Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Daily Waugh: Tuesday

1. Andrew Sparrow on why open primaries favour men over women.
2. Paul Waugh accompanies the Speaker on a school visit.
3. True Blue Blood thinks Bob Ainsworth is the mutt's nads. My arse.
4. Paul Waugh reports on some good one-liners from Peter Mandelson.
5. Richard Benyon MP writes movingly about his old military colleagues.
6. Paul Waugh asks if The Guardian is the BBC in disguise.


Martin S said...

I liked the Bob Ainsworth post. Very telling!

And has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance between Bob Ainsworth and Fred Kite, the bolshy shop steward, played by Peter Sellers?

Brown dithers as soldiers die, Mandelson slithers, a normal Tuesday, then, really...

Martin S said...

This is what I mean:-

Fred Kite/Bob Ainsworth video clip

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg and Vince Cable pictured in Norwich North:


The Grim Reaper said...

Coming soon - Iain Dale's Diary, now under the management of Paul Waugh. ;-)

Lady Finchley said...

Well done, Mr Speaker! I have a feeling a lot of people will be eating their words,

Javelin said...

The guardian will never be the BBC simply because the BBC is a state funded monoply and the Guardian has to make ends meet by advertising Government jobs. Whilst both media channels are dependent on the Government and both put the same social justice slant on stories fir the sake of their masters the BBC simply pretends it doesn't.

The BBC staff recognise the breath taking self congratulary, madonna like arrogance and their chief execs and would be more than happy to see the entire layer of senior management get sacked.

Perhaps more controversally the BBC chief execs pay themselves massively over inflated salaries in Government jobs and bonuses for working in monopolies. The salaries of BBC staff needs to fall into line with civil servants, bonuses should be COMPLETELY removed from all staff. If execs want bonuses they should start up their own production companies and understand the real meaning of risk and reward.

If the conservatives want to improve broadcasting in this country the BBC needs to broken up and work needs to be outsourced. BBC channels need to become almost completely independent. News funding needs to be halved and half the money needs to be distributed to independent news channels. The chief execs need to be cleared out and new chief execs need to stand for election and be voted for by staff.

The BBC has come to the end of it's current life. Like a forest fire it needs destoying so better broadcasting can emerge from it's ashes.

Comrade Fang said...

Re: Bob Ainsworth / Fred Kite...
Appearances might be similar but it is surely Bob Crow who does the better Fred Kite voice.

Anonymous said...

Every day is a day off for you, these days.