Tuesday, May 26, 2009

David Cameron Live From 11am

David Cameron will be giving a speech at the Open University in Milton Keynes at 11am, and immediately after the event, he’ll be taking part in a live Q&A with online users.

They’ll be collecting questions using a CoveritLive blog (it will be open for comments from just before 11am) and Twitter (users should use the tag #askdc for us to find them) and putting them to David to answer via the blog.The whole thing is going to be contained in a CoveritLive blog (which now has some very cool Mogulus & Twitter integration).


ukipwebmaster said...

Here is a preview of what Dave will say:


Anonymous said...

All sounded very good but when is he going to actually sack one of the thieves? If I had abused public money this way my job and my pension would be history. When will we see equal accountability from our elected leaders?

Any Mouse

Lasteddie said...

radical stuff... if implemented the will make a serious change to power and politics in this country.. note if implemented... I live in hope:) Looks like the taxman cometh... sounds ominous for MPs


Wrinkled Weasel said...

I am afraid I have to put my hands up to being very naive.

When I was 17 I got an "O" level in something we called British Constitution, You had to learn about the stages that a bill went though in order to become an Act of Parliament. I fondly imagined that this system was still functioning, but now, DC informs me that this is not the case. It is more a case of somebody dreaming up an idea on a sofa in Number Ten, and then putting a very undemocratic mechanism into place to get it on the statute book, the main difference being the lip service paid to scrutiny and debate.

This revelation is a bit like being told you are adopted. I am poleaxed.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron has picked out many of the ideas in 'The Plan' by Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan. However, I'm not complaining, if he actually goes ahead with what he said in his speech we will have far more efficient and accountable government in the future.

seebag said...

This is pure opportunism - would any of this radical change have been on his agenda if MP's had not been caught out fiddling expenses? Is it any wonder people are cynical about politicians? Is there any hope for a genuine radical reforming party?

Plenty said...

Should David Cameron fear the likes of rising stars Douglas Carswell and Dan Hannan?


gustavus said...

How people are allowing themselves to be deceived by a man so transparently empty - a Blair II if ever there was one - is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

My main problem is that I just don't believe the “Authorities” will "go" with the spirit of David Camerons proposed reforms.

Too many so called self styled “Town Elders” have become very comfortable with their positions of power, they are not used to “little people” having a say and often seem to be more concerned with internal politics, their position and/or their career path than providing a service to local people.

Most Local Authority employees I have been involved with are often rude and unhelpful, even simple involvement with them is something I would rather not do.

The connection I am making is that many of them are unhappy in their jobs and that this is translated in their manner and attitude.

sceptical said...

This is genuine radical reform which devolves power away from the state down to people. It is to be thoroughly welcomed. Nulab will hate it, as it will diminish the role of the centralised state. Well done, DC - a very good and interesting proposal.

Seebag (12.03) said ' pure opportunism'. Goodness me, the very idea - you mean to say that politicians actually listen to the people and then take a good opportunity to expound something which the people might actually want.. well, well, I never...

Anon (11.36) - as far as one knows, there are at least six Tory MPs so far not standing at the next election as a result of the expenses scandal.

Anonymous said...

seebag said...

May be you're right. Time will tell - if we get an election at all!

But where do you think any politician starts? How does anyone stand up and give some kind of plan to the restructuring of politics without someone getting up and saying what you say?

I don't see Brown and his allies at all, let alone giving their pearls of wisdom on drawing back the dark forces of the State.

Tell me, Mr/Mrs seebag, just who is good enough and who has the power to do what YOU want? It's all fine calling for a new 'radicalising' party but how do they obtain power? I think, in the meantime, it's either Brown or Cameron.

I'll leave that decision up to you! But I know who I'd rather back.

Philipa said...

I'm not sure I'd believe a politician if he told me the sun set in the west.

orientalsage said...

Parliament is exposed as a hotbed of self-interested, greedy miscreants.

The problem clearly lays with the integrity of individual MPs.

So how does this suddenly get transformed in to a bandwagon for constitutional change? Almost no MPs were calling for any of these changes prior to the expenses scandal. Now it's the most important issue in the world.

Is anyone reassured by this sudden outbreak of 'me-too' politics?

Steve H said...

***Should David Cameron fear the likes of rising stars Douglas Carswell and Dan Hannan?

Not as long as Hannan goes on TV to describe the NHS as a socialist conspiracy.

Mike H said...

Good speech, but we'll see what actually gets delivered.

I gave up with the online Q&A session - it was so painfully slow. Is that the best that technology can deliver today? It would have been better to extend the audience questions section to allow a few questions from those watching online.

Tone made me do it - he's a bad influence said...

Cameroon recycling Blairite sound bites.
And guess what? the media love it.

I'm sick to death of this country being run by the liberal media who can do it by telling 20,000 floating voters in 60 marginal seats how to vote.

PR NOW! to stop this banal bollocks.

Tone Made us do it said...

Cameroon making this speach reminds me of that health secretary joining the protestors outside her local hospital that her OWN department had decided to close.

Because the Media think that Cameroon is acceptable none is questioned.

seebag said...

It's opportunism not because it's an opportunity to give people what they want, rather because it's a bandwagon being jumped upon, it's expedient, and it's not rooted in any deep principles - if it was it would and should have emerged long before the expenses/Speaker scandals.

seebag said...

That's the big problem Anon 12.48 - it's a case, when looking at the ballot paper, of none of the above. I don't think I can be blamed for that. In fact a general voting strike in this country might just flush out the new party/candidates we really need.

Fausty said...

I'm glad Cameron's going with ideas from The Plan. He has judged the public's mood very accurately, which bodes very well for his premiership.

This should see his star rise in the polls.

Anonymous said...

"Not as long as Hannan goes on TV to describe the NHS as a socialist conspiracy."

But it is. We are so fu3d if people actually think like this tw4t.

... tell me how may people contract MRSA (a disease spread by socialism) in a private hospital?

Can you guess?