Monday, July 27, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Total Politics is looking for two interns.
2. Tory Rascal doesn't think we should be talking to the Taleban.
3. Dan Wilson reflects on a Green by election success in Brighton.
4. Party Political Animal explains why Norwich North was bad news for everyone.
5. Amol Rajan wants me to come off the fence on legalising drugs.
6. Donal Blaney on the airline that hates its passengers.
7. Shane Greer wants to kill himself (well, he has me as a boss...).
8. You'd think a LibDem blogger would like the weather to be orange, wouldn't you?
9. Danny Finkelstein won't be taking betting advice from Mike Smithson.
10. Nadine fingers Pat McFadden as the ultimate man in a grey suit.
11. Nick Wallis bids farewell to Five News.
12. Alistair Burt MP reports on football training in Rwanda.


Anonymous said...

Surely paying egg and sperm donors is completely pointless, when the problem is the lack of anonymity ?

If this problem didn't exist before then, why can't the clock just be turned back - problem solved ?

Anonymous said...


and you agreed to do such a ridiculous programme... The subject matter is unutterably dull.

Victor, NW Kent said...

Good pub quiz question. How do you spell the plural of quiz?

Bet you there will some idiot who thinks it has only one zed.

WV= parka, an old name for an anorak.