Friday, October 23, 2009

What Nick Griffin Really Meant

UPDATE 11.30pm: People in the comments seem to be under the impression that I made this video. Er, no. I thought it was vaguely amusing hence why I posted it. Apparently people are "disappointed" in me. Hey ho.


Bardirect said...

You can minupulate that but not this:

Truly shocking, possibly treasonous and clear evidence that ZanuLabour had as many supposed a hidden left wing agenda, prepared to do things they had no mandate to do, yet failing to do what they had promised: EU referendum.

That's electoral fraud

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nick will be having the last laugh:

Well done, the Establishment. This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with mass immigration or enforced multiculturalism.

Man in a Shed said...

I have to agree with Bardirect's second point.

However it could be a ploy by Labour to get everyone looking nasty again so they can rerun the other 2005 general election smear they used to deny the Conservative message any air time.

Anonymous said...


But dont you think many people have taken there eye off the ball as to what Brown and ministers have been getting upto in the last few days? This Griffin thing is a great way of scarring some core voters back to suporting Labour even though they will lose some votes to the BNP.

Gordon Brown has been out and about with his ministers in Yorkshire the last few days and it strikes me as odd he does this but does not vist the Glasgow By-election? Strange use of time and Prioties - Read my Blog for current thingking:

Anonymous said...

Labour can NEVER be trusted again EVER, this is a god send to the BNP who have been telling the truth.

Labour what have you done?

Anonymous said...

Which is why, if push came to shove and in my Constituency the only way to get a Labour MP out office would be to vote BNP to damage their core vote - I'd hold my nose and vote BNP.

I may not like all (or most) of their policies, but at least their intention is to represent the white working classes Labour has devestated and to protect the UK's sovereignty.

Andy JS said...

The truth comes out:

The problem is that it only makes Britain a better place for some people, not all. But they didn't want that to be discussed.

WCH said...

ROFL. No, really.

Anonymous said...

Labour can never be trusted again......
I was aiming that at Bardirect & the link he put.

Ralph Hancock said...

The cut-up is neither clever nor amusing.

What is amusing is to see the larger parties, and their faithful, running around like dinosaurs with their heads cut off.

Freddy said...

I'm dying to know what Iain thinks about the telegraph story!
I can't wait to see what the rest of the British population is going to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the video actually tickled me
quite amusing

Summer said...

Iain, I take it you have not read the many comments left on all the 'hate filled' BNP articles today. The British Public, who use the internet, are mostly replused by the hysteria, hypocrisy and bullying of the political establisment against Nick Griffin - and that includes you.

Your post is childish and nasty and very un British. Bardirect's post if far more relevant, and I suggest you make a comment on that. And perhaps find some humility to say sorry to Mr Griffin for making things up.

If you want to carry on about the vile show last night then I think you should concentrate on Straw who was more than 'creepy'. It would be more helpful to your cause to drive home the evil of Labour!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like people who do this kind of thing.

Lacks class.

Anonymous said...

Never mind jokes like that - this is the real bombshell

The truth is out .... Can we prosecute somebody?

“Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: “Now at least the truth is out, and it’s dynamite.
“Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock up but also a conspiracy. They were right.
“This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage.” ”

"The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: "We welcome this statement by an ex-adviser, which the whole country knows to be true.
"It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain."

Elliot Kane said...

Bardirect - yeah, I found that link earlier and couldn't believe what I was reading. Tweeted it to a few people in politics who I hope can investigate.

This is absolute dynamite and if it's true... Well, it means that Labour set out willfully and purposefully to destabilise Britain.

I honestly hope it's not true. I can't believe any of our political parties would do something like this. It just defies belief.

Andy JS said...

The best way to defeat the BNP is for the chattering classes to stop sneering at the white, working-class, who are actually incredibly tolerant compared to any other similar group in any other country; just look at the level of mixed marriages involving white, working-class people in this country.

I think if the sort of deliberate and furtive immigration policy that is exposed in the Telegraph article had happened in any other country, half the population would be supporting the far-right in any other country. As it is, the latest poll out tonight has the figure at just 3%. So stop sneering.

Anonymous said...


I am a conservative party member and used to work in central office. I support your politics - not the BNP.

I am sorry to say to say that after viewing this video, I expected better than this from you.

You have let down those of us who look to you for intelligent conservative debate and comment.

kasou said...

Disappointed in you Iain..

Wifflebammer said...

The Tories "box ticker" didn't exactly distinguish herself.

She has no more time for gays than Griffin does.

British when it suits

Muslim when it suits

It just depends on who she wants to vote for her.

Having failed to get elected she convieniently finds herself Tory minister of "cohesion".

A department dedicated to the failed multi culti bullshit this country appears to be getting sick and bloody tired of being force fed.

And as if by magic she announces on that very night the tories will limit the UK populus to 65 million, where did that policy come from or did she just pull it out her arse for grandstanding purposes?

Anonymous said...

It's strange .... thousands of hate Griffin tweets on Twitter, yet hundreds of sympathetic comments elsewhere ... usually because they felt he was bullied ... I guess there is some very deep cutural divide opening up in England ... Civil War anyone?

Bath plugs for the many, not the few said...

One way to make up for the faux pas would simply be to remove the video.

Alex B said...

Ha ha, good stuff.

Some of your readers are pretty scary though...

Cath said...

eye-opening responses to you posting this, Iain.

AndrewC said...

I love the idea that Labour's immigration policies were 'possibly treasonous'.

Let's be honest. A significant proportion of core conservative voters are both racist and homophobic. They have much, much more in common with Griffin and his thugs than Cameron and the Notting Hill set.

They are mostly male, cardigan wearing, lower middle class and a little inarticulate. You can almost see their red faces as, two fingered, they pound out their comments.

I'm sure that Cameron, the Notting Hill set (and probably you, Iain) would love to ditch them all. They can't, obviously.

Not a sheep said...

Not Cassette Boy's finest but still good.

Vienna Woods said...

What many people do not realise is that under EU laws any EU citizen living in the UK can vote in LOCAL elections. Labour, of course, knew about this little gem and I have no doubt that they believed it was possible for town, borough and district elections to be effectively mugged by this growing band of EU workers enjoying the Labour handouts. And with British cizizenship just around the corner, are future Labour voters!

No Society said...

Iain, this is humourous on any other given Sunday, but was penned Friday.Bardirects link is the most important piece of news that i have come across in a long time. You have since blogged. When will it disseminate these islands on MSM. I bet never. Thats the real problem with the treasonous politicomedia hegemony. Civil war is starting to be mentioned regularly. Tongues are not fully in cheek.Sky is reporting that 22% would "seriously consider" voting BNP.Why does this not surprise.I listened to James O'Brien on LBC yesterday and even he was taken aback at the number of "non indigenous" callers supporting Griffin.Disaffection carries no hue it appears.

Anonymous said...

this is both stupid & sick...
Really bad taste.

Mr Wallis said...

Surprised at how seriously some people took this video, lighten up.

Anonymous said...

AndrewC said...

"I love the idea that Labour's immigration policies were 'possibly treasonous'."

Love bomb all you want.

The primary function of government is to defend the nation's borders against invasion. The NuLab government is manifestly guilty of opening the borders to foreign invasion. That is treason. The proper penalty for treason is death.

NuLab MPs, and their lickspittle, can try running for the (Tuscan) hills if they want. In due course they will be hunted down, arrested, and dealt with. Though obviously not by the forthcoming tory government.

Anonymous said...

Very, very funny video. I think the best thing to do with nasty, racist Nick is to laugh at him and his totally stupid ideas and views of history.

Anonymous said...

Following on from the confirmation that mass immigration was a Blair/Labour conspiracy I would reckon that the BNP will get a lot more votes... They've got mine...

Anonymous said...

The most important sentence from the whole 60 mins of Thursday's Question Time came not from Griffin but from Straw;

"There will be no cap on immigration - it would look too authoritarian".

That's the HERD of elephants in the room - this man and his thugs must be stopped at all costs.

There is simply no more room in England for any more people - not a question of race,gender etc - simply that there is no more space left.

I predict a massive emigration in the coming decade as people leave for Canada etc to live in a country with more space.

Quietzapple said...

I'm not wasting a minute on this.

Griffin Meant to be liked, FAIL.

Shamik Das said...

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!!

Osama the Nazarene said...

Excellent video. Griffin is a nasty piece of slime and today's News of the Screws links him to a US paedophile.

Despite that he steps into a vacuum NuLiebor created by deliberately encouraging their multiculturalism FOR POLITICAL ENDS.

Alvin said...

How un-PC!
I like it.
A narrow line to tread though.
Loads of people enjoyed "Brownfall"
It also had a mention of Jack Straw:

Anonymous said...

We can argue over 'who's to blame'all day & night,BUT....

Lets just say for arguments sake the BNP get in.

Griffin tries to pull us out of our request,yet finds,because of some wangle fangle law,he can't.
He finds that Europe have MORE say/power over us than he thought and the European military are FORCED to uphold European law.
There ARE world laws & rules in place that ALL countries are supposed to abide by.YET...
Griffin has PROMISED us he would pull us out....Do we 'surrender' to Europe or do we fight?
Are we willing to fight world war three to protect our country's independence and freedom?
Which side would the 'TO HELL WITH FREEDOM'brigade take?

I know we'll just vote Tory!
They will keep Europe on side and appease the whites with 'token'
concessions, and the TO HELL WITH FREEDOM brigade & their ilk will be told to behave themselves,but will still be at liberty to spout their rubbish to their children.

While we are arguing about the who's to blame,left wing/right wing shit, we are heading somewhere quite scarry.
Do we have the bottle to vote for Griffin?
I doubt it. Yet we call Brown a bottler.How badly do we want what we KNOW we do?

On the other hand there may not be a wangle fangle law? arses.Yet as thick as pigshit.
To get one over on the Tory toffs eh.
Now what folks?

Anonymous said...


Is there any way anyone can persuade the racist nutters clogging up your comments like cancer cells that really most people aren't that bothered about immigration or that they want a "civil war" or or that they want labour MPs "hunted down."

People aren't voting BNP out of a lack of bottle. People vote BNP out of stupidity.

People similarly vote UKIP out of stupidity because all UKIP would ever deliver is the break up of the UK of course.

Neither will have a single MP next time round. If they weren't so inept they'd merge to be the English Nationalists which is where they're both headed anyway.

I don't want to see it personally and the fact that both these parties are dominated by dysfunctional hate-filled divisive dimwits encourages me to believe any meaningful rise of the extreme right is still some way off.

Anonymous said...

Martin Day.
Old Woolley Wool arse was at our uni on Friday, some smart arse rant..I mean debate about immigration.Flapping the lot of 'em
Told you Sheerman the dirty no good two faced gobshite was going to get KICKED OUT at the general election.
Sending old wooley arse WILL only make it MORE inevitable.
Still waiting on old Dave C to programme his deciples to let us know WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW!!!!!
The clock is ticking Dave...
ps I am a female fan Iain.(why should the males have the monopoly on finding you gorge?)
and jolly Handsome you are, and nice to boot(not in a kicking sort of way though)

Twig said...

I notice that the BBC have also been mis-reporting what Nick Griffin said on Question Time.

Well, I suppose if the lie is big enough and repeated often enough...

I find the campaign against the BNP by the Lib/Left establishment reminiscent of the tactics used in the past by totalitarian dictatorships. If someone mentions the word "golliwog" you should point at them and scream "racist" otherwise you will be deemed to have condoned a racist act (ask Adrian Chiles).

This could also be seen on the subject QT program, where the white people were the most shrill in their attempts to establish how unracist they were (remember the chaps in Saddam's Iraq who were shot for being the first to stop clapping his speech?)

Twig said...

Peter Hitchens has join the witch hunt now, but I can't wait to see his reply to this comment

"Peter Hitchens says "We have reached such a pitch of unreasoning hatred towards this man " in reference to Gordon B.
Actually this comment is more appropriate to describe most newspaper journalists' attitudes to Nick Griffin. At last you have rejoined the sheep media and attack Nick Griffin for things he said long ago in the past, or things he has not done but you imagine him doing like giving Nazi salutes. Welcome back to the sheep fold. You call him 'pathetic' but if he were to reappear on QT the audience would again go from 3m to 8m. That is not the impact of someone who is ‘pathetic’. If you appeared the audience would not increase by that amount. And Daily Mail readers seem to support him if you look at the comments on articles. You obviously find his past associates offensive. Many find your past associates in the organisations you belonged to equally offensive, or worse.
Maybe your personal enmity has something to do with it.

The irony is that you spend half your time objecting when people:
a) misrepresent the details of what happened when you failed as a Tory candidate
b) Mock you over your changed opinions - eg you did not like Paxman calling you an ex-Trot on University Challenge. In your case a changed mind is presented by you as an indication that you are capable of reacting to life experiences, but in Griffin's case you assert he is just lying and cannot have changed his opinions. Surely you above all others should realise that one can?

And yet these tactics, which you don't like to receive, you like to dish out. Except you are more offensive to him than your critics are to you. No-one said 'when Peter Hitchens failed as a candidate, all that was left was a bad smell'. Not very nice is it?
Could it be you use these tactics because you cannot actually fault a single thing he said in the hour of Qt? Please tell us one thing he said IN THE QT PROGRAMME that you disagree with. Here are some of the things he said:
- He wants to withdraw from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - you probably agree
- He says Israel should be allowed to deal with the terrorist aggression against it - you probably agree.
- He is against the teaching of homosexuality and sex to primary school kids - you probably agree
- The attitude of Islam towards women is despicable - you probably agree
- He spoke against the IRA - you probably agree
- He said the Nazis persecuted Jews and some of the evidence is the radio intercepts on the Eastern Front - you probably agree
- The word 'English' is not allowed on the census form and this is wrong - you probably agree
- Bank usury is outrageous - you probably agree
- We should halt the Islamification of Britain - you probably agree
- There is too much immigration – you probably agree
So, what did he say ON QT that you disagree with?

Posted by: Bob, son of Bob | 25 October 2009 at 09:30 AM

Blair said...

Sunlight is the best disinfectant for the BNP. It would have been great to see a programme where Griffin had to defend his policies. Instead we had a bunch of fools self-righteously screaming at him, digging up old quotes and effectively trying to bully him out of the debate. This made Griffin look saintly - the worst possible outcome.

Calling the BNP Nazis and whining about the Second World War is no more effective than slurring Labour with charges of being closet communists. Far more effective to say "your current policies are crap, and here's why". That brings Griffin and the BNP down to the level of mere mortal politicians, a position from which they cannot compete.

Quietzapple said...

Looks like Griffin's longest serving (on this thread anyway) defender was much impressed by Saddam having those who stopped applauding first executed.

First time I heard of that, his war crimes, genocide and the WMD materials and rockets were the limit of my attention.

But then, some seek expertise and others just Notice things I might unwittingly avoid.

Anonymous said...

A link to the one of the BNP's sites:

The 2nd video down clearly shows a chap trying to drive whilst using a mobile. I know it's illegal when I try it. (not that I do)

-Simon C

AndrewC said...

'The primary function of government is to defend the nation's borders against invasion. The NuLab government is manifestly guilty of opening the borders to foreign invasion. That is treason. The proper penalty for treason is death.'

I've only just seen this from 'anonymous'. Priceless, isn't it?
Doesn't really deserve a response but I'd urge you to swot up on Adam Smith and the implications of globalisation for the free movement of capital and labour.

this, for example, would be a good starting point.

'The proper penalty for treason is death'? Could it be that insane garbage like this is being posted here by people on the left who want to discredit the free market credentials of Cameron and the right?