Friday, May 22, 2009

Tune in Tonight at 11pm

Every Friday night I host a Talk Radio programme for Play Talk from 11pm-1am. It's part of PlayRadioUK, a new internet radio venture with 15 different stations.

I hope some of you will be tuning in and taking part tonight. I want to hear what you think of the week's events. Don't hold back!

Phone 01243 556161

Just go to, click on LISTEN, then choose Play Talk.

And if you have any ideas for the show, let me know!

UPDATE: If you have problems with the stream copy and paste this link into your browser.


Will B said...

Why -really- did The Telegraph publish the expense claims?

Is the time right for Constitutional change?

What will Joanna Lumley's next political campaign be?

Should MPs get the 40k pay rise they believe they deserve?

Some ideas there for you. =P

LM said...

Round 2 of Dale V Galloway?

@molesworth_1 said...

Sadly, for me, but fortunately for you perhaps, I won't be anywhere near a PC tonight.
I shall have to podload the downcast when I get back on Saturday. Have fun.

Thats News said...

It was a good programme, last week. If I can, I'll listen live. Or at least as a listen again.

we must doff our hats to Gordon Brown. After all, he has done what Napoleon and Hitler were never able to do. Gordon Brown has been able to destroy 300 years of tradition and parliamentary democracy.

Anonymous said...

Nadine Dorries needs to lie down in a dark room and chill out ... you're her pal can't you help?

Plato said...

How about Nadine's conspiracy theory that rivals '911 all a CIA' plot?

I think she managed the jackpot on R5:

Evil shadowy newspaper owners
Not being paid enough
The BBC was in on it too

Car crash. Know she's a mate but it was painful.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear that the hallowed halls of Westminster are hushed with a creeping portent of doom. Many MP’s are to be found in the MP’s subsidised watering hole drinking heavily, bleary eyed and fearful of the next revelation, who is next?
Would drowning in the Thames be preferable to the shame?
Will their home team deselect them?
Will a member/s of their local community beat the living crap out of them?

Horror of horror to cap it all the prospect of having to find a proper job, in a recession! The worry about their children’s education their children being bullied at school. Putting food on the table and maintaining their standard of living.

Bugger must be hard joining the real world; my old heart bleeds for them.

I hear suicide may be a possibility.

I can only hope, but then I’m in the real world!

Anonymous said...


You're friendly with Nadine Dorries. Any chance you can convince her to lower her profile in the short term? If she has any more interviews like those on R4 and R5 this morning, she's going to do real damage to us.

And I don't mind if you don't print this comment, I'm venting on other forums.

Anonymous said...

Lumley got involved with the Gurkha because her father was a Gurkha officer. Much though the media would like to see it (the Newsnight interviewer last night was pathetic) - I

You may want to ponder the car production statistics - 55% down this month on last year. doubt she will oblige.

How long can this go on?

5000 Vauxhall jobs are at risk following the inevitable sale of GM Europe. Capacity will have to go and the British plants stand out like a sore thumb.

After years of alternately milking the car industry and condemning it Brown is overseeing sending it down the Swanny. Vauxhall and Jag/LR are is serious trouble. One has to wonder about Honda.

Countless billions have been thrown away on banks and bankers merely to save Browns skin. (Much good it did Sir Victor blank in doing Browns bidding, still he will have a nice pension) Where is the help for a major staple of the REAL economy?

All in all, delightful and amusing though it is, are we really right to obsess about a few thousands of MPs expenses when billions are being wasted every day by this govt by this cabinet, and money which SHOULD be spent on real people and real jobs is simply Quantitatively Eased away ???

Anonymous said...

For anyone wishing to listen to Iain's show on Play Talk UK live tonight the following URL should give easy access to the stream without having to navegate the Play Radio UK website:-

This may not appear as a link here but you can copy and paste into your media player or browser.

Hopefully if you like Iain's show you will give some of the other talk shows on the station a try at other times and your calls will be welcome and uncensored.

Loved Iain's work on his pilot show 2 weeks ago.

Oscar (From my BIG house in Surbiton of which you are all jealous)

Anonymous said...

Iain. Will tune in.

Any chance you could video this for your Vlog.

As a piece of hunky eye candy, would rather watch you than listen.

Any chance?

Anonymous said...

Daley Dozen
Daley Dozen
Daley Dozen
Daley Dozen
Daley Dozen

Iain Dale said...

Sorry - will defo be back tomorrow.

Clarity said...

Joanna Lumley ought to pack in acting and concentrate on being one of the coolest women on the planet after what she achieved. Yes, she's not a life-saving doctor, but she used her brains and "celebrawn" (my invented word) to put the politicians on the spot. Not forgetting the lives she has helped change for the better.
You may quote me :) Good luck with your show.

Doktorb said...

Elvis is alive and listening to talk radio.....o.0

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought a little chipmunk could cause so many problems?

.... and we used to thing John Major had a load of problems!

Ed said...

Managed to get on to playradiouk earlier on (as a test), now during your broadcast can not (server busy or something). Good luck and have fun.

Paul Burgin said...

Iain, enjoyed ringing in, although obviously the line made it hard to hear and thanks for the plug at the end ;-)

Martin S said...

Windows Merdia player can't play the file. Not even the updated version and firefox still cant do anything with Realplayer.

Conand said...


The Elvis song call was fantastic.

Liz said...

I've only been able to listen to the last half hour - and your caller Patsy is *totally* drunk. Bless.

Will B said...

Enjoyed that! A lot of fun. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the radio show, and thanks for taking my call, Iain.
Actually, can I just apologise for interrupting you, during our brief talk. As soon as I realised I was "on air" I became really nervous and broke out in a sweat, and I felt I had to immediately babble out what was in my mind at that moment, or else I thought I'd lose the train of thought. It was only when I replayed it back on my PC that I realised that I had in fact been quite rude, in interrupting you. I'm sorry for that. I'll try and take a deep breath and relax, in future.
Best regards, Tom.

Anonymous said...

Well done Iain, I was keeping an eye on the figures and you broke the record for number of simultaneous live listeners on the main stream since Play Talk UK launched on its own servers.

As the shows develop, callers will hopefully realise that they can "let fly" a bit in a way that they could not on conventional radio.

You may need to emphasise a bit more that callers on phone or Skype need to turn off their media player and listen down the phone or Skype as soon as their call is answered. That is one thing that a call screener would normally do when racking up calls.


Henry Rogers said...


Has Nadine pulled her blog? iIt wasn't there last night and isn't there this morning as far as I can tell. If she has pulled it why?

Simon The Bluesman said...

It would appear that Nadine’s been gagged – her website has gone down! I agree with Guido when he sated that she has really misjudged the public mood if she thinks there is any sympathy for MPs who are feeling stressed and that most people would like to see crooked MPs in jail, not getting psychiatric counselling at the taxpayers’ expense.

John M Ward said...

I thought the event went well, actually, apart from the time delay about which we were not warned and which caused considerably difficulty as it affected so many callers, including myself. I shall know for the future…

By the way, Lord Elvis of Paisley, who sang on air last night, runs the very good 10 Draowning Steer 'blog, which is well worth following.

Anonymous said...

Podcast link?

Anonymous said...

Iain did you video it?

As I said yesterday...we want some chunk of hunk to watch and not just listen to.

Tory Lady said...

Nadine Dorries---yes---please shut up.

She is a damaging influence in the Party...she shows she is not destined for high office as she cant read the public mood.

Nadine...shut up. A real liability this woman.

Iain...have a quiet word with your buddy :)

Radio Player said...


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good show said...

Good show last night Iain. I wonder if that Elvis caller is the guy from the Steve Wright show.
I noticed that Nadine's blog went down last night at about 11.30pm. I thought that you would have mentioned it on your show. I hope she is ok. She did seem to be hinting at a conspiracy against her and her fellow MPs so I hope she hasn't been taken for a woodland walk or something.

Doktorb said...

Iain - I really enjoyed the show. Just read more emails next time :) :)

Tom Carder said...


Anonymous said...

Last nights show is available here:

Iain's show will be uploaded every Saturday lunchtime!