Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Sharpe's Opinion asks how the blogosphere would have handled the expenses scandal.
2. Tim Montgomerie writes for LibDem Voice about how to combat the BNP.
3. Conor Ryan says it's Field or Bercow.
4. Harry Phibbs explains how to deselect your MP.
5. Lord Greaves says postal voting on demand should be abolished.
6. I don't think Tory Bear is a fan of Mr Bercow.
7. Danny Finkelstein wants MPs to be banned on betting who the next Speaker will be.
8. Paul Waugh says John Prescott is on charming form. Prescott himself has a slightly different version.
9. Tom Harris says the next Speaker must be a Tory.
10. Norfolk Blogger finally succumbs to the iPod.
11. Tygerland says why blog if you have nothing to say?
12. Ben Brogan says there should be more resignations.


kasou said...

believe Ian, a poor hack or our esteemed ex deputy prime minister who woukd NEVER use such landuage or lampoon the xurrent Prime Minister, or claim any extravagant expenses.

In fact I dont understand why Mr Prescott isnt still up as a leading light , MAYBE HE SHOULD BE OUR NEW SPEAKER, we neesd an eloquent English man in the chair,,,we could even buy him another Jag to get him to the office on time.

Martin S said...

How the rest of the worlds sees the Michael Martin situation

Yak40 said...

We need prosecutions, not just resignations & weasel words.

Martin should be the beginning of a gigantic flushing sound :)

Anonymous said...

While Harry Phibbs explains how to deselect your MP, the Conservative Party is not accepting any new applications to become a PPC. This of all times is when they should be seeking out new candidates, if only as an insurance policy.