Sunday, July 12, 2009

Top 20 Blogger Twitterers

Six months ago I compiled a list of the Top 25 Blogger Twitterers, ranked by number of followers. This is the up to date list. It includes all bloggers I have managed to find who have more than 1,200 followers. If you click on each person's name, you will be led to their Twitter feed. If you want to follow them, just click on the FOLLOW button.

There are 7 right of centre bloggers (down from 11) in the Top 25, 8 left of centre (same as last time), and 1 LibDem (down one). The highest climber is Labour MP Sadiq Khan.

1. +4 Alastair Campbell 7849 (1180)
2. - Iain Dale 5023 (2061)
3. -2 Tom Watson MP 4633 (2065)
4. - Guido Fawkes 4362 (1183)
5.+3 John Prescott 4038 (822)
6. N Matt Wardman 3865 (-)
7. - Andrew Ian Dodge 3618 (1031)
8. +2 James Cleverly 3255 (778)
9. +12 Sadiq Khan 2392 (361)
10. -2 Next Left 2052 (869)
11. +3 Paul Dennett 1945 (580)
12. N Jonathan Sheppard 1917 (-)
13. N Toby Harnden 1780 (-)
14. N Stuart Bruce 1720 (-)
15. +4 Tom Harris 1702 (417)
16. N Paul Waugh 1650 (-)
17. +7 Tim Montgomerie 1638 (346)
18. N Obnoxio The Clown 1592 (-)
19. -6 Lynne Featherstone 1497 (681)
20. - Kerry McCarthy MP 1465 (-)
21. -4 Mick Fealty 1461 (362)
22. -7 Dave Hill 1437 (435)
23. -2 Craig Elder 1256 (390)

Note: I am updating this list throughout the day as I am notified of twitterers I had missed, who have got more than 1256 followers.


Mark Senior said...

Why is it of any importance or interest how many anoraks follow which Blogger twits ?

Victor, NW Kent said...

Let us have a list of the top 25 navel gazers. Oh! I see.....

Iain Dale said...

Mark, it is of no importance whatsoever. I just thought that to some people it might be of interest. Clealy not for you. But then you delight in taking issue with virtually everything I put on this blog - not that I am complaining. At least you do it politely.

Anonymous said...

I come in at 1718, just above Tom Harris. @stuartbruce

Obnoxio The Clown said...


Trend Shed said...

I am officially getting old. I normally jump wholeheartedly and adopt the latest things....

Twitter, however, does nothing for me. I don't get it. Which must mean that I have reached a "certain age".

Mark Senior said...

Oh dear Iain , Did you have a bad day canvassing yesterday in Norwich North ?

Iain Dale said...

Rather good actually, despite about 50% of people being out!

LM said...

37 and rapidly rising

Andrew Reeves said...

Toby Harndens Twitter link doesn't work, it claims the page does not exist!

Matt Wardman said...


I think you've got the wrong end of the wrong stick.

Twitter has been the best place to have political conversations with non-political people (or non-tribal conversations with opponents) for quite a long time now. It is also the most permeable, so new voices can be heard more easily.

Proof needed? Take a look at the excellent use some MPs are making of it (or Facebook) for talking to constituents. Or at the involvement of non-politico-nerds with the instant MySociety campaign to keep expenses open back in Early Spring. There are plenty of others if you look.

Imho @tom_watson and @igeldard (3907 followers but he's only a twit, not a blogger)have been the best value political twits for the last 6 months.

I'm not particularly into Twitter league tables (it all changes so quickly), but we'll break 4k this week.

If you want a feed of articles from different views, and some commentary and global headlines, try @mattwardman.

It's one of the great things about Twitter that the political silo doesn't really exist, so you need to include the likes of Corey Doctorow, who mixes politics with technology (@doctorow).


Alex said...

Iain Dale said...

Last time I looked Boris's blog had been deleted.

Mike said...

Deleted Iain? Try telling that to @MayorOfLondon...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Boris' blog is there and active to me ->

richard.blogger said...

@Matt Wardman

Twitter has been the best place to have political conversations with non-political people

Twitter is not a mechanism of having a conversation. It is one directly only. It is the equivalent of Speakers' Corner without the hecklers. When you tweet on Twitter the people you are tweeting to cannot reply. In normal conversation both sides get an opportunity to converse.

Twitter is ranting, pure and simple.

The Grim Reaper said...


Penfold said...

How come Blinky (Balls to you) is not on the list.
He's recently become a TWATTERER and made lots of new friends.
Shurely shome misshtake.