Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Hate Meme

Things have become too serious of late on this blog. Time for an amusing meme! Tory Politico has tagged me with the 19 Most Hated Meme... I don't do 'hate' very well, so not sure how good this will be...

1 - Most hated food.
Avocado or prawns. Foods of the devil.

2 - Most Hated person.
Neil Warnock

3 - Most hated job.
Mucking out my Dad's pigs for 10p an hour.

4 - Most hated city.

5 - Most hated band/song.

6 - Most hated website.

7 - Most hated TV program.
Heartbeat, which I am forced to sit through every Sunday night.

9 - Most hated British politician.
Iris Robinson.

10 - Most hated artist.
Any modern artist. I'll say Tracey Emin purely because she's the only one I can name.

11 - Most hated book.
Das Kapital. It's done more damage to the world than any other.

12 - Most hated shop.
Harrods. Because of who owns it.

13 - Most hated organisation.
The BNP.

14 - Most hated historical event.
Fall of Lady T.

15 - Most hated sport.
Horse Racing and synchronised swimming, if you can call it a sport.

16 - Most hated technology.
Apple Macs. Waste of space.

17 - Most hated annual event.
One of the big four winning the Premier League

18 - Most hated daily task.
Getting up.

19 - Most hated comedian.
Jimmy Carr. Just because he isn't funny.

I now tag Paul Burgin, Donal Blaney and Nich Starling.


Spartacus Mills said...

I like your blog but you are too partisan on Warnock and Sheffield. You should be very grateful that Cheat Ham were not kicked out of the Premiership as they deserved to be.

Personally I would be more concerned about the clubs financial stability.

Jimmy said...

14 - Most hated historical event.
Fall of Lady T.

Not 9/11 or the holocaust or the destruction of the library in Alexandria.

This just shows the priorities of party politicians. Get a sense of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Love this---great stuff Iain

Richard Havers said...

Doesn't this say everything about what is so rotten about the way we live now. That and the fact that programme is not even spelled correctly

Iain Dale said...

Jimmy, dear oh dear.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I had to look up Neil Warnock, who, for those who don't know, is from the darker reaches of Iain's other blog, and who was recently described as "the Marmite of football", and manages a team called Crystal Palace in the soccerball league.

I would have chosen Ed Balls, the embodiment of Labour; Shakespearean revenge, hypocrisy and class guilt and sneering arrogance. I don't hate Brown, I merely despise and feel sorry for the petty, bogie-eating little creep.

Null said...

"16 - Most hated technology.
Apple Macs. Waste of space."

Or to put it another way, "I don't understand them"...

Iain, my world would be a poorer place without my iPhone, MacBook Air and AppleTV.

Paul Burgin said...

Will do it this afternoon, but for now Iain I concur with Heartbeat.
Plus my sister has pointed out to me that there have been over eleven Christmas specials and the series is set over the course of one decade.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand about your loathing of Sheffield United. You stayed up, for goodness sake! Totally agree about Jimmy Carr, but in all honesty, I can't think of many 'comedians' that are genuinely funny. Give me naturaly humour anytime - my 9 year old is hilarious, and genuinely makes me laugh out loud. And i don't have to pay for a ticket! Like you, Iain, I don't do 'hate' very well, but I really do loathe the Government, but for the McBride business alone, they deserve to be loathed and detested.
Anyway, good fun, and I wish all your readers and contributors a lovely day

JGS said...

16 - Most hated technology.
Apple Macs. Waste of space.

I find myself warming to you, Iain.

Manfarang said...

How much of Das Kapital did you manage to read?

wv staxi

David Anthony said...

19 - Most hated comedian.
Jimmy Carr. Just because he isn't funny.
Thank you!

Dual Citizen said...

"2 - Most Hated person.
Neil Warnock"

I now hate you.

Crystal Palace supporter since 1973


Anonymous said...

I hate memes - and toss pots like Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Tony Benn, the ex-Earl Stangate, the peoples champion, once said on Radio that his favourite book is Das Kapital and he reads Morning Star every day for its journalistic excellence.

Unknown said...

16. Whoa, Iain! You can't just go around condemning Apple Macs like this. You'll have the whole Mac community down on you like the proverbial . . . Persevere with Mr Gates's virus-collecting, buggy, crash-prone junk if you must; let me just say that my 5-year old Mac runs as smoothly as the day I bought it (my money; no expenses!). Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Dave H said...

It's difficult to rate this because certain hates are trivial and others serious (BNP, Fr. Robinson).

Unless of course synchronised swimming does genuinely evoke a response as strong as hate, in which case might I suggest you need a holiday (admirably synchronised with climate and calendar).

(my most hated book is Ulysses. I bought a copy at an airport just so I could tick the 'read it' box and I still haven't managed to get beyond a few pages. It's as far above my head as the moon. My second most hated book is Atkins' Physical Chemistry for pretty much the same reason. Most former chemistry students will know what I mean).

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Iain, we know you're a conservative, but your remarks about Macs... are positively reactionary! They're the sunlit uplands, seriously. I used to think computers were things that broke down and froze regularly until I bought a Powerbook. I think I'd need paying to go back to Windows now.

Anonymous said...

Atkins' Physical Chemistry- my son hates it too. But it has like Apple Mac fans young and old. Hence it has gone through many editions and THE Book which appears first on the reading list in Chemistry and Biochemistry courses in almost every Russell Group university.

subrosa said...

You certainly look a lot better on my iMac than you did on my old pc Iain, so really Macs should get just a little credit.

Manfarang said...

No doubt he reads the book sitting in a deck chair on Brighton front in mid-October.

Dolly said...

What don't you like about the fragrant Iris?

My little group has adopted her as ironic gay icon of the new millenium.

Sean said...

oi Dale, we are not all bacon streak supporters in sheffield, dont tar us with the same brush.

Sheffield is a fine city and you will find a ground swell of both sheffield FC (the worlds oldest club)and Owls supporters) who more than share you disdain for the piggys.

Null said...

In other news, moderate right wing, Blackberry using blogger is mugged by his Mac loving readership. He wakes to find an iPhone in his hand and a MacBook on the front seat of his Q7...

John said...

6 - Most hated website.
Err, I can't. Can I have another clue please? :(

Richard said...

I share more than a few of your responses here Iain!

Andrew K said...


I think you have vastly overrated how funny Jimmy Carr is.

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with Iris Robinson? lol!

Anonymous said...

'Das Kapital' has done more damage than any other book? I'm just gonna throw 'Mein Kampf' out there...

john in cheshire said...

So you think the socialist workers party (or any of the other dispicable communist/socialist organisations) is less hateful than the BNP? Get real, for goodness' sake.

Quiet_Man said...

John in Cheshire doesn't get it either, the BNP are just racist socialists, their manifesto stripped of the racial elements wouldn't look out of place as the 1973 Labour party manifesto.

Good choices Iain, however bookwise "A social and economic history of Britain" would be my choice as it somehow manages to miss out on all the interesting stuff that Britain did in history.

Lasteddie said...



DespairingLiberal said...

Have you read Das Kapital Iain?

It's an odd thing to "hate" because on the whole it is an attempt at dry analysis of the economic system and operations of capitalism. Much of it is incredibly influential even on very right-wing economists. Readers of the Economist (hardly a hotbed of lefties) rated it (and Marx) the most important economist and economic text of all time, pushing Smith into second place.

Perhaps you were thinking of The Communist Manifesto? Or the works of Lenin and Trotsky?

DespairingLiberal said...

Quiet_man - you have no idea what a proper socialist actually is, if you think such a person has anything to do with the racism, xenophobia and love of violence that unites the BNP and other racist and extreme nationalist parties.

It's a common smear of parts of the right to equate Nazism with socialism and liberalism. It's also a particularly nasty one, given that the Nazis sent many people in those categories to the camps.

Ron Owen said...


I could understand narrow minded but amusing?

Ron Owen said...


I could understand narrow minded but amusing?

Dave J said...

Reminder to self: prawn cocktails with guacamole for Iain when next in UK. :-p

Delusions of Grandeur said...


Your usually excellent commentary has taken a serious downturn with this criticism of Apple and their products!

Give them a chance and enjoy life without Microsoft!

I should say here, just so i'm absolutely clear: I think your blog is utterly superb, and has been essential reading since i first came accross it last year. Keep up the good work (maybe one day on a MAC!!)

Iain Dale said...

I was badgered into buying a Mac last year and have regretted it ever since. I gave it a chance, but now only use it for iTunes. That's all it's good for!

Glad you enjoy the blog!

Anonymous said...

Re Avocados, that made me laugh.
I once got a temporary job as (what I thought would be) dish-washer at my town's leisure centre, but when I got there, I was expected to assume the role of "assistant Chef!" The head chef's first words to me were "I want 18 avocado salads on those plates - NOW!"
I had no idea what to do with this ugly green lump called an avocado! The chef very quickly demonstrated how to de-seed and peel one, but the task of replicating his swift knife-work proved utterly beyond my capabilities. When he saw the results of my ham-fisted attempts, his swearing at me put Gordon Ramsay to shame.

One thing I learned in those three days: Being a chef is bloody hard work. Whenever you've particularly enjoyed a meal at a restaurant, please leave a generous tip for the chef. And on the other hand, never criticise the food within earshot of the chef: They're all drug-addicted psychotics, with a large range of very sharp knives at their disposal.

English First said...

"I was badgered into buying a Mac last year and have regretted it ever since. I gave it a chance, but now only use it for iTunes. That's all it's good for!"

I am a professional photographer and web designer. I use Mac products. I have used Microsoft Operating System on "PC`s" but was staggered how inept the system is. The Mac OS is in a different league and it really bothers me that you think otherwise.

I am afraid I cannot taker your comments seriously! Complete nonsense I am afraid!!

Silence said...

So, please explain how 'Das Kapital' has done more damage than Mein Kampf, particularly when 'The BNP' is your most hated organisation?

Anonymous said...

Ian, your most hated organisation is the BNP and that's fair enough.

However I've had Conservative, New Labour, Lib Dem and Green leaflets put through my letterbox and none of them mention immigration despite this issue being at the top of voters concerns according to numerous polls.

Hate away by all means but until the mainstream parties begin to address immigration concerns you'll be hating them a long way into the future.

David Hughes said...

As I type this on my Apple Mac (oops) I ponder on your dislike of Warnock and Sheffield (wasn't today good - couldn't stay up then, couldn't get back up today ) - and more than half of Sheffield don't like Warnock or his old team)
I have to disagree though, Jimmy Carr is funny - but only when compared to Jo Brand, Ricky Gervais, (on and on and on) !
And your most hated sports - horse racing and synchronised swimming? It could be good. We could combine the two and call it water polo - picture the scene : two horses in the pool drowning the jockeys whilst moving in perfect symmetry and timing - and at the same time wearing make-up, googles and nose clips with little condoms on their heads !