Friday, May 29, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Donal Blaney has some suggestions for celebrities who should stand for Parliament.
2. Dizzy wonders if Libertas is a Lesbian front organisation.
3. Bob Piper thinks Mike Smithson has become obsessed by Dave's Clause 4 moments.
4. Paul Waugh explains how the Chipmunk sank her fangs into Roy Fattersley.
5. Gordon Brown gives an exclusive interview to Tory Politico. Sort of.
6. Cicero's Songs wants to remind you that there is a European election taking place.
7. Chris Paul wonders if Sir Les Patterson and Sir Paul Judge were separated at birth.
8. Prodicus explains why he will vote for Sir Alan Haselhurst and not Simon Heffer.
9. Jonathan Sheppard does a Delia and asks all the new Tory candidates: where are you?
10. Vicky Ford wonders who is behind a new anti LibDem poster.
11. James Barlow on the BNP and Commonwealth War Graves.
12. Phil Taylor is not impressed by La Lumley's voting intention.


Paul Halsall said...

You know, if the Tories keep loosing MPs as fast as they are, the Government might not have enough votes to privatise the Post Office.

Scot Richards` said...

Sorry. But you missed the biggest story of them all here