Sunday, May 31, 2009

Survey Results: How You Vote

This is the first part of the results of the 2009 Blog Survey I asked you to take part in last week. A massive 2,400 of you took part, more than ever before.

Rather in line with national polls, there is a noticeable shift in support from the three main parties to the minor parties among by blog readers.

Conservative 65% (-5%)
LibDem 8% (-3%)
Labour 5% (-5%)
UKIP 4% (+2%)
SNP 3% (+1%)
BNP 2% (+1%)
Green 2% (+1%)
Others were all below 1%
Won't Vote 3.6% (-1.3%)

  • 75% of you haven't changed your vote since 2005
  • 4.4% have switched from Labour to Conservative
  • 3.6% have switched from LibDem to Conservative
  • 2.8% have switched from Conservative to UKIP
  • 0.2% have switched from UKIP to Conservative
  • 61% (+5) of you expect a Conservative majority of more than 50 seats
  • 32% (-3) of you expect a Conservative majority of less than 50 seats
  • 75% (-6) of you think Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the next election
  • 34% (-7) of you are members of a political party
Note: 2,400 of you took part in this survey


Liz said...

I suspect that like other sensible people you may have gone to bed now - but have you seen tomorrow's Sunday Times front page? Apparently, Gordon thinks Ed Balls would be a splendid chancellor. I am hoping I have enough degrees to apply for US citizenship.

(Incidentally, something has definitely been going on at Google in the last few weeks. WV is Dinglor. This can't possibly be accidental.)

Fausty said...

What percentage of your readership is actively Labour?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that as many as 75% think that GB will lead Labour into the next election.

Times: Ed Balls widely respected in the City? Which one? Vladivostock?

Mail: Cameron's mortgage arrangements....

Ed said...
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William said...

Be aware, however, that your statistics could be affected by a number of people leaving your blog, and a number of new people arriving.

Also, if you have increased readership compared to last year, we should in theory be more representative of society, which implies that 65% Tory might equate to a higher proportion of blog-readers overall than 70% last year.

mouse said...

To the 5% (approx. 100 people) planning on voting Labour: Why? why? why? Are you all payroll vote?

georgeorwellslittlesister said...

I started to fill in the survey, until I reached the question about income; a question that normally has the option of "prefer not to say". At that stage I gave up.
We know from personal experience that the IR monitors television programmes to see if they can catch people; given the universal spying on all our emails, I am sure they can track back to the blogger on this question. Why make life easy for them?
p.s. Mr. Darling, I am very poor thanks to you and your boss's policies. So don't bother to send round your thugs, unless they would like to crack open the grandchildren's piggy bank.