Sunday, July 26, 2009

Herbert Launches New Countryside Website

Tory DEFRA Spokesman Nick Herbert has just launched a rather good new campaigning website called Future Countryside. Isn't this the sort of thing every shadow team should be doing?

Nick explains the initiative HERE.


haddock said...

does he think that tosh about 'carbon' and 'global warming' will win votes ?
Does he have any countryside credentials ?.... other than being part of a 'community' likely to go 'looking for badgers'

Freddy said...

The Tories are still blathering on about global warming. You really want me to vote UKIP, don't you ?

Russell said...

I live in the country. You get to go out in all winds and weathers and acquire a certain wary respect for the immense forces of nature.

This global warming ecobollocks seems to be a preoccupation of town dwellers who think a mackerel sky means it's going to rain fish, and milk grows on trees, pre-packaged. And that's if any of them could tell the difference between a tree and a mobile phone mast.

graham said...

And may I say what a very good website it is too