Monday, October 12, 2009

Number Two in Europe

According to those nice people at Wikio, this is the second most popular blog in the whole of Europe. Click HERE for the details... Well I never.


Quietzapple said...

Popular? Populist?

RantinRab said...

Just before all your fans jump in and say 'well done Iain' and 'fantastic old bean' can I just say 'yawn'.

Obnoxio The Clown said...


He said "number two."


Anonymous said...

Number 2 in Europe ?

I agree it is sh1t in Europe - let's get out.

dazmando said...

wow your ahead of Fifa, that not bad. hey Liberal Democrat Voice is 18th, thats not bad to, ahead of labout list anyways.

So are you gunning for number one?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to worry you but this post is followed by an ad for "European Obesity Day".

Jimmy said...

But Europe is evil isn't it?

Gordon Brown said...

Someone is compiling top 100 lists and its not Iain?! Gobsmacked!

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Tuesday at 1:30am, early start: Why, this is the best news I've heard today, so far. And over 90 minutes, I've squandered already

We must all knuckle down and crack on, to ensure that in the 12 months ahead, you reach the Number One slot your blog deserves, where you belong

You must feel proud; abit like the pop group ABBA in the 1970s, singing that dreadful ditty, "Waterloo, how'd it feel now you won the war?" and, all four band members looking incredulous, discovering their Swedish entry had won the Eurovision Song Contest. Even dear old Sir Terry Wogan could hardly believe his ears

So, I propose a champagne toast: (what, at this early in the morning? The feckless New Labour-loving layabouts will all be still in bed till noon, silly)

Nevertheless, we'll drink on our own, then. Congratulations to Mr Iain Dale, a true Tory gent, now a blogging runner-up, too. Placed second again

But remember, sir, the car rental slogan. The company in second place bragged in its advertising campaigns "We try harder" - might as well adopt and adapt that tagline throughout the European blogosphere, in the months ahead

Trevor Malcolm
Portsmouth Hampshire



Mark Fulford said...

A top 50 that includes LabourList but not ConservativeHome is obviously flawed.

DavidBean said...

What Mark said. Why isn't ConservativeHome listed? It must have far more readers than the majority of those blogs - I can't believe, for instance, that ConHome has fewer readers than Liberal Democrat Voice or Labourlist.