confidence and chippy lack of humour. While say the Boston or NY accent does owe something to Ireland it does tend to be coming from the other side of the Pale.

As others have said Shane is impressively fluent in delivery, a conversation hogger, and is an asserter rather than an arguer. IMO.

He Knew He Was Right.