Friday, July 24, 2009

The Daley Chloe: Friday

1. Richard Willis analyses the Norwich North result.
2. Liberal Burblings on the twitterfication of Norfolk Blogger.
3. Politics Cymru analyses the three party leaders up close and personal.
4. Obsolete offers some thoughts on Norwich North.
5. Neil Stockley thinks Brown's reaction to the by election was too clever by half.
6. Brian Barder asks what being the left means.
7. John Owens on Party Lines warns us not to read too much into Norwich North.
8. Rupert Read reflects on his campaign in Norwich North.
9. Joshua Chambers takes Douglas Carswell to task over global warming.
10. Norfolk Blogger gives us an account of the Norwich North count.
11. Danny Finkelstein & Phil Collins give Gordon some advice. Which he will ignore.
12. Liberal England offers some melancholy thoughts on Norwich North.


Hawkeye said...

The Comrades are busy self-destructing. LabourHome has several threads along the lines of "It's all over", but LabourList is a bit more upbeat. Just a bit!

When the activists and supporters give up then it's over. Add to this the fact that the unions have given up on them and that they are out of money as well as policies then, with a bit of luck, another version of socialism is finally dead.


Anonymous said...

God, what a berk Joshua Chambers is - why did you include his naive Warmist propaganda?

p.s. Chloe is a hot babe.

Anonymous said...

What's this week excuse for the lack of radio show? Surely it's time to tell them to shove it?

Man in the Street said...

How very pathetic. How about some writings on barbaric Muslims?

septicisle said...

Thanks, now like when you linked to my BNP piece and I got BNP apologists, now I'll get all the raving Libertards.

Martin S said...

o/t but a whole lot of fun!
This is the best wedding video EVER!

Anonymous said...

hawkins chief executive of comres on sky news trying to talk up labour.

hopeless.i have ignored system 3 and comres for i know why.

they must get no business from a tory government.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say, have you and other bloggers considered the impact you are having on politics today?

For me blogs really are a breath of honest fresh air, even the ones I cant agree with. I just love reading other peoples comment. It does give me a far greater understanding of issues and above all it helps me make my own mind up on issues.

If dave thinks it will be easy with the public after he walks into no 10, you had better tell him, if he doesnt know already, that we really are an unforgiving lot. Dont spin, dont lie, just tell it like it is, warts and all.If he goes the liebour way he WILL be found out, make no mistake!

Glyn H said...

Read the Neil Stockley piece on Brown and his use of Liberal to irritate Clegg. Could it be that not only does it annoy but it shows Brown is stuck in the 1950's?
It may have worked for MacMillan but then he had charm. Brown is such a combination of charmlessness, vile manners and humiliating people sklls that he should never have entered public life.

Anonymous said...

"The Chloe hour", what the public dont appreciate is the Chloe was put into the seat 18 months ago to cut her teeth. They put her there because she did not really stand a chance of winning. Norwich and Gibson was a Labour stronghold in reality. It took another monumental balls up by McDoom to overturn the expected result.


Dick the Prick said...

Is she an MP then now or does she have to wait until Parley gets back?

Dick the Prick said...

Anon 8.29 - I don't think i'm talking gibberish but I reckon Mr Dale and a few others got me quite a nice little job (crap money but pays the mortgage) with the Tory party, gave me the confidence and the access to just wibble on about politics all day rather than boring the hell out of chums who largely couldn't give a monkeys - cheers Mr Dale - defo owe you a fruity beverage in Madchester.

Anonymous said...

"Daley" ???

Anonymous said...

Joshua Chambers is exactly the kind of person we need in this country. Writing things and saying things and talking about things. Things are what matters to the people. Things!

He is not a berk, merely a facetious writer of things.

God bless Joshua Chambers and all who sail upon him!