Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why Isn't the Queen Going to be in Normandy?

I didn't write about this yesterday because I was too angry, and previous experience has told me it is best not to blog when angry. Anyway, in the meantime I received this email from a reader...
I should say that I was born in 1938 - which explains why I have only recently become a blog reader! My attention was drawn to them by all the Damien McBride furore and since then I have been an avid reader of yours, Guido's and various others. Fascinating and great stuff!

By way of a change from our MP's expenses, I wonder what you think of The Queen's shameful substitution by GB at the 65th D day anniversary? Heffer seems to think that it's all down to a subtle plot by the French to cosy up with Obama with only a nonentity present. I don't think so. I seem to remember some months ago that our government let it be known that they weren't 'doing' 65th anniversaries. It was only the violent reaction of the remaining Normandy 'Old sweats' that got some sort of grudging agreement to do something. This was purely home grown but must have influenced all the parties involved including the French and Americans.

Bearing in mind the obvious delight shown by the Sarkosy and Obama families during their respective meetings with the Queen I cannot believe that they would have been against her being present.

On Newsnight last night there was an American historian, whose name escapes me, who expressed a very strong view that it was shameful that the Queen would not be present. He pointed out (an American!) that of all the relevant Heads of State the Queen was the only one alive in 1944, her father was Head of State in 1944 and (my addition) Princess Elizabeth was in the WRAC at the time and appeared in uniform at the subsequent Victory ceremony. There was a nice confirmation of this in the film 'The Queen' when Helen Mirren correctly diagnosed a broken drive shaft on her ditched Land Rover!

Apologies this is becoming a rant, but against a background of phantom mortages, duck houses and 'servants quarters', I get very incensed when I see real character, honour and nobility put down by a miserable bunch of uneducated (as far as the Second World War is concerned) politicians.

I wonder what you think!

We were told yesterday that the French regarded the commemorations (no, they are not 'celebrations') as "primarily a French/American affair." Excuse me? If that is true, it is shameful for a country, which, without the bravery of thousands of British soldiers, sailors and airmen who laid down their lives so that the French might be liberated.

I don't know what went on here, and we will probably never find out the truth. It is clear that Buckingham Palace is none too pleased. I really don't think Gordon Brown has pulled rank over the Queen, but I don't think I am alone in thinking that even at this late stage he ought to find a way for the Queen to represent our country in Normandy.


Johnny Norfolk said...

This is just how you would expect Labour to handle this. They have no idea about anything.

Theo Spark said...

Obama is behind this snub. He really doesn't like Britain.

Sgt. RightUpEm. said...

Actually there were about 55,000 GIs, 60,000 squaddies, about 5,000 commonwealth troops. Just because American movies write out the British, I don't think our government should.

As an ex-squaddie myself, it seems that the govt. don't give a damn because we are all not millionaires. and it's not only the Government. Nadine Dorries the (in)famous Cameron Babe also took a huge swiping from the service and ex-service community on with her hastily removed blog post this week.

Bloody politicians, the lot of them, should be shredded and fed to the pigs with 4 legs if that wouldn't be considered cannibalism.

Anonymous said...

She would also be present as Queen of Canada, which supplied and lost many soldiers on D-Day, and seems to have been forgotten, as so often.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed said that the commemoration was a French/American affair, and the Queen was not invited.
It appears that Gordon Brown will not be at the main commemoration, but a separate one.
You just can't trust the French.

Van Helsing said...

I don't believe that any Prime minister can pull rank on the Queen, Iain.
After all she's head of state.
What would amuse me is if just as he's about to get on the plane to go, he gets a royal command to attend the Queen.

Anonymous said...

I noticed today there was no Royalty at the FA Cup either.
Conspiracy theorists must be rubbing their hands with utter relish.

It seems to me that everything Brown touches, he spreads some kind of negativity. Don't know the ins and outs - but the people who want a Republic should think long and hard about their position.

Think about it - a gutless, cyncial, number-crunching automaton as our head of state?

Harri said...

Strange how so many people dislike the French yet are more than happy to have them as the main driving force behind the corrupt EU monster.

After the Lisbon Treaty comes into effect on the 1st January 2010 the French and the monsters at Brussels will be calling all the shots anyway.

For all those who still think the EU is a great idea, ever felt like you have been had ?

And that goes for our Royal family , if you think its a tad offensive now, my god you aint seen nothing yet , i was going to say well you voted for it you got it ! but we didnt did we?

Plato said...


Unknown said...

I am nearly speechless on this subject, this event should transcend politics and the Queen as head of the Commonwealth should/MUST be there (here actually as I'm typing from Normandy). Whoever is responsible for not inviting Her Majesty should be exposed and treated harsher than MP's currently are, such is the scandal of this situation.

Jules Wright said...

Here's what i think Iain. I wrote to Brown today, so hot and vinegary have my waters become. Thus:



How have both you and the Foreign Secretary managed to drop the ball over the 65th D-Day Commemoration so that Buckingham Palace publicly admits that it finds itself without an invitation to this important event? Invitations managed to find their way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, to the Elysée Palace and to Downing Street.

If, as some press reports suggest, there is some mischief being made here by Mr Sarkozy and France Diplomatie, why was not it not quietly rectified in good time by Mr Miliband and the Foreign Office?

If, as is common prime ministerial practice, you meet or talk privately with Her Majesty once a week, why was this embarrassing situation not addressed and avoided?

If Her Majesty is Head of State of the United Kingdom, why will neither she, nor her Royal representative, be taking their place alongside Mr Obama and Mr Sarkozy – both heads of state of their respective nations?

Is this, as many voters will surmise in the absence of a credible public explanation from your office, simply another case of torpid executive failure at the heart of your government?

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

It's "primarily a French/American affair" because it's taking place at the American Cemetery in Normandy.

The British veterans are holding a separate memorial event at the Arromanches landing beaches.

I'm not sure how it's clear that "Buckingham Palace is none too pleased" since in a official statement they said: "We would like to reiterate that we have never expressed any sense of anger or frustration at all, and are content with all the arrangements that are planned."

Dave said...

For months Brown said we didn't do 65th anniversaries. Then Obama said he was going and obviously his little lapdog had to attend. If the Queen had gone he may have missed out on the photo opportunities (which he will need after June 4th).

Anonymous said...

I am not of the same generation of your correspondent, but I do agree with his sentiments.

I am not sure who is responsible for this gross insult to HM and the British, Commonwealth and Allied veterans who served in Britain, and who expect the Queen's presence in Normandy to pay her respects to them, and to accept theirs in return. I feel even more deeply that the British veterans had to petition the Government to get official recognition for this event at all.

Such sneering condescension and blatant disregard by these churlish tosspots, whomever they are. Words fail me.

Proud to follow the Flag said...

My wife and I will be in Normandy next week to join the many Veterans at their respective celebrations.

We will stand proudly alonside the French to cheer the Normandy Veterans as they march past, immaculate in their berets, blazers and medals and rejoice in the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

We will never forget those men and women but we will, after our moment of prayer and remembrance, forget the thieving Politicians and the cowardly Prime Minister who, I believe, in the selfish and mendacious manner which is the hallmark of his unelected Premiership, blocked the attendance of HM Queen Elisabeth so that he could attend as the defacto Head of State.

Let me assure Mr Brown that we who have had the honour of wearing the uniform of our Sovereign Head of State have nothing but contempt for him and his spineless Government.

jaybs said...

Iain, it's not that PM Brown has pulled rank, it is just that he is completely out of touch with real life and people, he is clueless and it endorses a rule change any change of PM should entail an Election.

Paul Halsall said...


I think you're correspondent is wrong here. As Cherie Blair explained in "The Queen", all Labour Prime Ministers fall in love with the Queen.

I would blame Sarko, primarily, because he wants to be cozy with Obama, and Sarko has to be the one who does the inviting.

OTOH, our American Friends (among whom I lived and loved for 20 years) really do have no idea that the UK, never mind the Canadians, played any role in D-Day. This has been a Hollywood take not just in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, but as far back as THE LONGEST DAY.

On no account should the Queen accept any late invitation.

Meanwhile, we could all be doing something to make her Diamond Jubilee in 2012 wonderful.

[Old Joke. An Anglo-catholic nun had an apparition. It was of Queen Victoria saying "I am the Diamond Jubilee"] {You either get it or you don't}

Anonymous said...

I think Gordon Brown has deliberately snubbed the Queen, Royal family and the British people by going over to France to show boat with Obama.

I think Brown had two reasons for this - Firstly Revenge on the Queen for the meeting with the Bank of England Governor which Torpedoed more wasteful and profligate Government spending which frankly the country cannot afford now, never mind deferring the Taxes to the future.

Secondly the Queen telling Brown to fix the MP Expenses problem Labour have created by creating a system that blindly abuses public money.

Brown has form for revenge and he is enough of a psychopath to mix it with anyone who challengers his power. ZanuLabour is a dangerous and undemocratic edifice that does nothing but harm to this country and its institutions.

Anonymous said...

I think Gordon Brown has deliberately snubbed the Queen, Royal family and the British people by going over to France to show boat with Obama.

I think Brown had two reasons for this - Firstly Revenge on the Queen for the meeting with the Bank of England Governor which Torpedoed more wasteful and profligate Government spending which frankly the country cannot afford now, never mind deferring the Taxes to the future.

Secondly the Queen telling Brown to fix the MP Expenses problem Labour have created by creating a system that blindly abuses public money.

Brown has form for revenge and he is enough of a psychopath to mix it with anyone who challengers his power. ZanuLabour is a dangerous and undemocratic edifice that does nothing but harm to this country and its institutions.

jafo said...

Loved the comment from the French when asked why the Queen wasn't invited - they had always seen the anniversary as a "Franco/American affair"! Only one fighting side there then.

As surrender wasn't being commemorated, I can't see what the French have to contribute.

Of course, if we had a Prime Minister with any manners or idea of how to behave, it would have been made clear to the French months ago that the Queen, as our Head of State and the only person out of the lot of them who served during the War, would naturally be attending.

Gordon Brown is utterly unbelievable - does he think grovelling to the French will make him popular here? This is a gross insult to the Queen and we all know it.

Ian Thorpe said...

The Huckster-in-Chief and the President of Perfidious Gaul will only turn the occasion into a vulgar photo-opportunity. We're better off out of it.
BTW did anyone notice how Barack Obama's uncle who liberated Auswicz single handed is now a great uncle who was actually in the Navy and has had little contact with the Huckster-in-chief.

So we see already how the presence of Obama will turn the commemoration into a PR stunt.

Sophia Pangloss said...

Isn't it obvious, she knows she will be needed early that week to receive visitors, old Mr Broon and Postman Pat.

Andrew said...

This is indeed an outrage! It has always been apparent that the US and France have incredibly selective and short memories compared to the rest of the World.

The US developed their propensity for ingratitude with the assistance/insistence of the French in the 1770's.

As to Obama, well I think he could be quite dangerous, but in partnership with the power mad Sarkozy, fatal...

haddock said...

As the Vichy government was in control of The French State at the time of the invasion, France was not an ally but the enemy: until the fall of that government and the installation of a new French Government the French were part of the German 'empire' and fighting alongside their conquerors.
I expect the allied servicemen that had to fight the French in various battles during the war considered it an invasion, not a liberation.
It is the French head of state that shouldn't be there.

Anonymous said...

You plonker Gordon, you really have messed up haven't you

Prodicus said...

The omission of the Queen insults the veterans of about two thirds of the planet.

The 80,000-odd British and Commonwealth troops involved in D-Day included Antipodeans, Asians, Africans and Canadians who substantially outnumbering the 70,000 from the Land of the Free.

And French? France merely hosted the event, having surrendered to the common enemy and requiring to be liberated by the international organisation of which the British Queen is the present Head, along with the Americans.

Her father, as our Head of State and Head of the Commonwealth, blew the call to arms in 1939. It took the Americans three years to hear it by which time France had shrugged its shoulders in the traditional manner and given up, De Gaulle and the French Government in Exile taking refuge in, er, England, for the duration.

A Franco-American event? Unhistorical and insulting.

Whatever McNutter's weird thought processes or his walking-dead ministers' incompetence in this, and aside from her seniority on the world stage and personal service in WWII, there is no reason on God's earth for the Queen as Head of the Commonwealth not to be invited. Without the Commonwealth, a Germanised France would have a German-speaking 'government' and there would be no Jews in Europe.

If Brown or his ministers brushed the idea aside, France's debt of honour and traditional claim to chivalry should have caused the French President to ignore him/them and deliver a personal invitation directly to HMQ.

Maybe France tried and Brown overruled? If so and it leaks out, God help him if he dares to visit British troops or veterans again. Ever.

Paul said...

Perhaps we should have landed her in Normandy anyway accompanied by half the Royal Navy like we would have done in the old days.

Prodicus said...

And another thing.

In the statement from the Palace on this (can't track it down for the mo) I noticed that the form of words was: 'We have expressed no anger in the matter'.

VotR said...

Bloody France. The next Hitler can keep it.

And can they keep Gordon over there as well, since he loves the Eurozone and himself more than his own queen and country?

Hand him a white feather just before he goes, someone.

john in cheshire said...

I have been reading mainly blogs about this for a few days, now. I wonder why it is only the blogs that are reporting the story. The mainstream outlets, as usual, are out of step with normal people. The current government disgust me; but then they disgusted me even before they were elected 12 years ago. The Conservative party ought to be ashamed of themselves for not shouting about the disrespect brought upon the Royal Family, the Commonwealth, and ourselves, by this french attitude to the nations who fought to bring them the liberty that they now enjoy; albeit that they are throwing it away to the communists of te EU and the muslims from just about everywhere.

Anonymous said...

"We were told yesterday that the French regarded the commemorations (no, they are not 'celebrations') as "primarily a French/American affair."

There were more British and Canadian troops present at D-Day than American troops. I don't say that to slight the Americans and their tremendous sacrifice in World War 2 at all, but it is the truth.

Describing D-Day as "primarily a French/American" affair is laughable.

I hate the Quen and the PM said...

The majority of those attending the commemoration are going, and are going at their own expense, because they wish to do so. If the Queen really wanted to go, she could go unofficially and at her own expense. No doubt the British tax payer could fund some security and a few odious sycophantic arse-lickers to keep her company. The fact that she is not prepared to go unless she gets a seat at the top table rather says it all. Hopefully Gordon will wish every success to the Royal family in the near future, and we will be rid of them by the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

As Guido has pointed out many a time, its the Johah effect. Everything Broon is associated with turns to dust, so for God's sake do not invite him to your sports occasion or civic function, you will be doomed for sure.

Anonymous said...

Too much of a coincidence not to mention. I've just clicked over to the Comments page and noticed that the confirmation code-word is "toorat"!

bewick said...

IT IS well known that the marxist roots of NuLab favoured a Republic. Maybe they are still moving toward that and practicising their usual secrecy - Machieavellian bastards!!!

But the REAL French do not forget - Perhaps 25 years ago I was driving to Calais from the South of France and stopped at a village "co-op". My bro-in-law and I were considering the wines when we were approached by an old codger who recognised English.
Now my French was never the best but I had no problem at all in understanding what he was saying. Essentially "are you aware of the Free French". Well I was and HE was ecstatic and SO pleased to again meet an Englishman. HE had been Free French and HIS regard for GB (not Gordon) was in no doubt at all. Sadly HE has probably passed away by now and by the time of the 70th anniversary most of OUR veterans will no longer be alive.
So SHAME on you Sarkozy and Brown.
the TARDY America will always grab the limelight and the despicable little gnome Sarkozy will suck up to america because GB (NOT GOrdon) is a REAL threat to French and German dominance of the EU. so F off Sarkozy.

Anonymous said...

They are French, American, and worst of all, Scottish cads

Verity said...

I agree with Theo Spark 5:57.

Jaybs - Brown "pulled rank" on HM? How did he do that, given that she is senior to him. He is just a temp.

Anonymous said...

And there's a fourth one popped up on here at 6.45pm.

howard thomas said...

Everything brown touches turns to sh*t-----it can't be gold----thanks to him we gave most of it away!

DaveA said...

I wish we could really get to the bottom of what is happening here, but someone is out of order.I always had the impression that the French have a grudging admiration for us, they do tend the war graves with energy and dignity. I can't see Obama being so badly advised. Perhaps I am being naive.

Also the other matter to note about D Day was that most of the air cover and ships were British.

If someone is playing politics here they are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

British and Canadian soldiers made up 53% of the Allied invasion force. The Queen is the head of state of Canada and the United Kingdom effectively meaning that she is the representative of the government and peoples who contributed the largest component to the Normandy invasions, who captured three of the five invasion beaches and who suffered disproportionately heavy casualties (as, in fact, British and Canadian troops continue to do in Afghanistan).

The failure to invite the Queen has not been helped by Brown and his Labour scum but it simply cannot be divorced from Sarkozy's desire, for narrow partisan reasons, to be the only head of state standing beside Obama. Nor can it be divorced from France's ongoing resentment that they had to rely on Allied (and predominantly British) forces for their liberation and the long-standing hostility which their resentment has bred.

Last but not least, you have to recognise that Sarkozy is the son of a Hungarian fascist emigre who actually fled to Nazi Germany. Sarkozy is not a man who has any instinctive feeling for the Allied cause in the Second World War; he does not see and never has seen the War as a battle for civilisation or for democracy against a regime that embodied pure evil; rather, he contrues it in terms of cold Realpolitik and as the beginning of the end for France as a global power. Like many French people, Sarkozy sees Nazi Germany not as an evil regime but simply as a regime which miscalculated and lost. Consequently, one cannot really expect him to understand why it matters to us.

Jim Baxter said...

'Of course, if we had a Prime Minister with any manners or idea of how to behave, it would have been made clear to the French months ago that the Queen, as our Head of State and the only person out of the lot of them who served during the War, would naturally be attending.'

Exactly. And that he certainly wouldn't be there if the Queen wasn't. But then he wants his photo taken with the American president to embarrass us, I mean 'impress us', even more.

To the attributes he is lacking add decency, integrity, and courage. Asa if we didn't know already.

Jabba the Cat said...

The ongoing attempts by the French midget, wannabe Napoleon and inventor of modern French history Nicholas Sarkozy to keep the anniversary of the D-Day landings a strictly Franco-American affair and omit inviting the Queen of England is a complete disgrace.

Perhaps the presence of the British wwould serve as a nasty reminder of the disgraceful capitulation and collaboration by the Vichy goverment and large sections of the French population to the German invaders, whilst the British harboured and encouraged the "traitor" General Charles De Gaulle who eventually rode in as Frances official liberator.

simonh said...

John in Cheshire: It's been on the front page of the Mail at least once.

I think this snub - if that is what it is - has its roots in French prickliness about the Brits and about our part in liberating their country. Their national mythology doesn't accord the Brits much of a role in this and they probably don't want this view of events to be disturbed. Whether the Queen is bothered, who knows...

Anonymous said...

Iain, what can we do about this? You have influence with senior Tories (I think) can you not kick up a stink on our behalf? Couldn't some Tory MP ask a question in the House - what about PMQs, or will that be too late?

iluvni said...

Lets hope Brown has snubbed the Queen. She can get her own back and attempt to save her country by telling the odious prick to call an election now.

50 Calibre said...

Let's face it. Who'd want Brown at their party. He made it clear that the Brits don't do such events unless the years elapsed are divisible by 10 and I guess that was enough of a reason to not make the invitation. I guess that they probably realised that The Queen would therefore not be able to attend, but took the view that was a small price to pay for not having to put up with the unelected, delusional and dysfunctional saviour of the entire world.

I hope Her Madge is giving him a very hard time each week...

Ian M said...

The village of Ste.Mere Eglise is an appropriate place to hold a commeroration ceremony. The church in the village square has a stained glass window celebrating the landing of US paratroops in the village on the night of June 5th/6th. Hanging from the spire is a mannequin in paratroop uniform with his parachute in rememberance of Private John Steele who watched the battle from this position before the Germans rescued him (if you've seen "The Longest Day" you'll know what I mean).

Ironically there were some Free French involved in the Landings but they actually landed with the British near Arromanches. In fact the most French speakers in the landings were the French Canadians.

The Longest Day is appropriate name for June 6th, 1944. So much could have gone wrong. Had the British deception to fool Hitler into believing the landing would be in the Pas de Calais failed, then German troops would have been able to counter-attack so much quicker.

June 6th 1944 is a tale a gallantry by British, Canadians, Americans, Free French and other allies. Of Men like John Steele, of Bill Millin (Lovat's piper), of the 101st american division, of many others.
Its a shame that the commeration of this great victory has been debased by a squalid little Fife politician who has no concept of history. Even his predeccessor understood that.

Bath plugs for the many, not the few said...

'Primarily French/American'.

Just remind me of the significance of the contribution of cheese-eating surrender monkeys to the liberation of France.

Anonymous said...

Presumably the Queen and Prince Philip are as entitled to go to the commemorations as any other surviving member of our WW2 armed forces. Is their sense of humour up to just going amongst the rest? After all, *they* don't need a 99 vehicle motorcade and 5000 security guards.

Man in a Shed said...

This is the fault of the Labour govt. they think Gordon Brown is the head of state.

Her Majesty should just pay her way and go under cover to really shame those bastard Labour politicians.

Bardirect said...

Ian @7.38

You're wrong about Brown having no sense of history.

He has degrees in the history in particular the history of the Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918-29.

That is why he is best placed to help this country move into its new generation where the challenges we face are ones that, because of the values that bind us as a country together, we are uniquely able to say that we are going to be one of the great global success stories of the future ...etc

Anonymous said...

I don't think some people realise that the Queen can't just invite herself to another country where she isn't Head of State, there are significant historical reasons why not.

Brown studied History at University, he should have learned something useful!

It was his responsibility to ensure there was an invitation, he represents this country in places where she can't go. He forgot, plain and simple - too busy working out letters to send to the electorate prior to the EU elections!
(word verification = bollex)

Paul said...

This is an absolute disgrace. It's a commemoration, not a photo opportunity. For the British government to ignore the sacrifice made by so many Allied soldiers,precisely so shits like Brown could be what they are,tells us all we need to know about him and his kind.

My father went in on D+3 as a 17 year old and was wounded in action against the Waffen SS.

Doesn't he and the others who were there deserve some respect? Worth more than a 25p pension increase and a winter fuel allowance. Brown and his like have no honour,no respect and no idea what this country and its traditions mean.

Moderation prevents me from saying what I really feel.

Trumpeter Lanfried said...

My theory: When it was decided that we would, after all, participate, someone asked, 'Should not the Queen be invited?'

This simple query found its way to Gordon's in-tray where, with a thousand other postponed decisions, it lingered until it was too late and was overtaken by events.

Unsworth said...

Was Sarkosy (and his delectable wife) a guest of HM fairly recently? Fine way to repay her hospitality, eh?

Sarkosy may not have been brought up with any manners, but you'd have thought his wife might have rather more savoir faire.

Then again, maybe she does, but in other departments...

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown using dead servicemen to promote and politically rehabilitate himself??

Surely some mistake ....

Lets not forget that there were many many Canadians who landed on D-Day.

Very shortly Britain will be uniquely placed to throw Brown into the gutter of history where he belongs.

Andrew said...

This whole thing is an absolute disgrace, and thank you, Iain, for bringing it to our intention. It seems to me to be a combination of French arrogance and Labour ineptitude.

Not only do we owe those who fought so bravely such a debt of gratitude, but they are some of The Queen's most loyal subjects, and it is unforgiveable that she won't be there to take the salute from those who have made the pilgrimage, despite Labour's best - or rather worst - intentions to downplay anything that smacks of national self-respect.

After all, The Queen has been Monarch since 1952 of most of the countries which fought for the Allies during the last war. Her father was their Head of State during the last war. D-Day was launched from British soil. It was not a Franco-American affair,and this is a typical French rewriting of history - rather like the spin and bluster that was put around that the French liberated Paris themselves without the help of the wicked Anglophones - just so that nothing gets in the way of the little Frenchman and his new best friend.

And for Gordon Brown not to have insisted that The Queen receive an invitation to France so that she could be present to commemorate those who gave their lives for our freedom just adds insult to injury.

Those who died for this country's freedom must be spinning in their graves at the state we are in.

At the sixtieth anniversary of D-Day, when M Chirac did remember to invite her, The Queen said:

'What for you is a haunting memory of danger and sacrifice one summer long ago, is for your country, and for generations of your countrymen to come, one of the proudest moments in our long national history.

'I take it upon myself to express the immense debt of gratitude we owe to you all. I salute you, and thank you on behalf of our whole nation.'

Hear, hear. They - and we deserve better.

God save The Queen - not least from her Government.

Anonymous said...

The British vets present at this event should turn their backs to this odious little Scot.

Mirtha Tidville said...

Sarkozy is a thoroughly dislikable little shit and wants to get up close and be best buddy of the increasingly hapless Obama (looks like he might end up making Bush look not so bad) and simply didnt want anyone else sharing the limelight. He knew HM would attract all the attention and that would never do..when do the French get to chuck him out? week would do for the rest of us..

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I blogged about this the other day.

If you read between the lines, it really does look as though there is something serious going on between No10 and Buckingham Palace.

First, while Gordo went off on his pre-G20 tour of the world, Mervyn King publicly expresses concerns over the economy. The Queen quickly calls him in for a chat (suprisingly reported at the time on the BBC website, but unfindable there now), then calls in Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup (Chief of the Defence Staff) for a chat.

Very shortly after, while still abroad, Gordo mutters something leftist lunacy about reform of the monarchy.

Then we hear about MP's expenses, with involvement from establishment and ex-military personnel.

Now we hear the Queen (nor any other member of the Royal Family) isn't going to Normandy.

One can only imagine what is going on at the moment.

But there seems to be a pattern of tit-for-tat blows between No10 and Buck House. Quite disconcerting if it is actually happening, for all sorts of reasons.

peter_dtm said...

I had better self moderate

where is the BBC

I do like the ide that a certain Mr & Mrs Windsor should todle over there on their own

I don't think either the French or American press would cover Obama & Sarkozy if the story leaked

The whole labour government is beyond belief
to stupid to be evil

how do such brainless morons ever get into positions of power ?

peter_dtm said...


and Brown has no right to be with obama and Sarkorzy -

he is just some weird jumped up political hack; he is not a Head of State

Roger Thornhill said...

Socialists are self-loathers. Says it all.

You can never trust them with anything, for they have no sense.

Jules Wright said...

There was an old lefty called brown
Who was was known as a bit of a clown
Labour denied him a clot
But balls they had not
And he dragged the whole lot of us down.

He deferred from the many to the few
And drowned us in junk from the EU
Such were his failings
From economics to emailings
That he made us all rush to the loo.

And here we are now with his frown
All that's missing is dog collar and gown
Thinking only he can commemorate
He ignores the crucial date
And deliberately embarasses the Crown.

So bring on the election we need
For this government will never take heed
From 'Tears' Blears to 'Buff' Hoon
Labour's 'Dear Leader' is a loon
And our democracy corrupted by greed.

Believe me I wanted to swear - and without restraint. To do that, I give vent in ******g Devil's Kitchen ... keep it up Mr Dale!

Sabina said...

I am an American, and I find this deliberate snub of the Queen appalling.
I can only imagine how the people of Britain and Canada must feel.

Anonymous said...

I thought the other queen GB was!

Ian said...

I think this is all so overblown. IIRC it was decided some time ago by the MOD and the Palace that the 60th anniversary would be the last formal recognition and big ceremony at the beaches (when most of the veterans had passed 80). Now 65 is being blown up into a spurious big event and snub.

Yes we should remember it (I had family on both sides!) but let's not make the 65th into something it isn't when there are so many demands on the Queen's time already.

The Remittance Man said...

You say you don't think this was the doings of Brown, but consider this: Sarko is a rather vainglorious little man who loves being seen with the great and the good. Do you really think he would have passed up a chance to have his picture taken with Barry Obama and Her Maj? From his perspective, that's a double whammy to kill for.

neil craig said...

"The American forces landed numbered 73,000: ... In the British and Canadian sector, 83,115 troops were landed (61,715 of them British)"

Perhaps time for the PM to ring the Canadian PM, it is after all, the same queen. If we thing we are being written out of history think how the Canadians feel. Time to mend a few Commonwealth fences we have let fall into a state of disrepair.

Twig said...

We all know what's going on. They're trying to cut the Royal Family out of the picture, and replace them with a sockpuppet like Brown or Cameron. It's the way the USSR ruled it's empire, and the EU will use the same template.

David Hughes said...

If you read the history books, British and Canadian troops were on three of five landing zones. Britain gave that arse De Gaulle a safe haven. The dead bodies between the waterline and "safety" ( a relative term") were of all nationalities ....... and this is a Franco-American "thing" ?
It says more about the ego of Sarkozy ... and that of Obama that it should be so perceived.
And it is one other thing that Brown should be ashamed about ....... not standing up and shouting loud about this.
Sums up Labour really, doesn't it ? Brown wrote a book on bravery and courage - he wouldn't recognise it if it bit him on the arse !

David Hughes said...

As a footnote, regardless of Blair and his "First Lady", we only have one Head of State - and it isn't a here today, gone tomorrow politician, it is H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Anonymous said...

We allowed Hollywood to write us out of the entire war (at which the Americans arrived late, and only when they had no choice), and have even stopped educating our children as to our history and the gallant sacrifice of so many of our people. The French have never forgiven us for having to liberate them, and this snub plays to both. Her Majesty should have hosted a commemoration at Dover to which only our own people were invited. The odious Brown can grovel to both Sarkozy and Obama on his own.

Anonymous said...

The French perfected the insulting explanation: the commemorations are "primarily a French/American affair." Got the Brits stewing in their own juices. Works every time. By the bye, the Yanks know the Brits landed and bravely fought at Normandy - let's not rant like Glenn Beck