Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Rupert Read on the mote in April Pond's eye.
2. Donal Blaney gives us a maths lesson.
3. Coffee House on Alistair Darling's emergence from the shadows.
4. Mark Reckons he is not very good at betting.
5. Cranmer explains why Christians should vote Tory.
6. Paul Waugh explains why Obama is Bill Clinton reincarnated.
7. Stephen Glenn teaches his fellow LibDem Irfan Ahmed - the Godfrey Bloom of the LibDems - a sexual lesson.
8. Charlie Elphicke on the Blue Blog on the merits of effective e-campaigning.
9. Guido thinks Damian McBride has got a job.
10. Benedict White on the teacher who snapped.
11. TrueBlueBlood on the British swine flu record.
12. Norfolk Blogger takes Craig Murray to task over his flyposting.


Fitaloon said...

Did you realise that there is a war going on in Afghanistan. According to the IoS Gordon Brown is about to Sell Out our Troops.
The Independent on Sunday reveals the government's secret plan to cut UK forces in Helmand by 1,500, following the deaths of eight British soldiers in 24 hours.

permex said...

Irfan Ahmed?
The mere name says it all if you are disgusted with his misogyny.
Let him go back to the midden of his provenance where women know their place.
This thicko is a member of the 'liberal' party?
Which planet am I on?

Anonymous said...

"Irfan Ahmad - the Godfrey Bloom of the LibDems"

Royalties please, Iain! :)

Martin S said...

Did Ainsworeth let slip that Labour is disgraceful re our armed forces? Darling has Brown's measure, Brown kicks asbestos victims in guts and moral turpitude no barrier in Labour

Martin S said...

Fitaloon, you are right.Brown is a disgrace.

The Grim Reaper said...

Cranmer thinks Christians should vote Tory, does he? Nice to see that Adrian Hilton doesn't hold a grudge against the party which axed his parliamentary candidacy.

Anonymous said...


Just scrolled down through Labour List and there wasn't a single article about the recent army deaths and equipment shortages in Afghanistan. I suppose they must live in some parallel universe where these tragedies don't register.

Edward Sutherland

Chris Paul said...

Permex: I think you should worry about that Donal Blaney actually.

Fitaloon: Are you sure you read that right? And that the IoS wrote it right?

Martin S said...

If we think our politicians are bad, this is a real gem!
And we think our politicians are bad? US Senator shows herself up as real nutter said...

List to the right, list to the left... it matters not. Everyone loves a list.

permex said...

Blogger Chris Paul said...

"Permex: I think you should worry about that Donal Blaney actually."

Paul can think?
Why then does he write trash?...and the swastika was so original...brilliant idea!
Put your burka back on & go and play with your friends' new Ferris wheel in Afghanistan.
Who could possibly worry about Blaney with friends like Chris Paul around.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Ever since those dim, distant, dewy-eyed days when I was daft enough to be a candidate. I've been convinced there is some support one can well be rid of.

A quick flick to the Cranmer abortion thing, with its assorted nuts of follow-up commenting comedians, confirmed just that.

Thank you, Mr Dale, for your tip underlining the obvious: even Staines's "window-lickers" do not define the outermost fringes of lunacy.

David Keen said...

Tom Harris has replied to cranmer: