Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Lord Norton explains why he likes Portcullis House.
2. Quaequam on the BBC, Jo Swinson and a stone wall.
3. GQ Daily has a report from a certain Iain Dale on his encounter with James Purnell last night.
4. Danny Finkelstein rejects any suggestion of a McBride comeback.
5. Lobbydog reports from the PM's news conference.
6. Douglas Carswell asks if the Daily Mirror practices journalism.
7. Shane Greer accuses Lord Malloch Brown of cowardice.
8. Conservative History blog on Norman Tebbit's game old birds.
9. Paul Waugh on the Labour MP who seems to have lost a sense of humour.
10. ConHome on new low for Labour.
11. Malc in the Burgh wants your support.
12. Cath Elliott in Norwich North receives a BNP leaflet.


Anonymous said...

Labour stoop to new depths to score cheap political points -

bladerunner86 said...

Iain, what is your predict for the Norwich North by election result?

I have already cast my postal ballot for the Green PPC.

Iain Dale said...

I posted it earlier this morning on the Managing expectations thread.

bladerunner86 said...

OK I will take a look at that thread now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

Anonymous said...

I know it's the wrong link, but; Welcome back Iain, really missed you old chum...

Back on form and hot to trot!

Yours Aye,

Ex Bootneck.

Canvas Spotter said...

I notice that Canvas comes back. And that moderation has to be reinstated.

Coincidence. I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have discovered why there seems to be an increase in trolling on your blog lately by anonymous commenter's.

Guido is on holiday so they have decided to migrate here and post insults and other useless rubbish.

Javelin said...

Alot has been written about the helicopters. I've read a lot BUT I can't find in any major paper yesterday how many helicopters Gordon said we had. Did he just not mention it at the conference? I seem to remember Reading we had 10 chinooks. Is that the right? It seems like it is not enough.

labour for the few said...

we need a mcbride comeback,just like mandy,to keep reminding the public what these people are like.

so lets have a come back campaign?

Anonymous said...

Purnell for future Labour leader Iain???

The Joker said...

A life long supporter of the Conservative party was lying on his death bed when he suddenly decided to join the Labour party.

"But why?" asked his puzzled friend, "You're Tory through and through… Why change now?"

The man learned forward and explained, "Well, I'd rather it was one of them that died and not one of us."

Simon Gardner said...

Your political myths.

A new one (and I know it’s not British). Sarah Palin said “I can see Russia from my house” has now gained real currency. It was of course Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live.

Paul Halsall said...

Re Purnell at GQ:

It's such a shame he has tried to destroy the British welfare state, and has made almost no effort to come top terms with his working class constituents.

He is among the works examples of the 'parachuted in' New Labour politicians who have betrayed the fundamental ethos of the party.

Steve Tierney said...

Any chance that the June 4th reporters might see their "daley dozen" mentions at some point?

Just asking... ; )

Anonymous said...

Good choices.

I would have added Trueblueblood's piece on a Parliament of Millionaires and mediocrity.

Iain you may not have read it but suggest you have a look. Maybe link to it today? I share these concerns on the quality of our MP's as Parliament cleanses itself.

Loving Paul Waugh at the moment.