Thursday, July 16, 2009

Norwich North 5 Live Clip

If you want to listen to a short discussion from 5 Live Drive between Norfolk Blogger and myself on the Norwich North by election, click HERE.

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Michael Heaver said...

Iain, what's your prediction for UKIP this time round? I seem to recall you got it rather wrong for the Euro Elections. :P

Anonymous said...

I had not realised that Charles Clarke was a lonely Norfolk Labour MP.

This perhaps explains his eagerness (especially with this byelection due) to get on to the 'phonetap scandal' bandwagon. He will feel very exposed if labour lose.

SHB said...

I hope Labour finish 3rd or below prompting an open challenge on Brown's leadership, new leader, general election, Conservative victory.

bladerunner86 said...

I didn't get a reply to my last post so here it is again.

Iain we all know that you didn't take dockers jobs seriously and did not shed a single tear when they became unemployed after liberalization. Furthermore don't start blaming the unions because it was a direct result of liberalization under Thatcher and her free-market orthodoxy.

Quite simply Iain you show no compassion for the unemployed - particularly during the Thatcher years and the recession in 1992. Guess what both occurred under a Conservative government.
Your small state, low tax government done nothing then to stimulate demand and led to prolonged recession which destroyed people's livelihood. I remember the recession in 1992 and the house market crash.

I haven't heard one single Conservative policy which would stimulate demand into the economy.
Only cuts, cuts and more cuts.

bladerunner86 said...

On a separate note I think Charles Clarke will be looking very carefully at the election in Norwich North and will be reflecting upon his own political career.

I think Antony Little might take the initiative and gain a newly added confidence if the Conservatives win in Norwich North.

IanG said...

If you want some insight into April Pond's style of campaigning see the letter about Aylsham's Hospital into today's Eastern Evening News.

Ian Graham

Doktorb said...

We'll survive.

IanG said...

If you want an insight into April Pond's campaigning style, see the letter in this evening's Eastern Evening News (in Norwich)about her saving the Aylsham Hospital