Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Danny Finkelstein is playing a "One of my classmates" game. I can't play cos I ain't go no famous classmates.
2. Shane Greer's life hasn't been fair. But he's dealt with it.
3. Nadine sucks custard. Nearly.
4. FT Westminster blog on the latest spat between MPs and the Telegraph.
5. PJC Journal on the Norwich North lessons for the Libertarian Party.
6. Andrew Mitchell reports on his meeting with the Rwandan President.
7. LibDem Voice on some changes in electoral law.
8. Craig Murray relates a truly worrying encounter with a bailiff.
9. Pickled Politics predicts Shami Chakrabarti will take over from Trevor Phillips.
10. Biteback Publishing is advertising for an intern.
11. J Arthur MacNumpty asks: whither bloggery?
12. Longrider on blogs, blogging and the MSM.


dearieme said...

One of my classmates was convicted of attempted murder.

CityUnslicker said...

nice round up. Shane greer is a right toughie!

Ralph Hancock said...

Shane Greer has broken through my blank Blogger profile, no personal name or email address given, and sent me a spam email on the topic you mention. Well, yes, anyone could do this with a bit of expertise. But if he expects to be respected by his readers, he should not resort to this kind of Boca Raton behaviour.

Ralph Hancock said...

Iain, are you aware that there is a Scientology advertisement currently on your blog?

Anonymous said...

re your Mandelson/Newsnight twitter -- I would not say he is roasting him. Paxman would have insisted on an answer. But Paxman is on holiday which is why Mandelson is on Newsnight.

Robinson is mildly suggesting that he answer the question rather than embark on a PPB attacking the Conservatives.
The issue of course is that Mandelson will not admit to using the word 'cuts' in respect to the, errr ... 'cuts' that will be needed in govt spending in the 'medium term' .

Anyone impressed by Mandelson's whole demeanour and attitude must surely be a candidate for the lunatic asylum.

Shane Greer said...

Tachybaptus, you gave me your email address twice when you previously commented on my blog:

* 2009/03/02 at 11:51pm
* 2008/04/27 at 9:20pm

Suggesting that I hacked into your account is an incredible accusation. Would you like to apologise for lying?

Peter said...


Are you saying you spam emailed everyone who's ever commented on your blog? If so, poor show!

Rob said...

Ah, but Trevor, when Paxo goes on the attack, the politicians instinctively clam up. The more reasonable Robinson sounded when trying to get an answer the more Mandelson's dishonesty was exposed as he played about with semantics. Mandelson would have handled Paxman better. He would have used Paxman's belligerence to make himself seem the voice of reason, he does it often in interviews.

Ralph Hancock said...

I apologise to Shane Greer for suggesting that he hacked my Blogger account. However, I still don't think that commenting on a blog constitutes an invitation to send unsolicited email.

Anonymous said...


What a slur monger.

Shane Greer is a man of impeccable credentials